Dire WraithsHalloween Week is drawing to a close around Splash Page HQ, but that doesn't mean we're finished with the scary stuff. All week we've brought you lists of our favorite fright-friendly characters from the world of comics, as well as the easiest Halloween costumes to create and the nigh-impossible comic book characters to dress up as this year.

However, the scariest characters in any comic book universe still wouldn't be truly frightening without a good story behind them. That's why your Splash Page team has put together this long list of some of the most terrifying tales they've ever read. Editor Rick Marshall and writers Brian Warmoth, Caleb Goellner and Josh Wigler have each assembled a list of the scariest comics that have stuck with them through the years and skulked in the dark recesses of their comic book memory.

From supernatural threats and viral terrors to alien invasions and sadistic supervillains, these books offer the perfect scary stories to celebrate Halloween. Read More...

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BladeHalloween season always provides reminders of the various creatures permeating popular culture, but you don't need the spook-filled holiday to raise awareness for vampires—thanks to shows like "True Blood" and the blockbuster "Twilight" franchise, everybody and their grandmother are well aware of the blood-sucking menace.

What some might not be as aware of is the multitude of both terrifying and terrific vampire characters within the comic book pantheon. There are so many compelling vampires on the paneled page, in fact, that I can only list a handful of my favorites.

Check out five of my personal favorite comic book vampires, then check back in with us in the comments for some of yours! Read More...

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Ghost RiderAfter the easiest comic book costume options this Halloween, and beyond the moderately challenging and difficult outfits, there are a select few which qualify as impossible.

Based on anatomical absurdity and danger to the health and well-being of the costume wearer, the following five comic book characters would earn anyone bonus geek cosplay points for figuring out how to make them work.

1. GHOST RIDER ("Ghost Rider")

In case you were distracted by Nicolas Cage's performance in the 2007 movie about this stunt man turned satanic dealmaker, his head is on fire, which is something friends usually don't let friends do to themselves. Granted, you could try to pull this one off without lighting your head on fire, but then you'd just be dressed like Skeletor... as a biker. Read More...

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Ghost RiderA lot of folks are afraid of zombies, but when the flesh from a face has finally melted away, skulls remain to strike fear into the hearts of, well...pretty much everyone.

Comics have historically provided a home for the fleshless to do what they do best—represent death. Naturally, given their penchant for death-dealing, villains have coveted the concept. But just as Batman took on the mantle of a feared icon to terrify criminals, so have heroes masked themselves with skulls to intimidate evil.

Read on for a mixed bag of the good, the bad and the ugly use of skulls in the pages of superhero titles and take a moment to properly admire the bone structure of some of the genre's most handsome skeleton-heads. Read More...

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BaseballEvery year, baseball fans sweat through months of America's favorite pastime anticipating a national champion. It's not a mania exclusive to mere mortals either, as comic book characters aplenty have expressed their unique love of the game throughout the history of the medium.

This is no surprise, really, given the abundant portion of comic book creators who boogie to the baseball beat. Everyone from contemporary Marvelites Joe Quesada and writer Matt Fraction to baseball-collecting Spawn creator Todd McFarlane to classic creators like the late Gardner Fox (who named DC's premier super team the Justice League after professional baseball's organizational stylings) have demonstrated just how deep their love of the game runs.

With that in mind, it's time to take a wacky trip through the magical, slightly out-of-context baseball imagery selected from around the Internet!

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DaredevilFor most, the concept of a "devil" conjures images of the nether realm's most prominent demonoids—horned, hoofed and possibly tailed red dudes poised to torment with gusto. In short, devils are freakin' scary, and that's just what certain heroes count on to do their work in style.

Sure, calling yourself "devil" while doing good might seem like some kind of weird, ironic misnomer for those fighting on the side of the metaphorical angels. Whether by choice or circumstance, however, these heroes sport their archetypical underworld looks that haunt the nightmares of evildoers.

Here are five characters who fight like demons to protect the innocent, even if it means getting their horns dirty. Read More...

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Dr. Manhattan2009 has been a busy year, which means your Halloween costume budget might be tight and you could be stuck putting something together at the last minute. Luckily, there are many outfits in comics that require little to no effort to throw together on the fly.

Superheroes have just as much need for simple wardrobes and easy-to-find costume components as we do, so here are five such ensembles that can be easily thrown together from items in your closet and minimal craftsmanship.

1. DR. MANHATTAN ("Watchmen")

Dr. Manhattan offers two alternatives—the new movie version with a black pair of Speedos, or the classic blue nude, which requires slightly less work but could get you arrested. A large-sized container of blue body paint and a little black for detailing should have you on your merry way to freaking out everyone at your Halloween festivities this season. Read More...

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Jack O'LanternTraditionally speaking, Halloween Week is a time for the carving-inclined to sharpen their tools of the trade and dig into a pumpkin. Yeah, there's some gross seed scoopage involved, but after a gourds' chewy center is removed, the plants present a perfect canvas for inscribing a fans' glowing facade of choice.

Unfortunately, too many carvers have turned to lives of crime, adopting the glowing jack o' lantern for fiendish purposes—especially in comic books.

It seems like no universe is safe from pumpkinheaded hoodlums and their equally affable and/or evil ways. That said, Splash Page counts down five pumpkinheads of note on this, the spookiest and most pumpkin laden week of the year. Read More...

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Astro Boy"Astro Boy," based on the long-standing manga and anime series of the same name, rockets into theaters this weekend with an impressive voice cast that includes Freddie Highmore, Kristen Bell and Nicolas Cage.

While the animated adaptation already has connections to the comic book world by its very nature, several members of the film's cast have their own ties to the paneled page outside of "Astro Boy"—just check out the following five actors to see their connections to other comic book and superhero-related projects! Read More...

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Where the Wild Things AreAt long last, the wild rumpus can start now that Spike Jonze's "Where The Wild Things Are" is hitting movie theaters this weekend. Adapted from the beloved Maurice Sendak children's novel, "Wild Things" focuses on young Max, an imaginative boy that travels to a far land filled with menacing looking monsters—but at their core, these creatures are a lot friendlier than their gruff exteriors would have you believe.

In comic books, there is no shortage of similar characters that are ugly on the outside but beautiful on the inside—or, at the very least, characters that are misunderstood simply because of their appearance.

As a testament to this, here's a list of five of the most misinterpreted monsters in the comic book world. Read More...

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