The "X-Men: First Class" publicity train continues to roll forward in its efforts to sell us all on the idea of a superhero period piece. The latest photo released isn't exactly evocative of the 1960s setting, but there is a lot of fire.

The image shows actor Lucas Till standing in the middle of a blaze and looking entirely unconcerned about it. That's probably because his mutant ability to absorb cosmic energy and project it outwards is what caused the conflagration — but that's just our guess. Read More...

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Spider-Man musicalIt's official: "Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark" and director Julie Taymor have parted ways.

The move was announced via a statement from the show's producers yesterday, along with the expected delay for the show's opening. Instead of opening next week on March 15, the team is now targeting an "early summer" premiere, with preview performances put on hold until the script is reworked.

The statement from "Turn Off The Dark" producers also indicated that Taymor will be replaced by veteran Broadway director Philip William McKinley and the previously rumored addition Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, a playwright and "Spider-Man" comic-book writer. Read More...

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No matter what it turns out to be in the end, it's already clear that "X-Men: First Class" is going to be something unusual. What we've seen so far of the '60s-set origin story for Marvel's premiere mutant super-team has a very different feel compared to other recent comic book adaptations. Director Matthew Vaughn thinks so too. Really, that's the whole point.

"This is going to be very different. What I'm doing no one has done in superhero films. It's James Bond, it's a political thriller and it's an X-Men movie," he told IGN during a set visit.

Vaughn came to the project with an open mind. Let's face it: the direction taken in "X-Men: The Last Stand" was not a particularly welcome one, a fact that he recognized going in. Read More...

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X-Men: First Class"X-Men: First Class" has had its share of ups and downs throughout production, with the first trailer earning the project some much-needed goodwill after some controversial promotional art created a legion of skeptics. How will the latest development fare? Well, I'll leave that up to you to weigh in on...

Two new "X-Men: First Class" posters debuted on the film's Facebook page last night featuring the faces of James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender positioned within the silhouettes of Professor X and Magneto, respectively. According to the site, the images will be appearing in theaters soon to promote the film.

Oh, and make sure to vote in the poll at the bottom of this post to let us know what you think of the posters. Read More...

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"Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark" just can't catch a break. On the heels of yesterday's news that producers of the troubled Broadway production were considering a replacement for director Julie Taymor -- which would lead to new delays -- comes word that her chair is now officially vacated.

There's no word on whether the departure is a firing or a decision to quiet, but sources tell NY1 that Taymor is out.

More than that, the $65 million-budgeted production may have to shut down for awhile, pushing the official opening from next Tuesday all the way into June. Read More...

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We're mere months away from the premiere of "Thor" and actor Chris Hemsworth's debut as Marvel's hammer-wielding god of thunder, and it looks like we're not alone in acknowledging the Australian actor's physical aptitude for the role.

Hemsworth was recently named one of Cosmopolitan Magazine's "Fun Fearless Males Of 2011," and MTV News caught up with him on the red carpet at the event announcing this year's list to talk about "Thor" and those swirling rumors that Loki will have a role in "The Avengers."

"I have [seen 'Thor'], yeah. It's fantastic," Hemsworth told MTV News. "Being that close to something, it's often pretty hard to watch yourself, but the film in so many ways is so impressive that I was swept along with it like an audience member, and that's a pretty good sign." Read More...

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Spider-Man: Turn Off The DarkAt this point, it's hard to decide which is in a greater state of media-friendly free-fall: Charlie Sheen's career or the "Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark" musical. While the "Two and a Half Men" actor's public breakdown has been impossible to avoid the last few days, "Turn Off The Dark" has been on a downward spiral for almost a year now — and apparently it still hasn't hit bottom.

According to The New York Times, producers for "Turn Off The Dark" are currently deciding whether it's in their best interests to have director Julie Taymor work with the musical's newly expanded creative team to fix the $65 million show or find a new director for the project. Citing "people who work on 'Spider-Man' or have been briefed on the negotiations," the report indicates that the musical's producers and its co-creators, Taymor and U2 bandmates Bono and The Edge, face a long list of big decisions, including how much to change in the script and music, who should make the changes, and not surprisingly, when to open the show.

Yes, it looks like "Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark" will be delayed once again, according to the outlet's sources. Read More...

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There's a new trailer for "Thor" online, fresh from France. It's all overdubbed by French-speaking voice actors, but there are some new looks at the movie that haven't been featured in previous trailers, so it's worth a glance.

Prepare yourself, though: the movie opens here in the United States on May 6, but everywhere else on April 27. This trailer will rub that fact in your face.

In terms of what's new, look for additional CG creature shots and more views of the Asgardian landscape. There's also an added peek at Anthony Hopkins as Odin. Also, do not discount the entertainment value of watching an overdubbed trailer. Read More...

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We're still a long ways off from seeing "Iron Man 3" in theaters, but when the third installment of Marvel's blockbuster franchise does arrive in theaters, we could be looking at a very different adventure with the iconic armored Avenger, courtesy of new director Shane Black. One thing that won't change, however, is the man underneath the helmet, actor Robert Downey, Jr.

MTV News caught up with Downey on the set of his next film, "Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows," to get his take on the run-up to "The Avengers," Jon Favreau's departure from the "Iron Man" franchise, and the new guy behind the camera for "Iron Man 3."

"You grow a moustache and then they do something here [points to chin]. That's how easy it is," laughed Downey when asked about his preparation for "The Avengers," Marvel's superhero team-up film that will have him returning as billionaire industrialist Tony Stark. "It's going to be great, once I tell them what to do." Read More...

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Iron ManWhen Shane Black was confirmed as the "Iron Man 3" director last month, many wondered whether the accomplished screenwriter also be penning the script for the third film in Marvel's blockbuster franchise. Now it looks like we have some unofficial word on that matter — and the "Lethal Weapon" scribe will indeed serve dual roles on "Iron Man 3" as director and writer.

Over at Ain't It Cool News, a reader who attended the recent Omaha Film Festival reports that Black spoke at one of the panels during the event, and confirmed that he's writing the "Iron Man 3" script with input from "Iron Man" franchise star Robert Downey Jr. According to the report, Black and Downey will meet this week in L.A. to discuss the third installment of the "Iron Man" movies.

But that wasn't all that Black had to say about the future of Marvel's armored superhero and the rest of the Marvel movie-verse. Read More...

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