Dr. HorribleIt only took a few months for Bad Horse to get his stable in order, but the Evil League of Evil -- finally -- is accepting applications for new members .

"I would encourage people sending in their submissions to know that the Evil League of Evil is no joke," Neil Patrick Harris told us. "It's legitimately hard-core to get in. I would know."

Those who submit before October 11 have a chance at being included on the upcoming DVD commemorating the league's most recent member, and already there are some interesting prospects of the hundred or so-and-counting who leaped at the chance. For instance, this pair has extensive experience, or so they claim, with guns, knives, hand-to-hand combat, and debilitating bad breath. This vampire even went to the trouble of singing about his plight. And this aspirant doesn't even want to be in the League proper -- she just wants a shot at being Dr. Horrible's sidekick. Read More...

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So you’ve seen the trailer . You’ve heard what Brad Meltzer had to say about it . And now, you’ll be able to hear the soundtrack to “The Book of Lies.”

With a combo of popular and classical music, the companion CD to the “Book of Lies” is due out August 26 (available on iTunes and Amazon), a few days in advance of the book itself, which is due out September 2.

“Sony Music had someone score the key chapters of the book – they sent me the songs – and I rejected most of them,” Meltzer told Splash Page. “Then we fought and pulled each other’s hair and finally settled on songs that truly evoked the mood of the novel. You can go to a certain chapter, hit play, and read along with music that I believe perfectly represents that chapter. And that’s cool to me.” Read More...

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The SpiritThis morning, Lionsgate released a new synopsis of Frank Miller's upcoming take on the classic comic book series, "The Spirit," updating the cast listing and clarifying exactly what the film's all about.

In synopsis 2.0, it's explained that "The Spirit" follows a rookie cop (Gabriel Macht) who seemingly returns from the dead in the hopes of stopping a criminal mastermind known as The Octopus (Samuel L. Jackson) from destroying Central City for his own devious purposes. It then goes into the cast of female characters which, "[surround] him at every turn." Read More...

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Tori AmosTori Amos loves Death. Who wouldn’t? She’s the coolest chick in DC/Vertigo's Sandman universe, and so when Neil Gaiman asked the singer if she wouldn’t mind contributing a song to his film adaptation of “Death: The High Cost of Living,” she said yes (even if the character Tori is closest to is actually Delirium, who used to be Delight).

“There is a specific song I want her to do on the soundtrack,” Neil told us when he was promoting “Stardust.”. I know exactly what it is, I asked her about it, and she said yes.”

Then the project got delayed. “Now that New Line has sort of expunged itself from existence,” Neil told us when he was in town for New York’s Comic-Con , “we are right now figuring out where in the Warner [Bros.] family it will be and what is happening with it. It’s not back to the drawing board – we do have a script and a lot of stuff – but we’re figuring out where and when.” Read More...

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'The Armory Wars'In case the music of Coheed and Cambria ever confused you, the band’s sci-fi mythology makes a lot more sense when it’s presented as a straight narrative in the comics – which are written by singer Claudio Sanchez and collected as “The Amory Wars.”

“The idea for the music and the comics came out at the same time, but the music came out first,” Sanchez said (read about the new comics-inspired album here). “But the concepts are intertwined. And they compliment each other. It’s not like every song is an issue or a chapter, but readers can see the similarities, because the lyrics are part of the dialogue. You can enjoy it on its own, or together. We just go into the next dimension with the comics.” Read More...

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Gerard Way of My Chemical RomanceNow that we’ve all seen the dazzling first trailer for next year’s “Watchmen” flick, it has officially become my most-anticipated movie of 2009. And the news just keeps getting better, as director Zack Snyder has revealed exclusively to MTV News that the only post-1985 song in the film will feature one of today’s hottest bands.

“My Chemical Romance is absolutely awesome,” the “300” director revealed. “And Gerard [Way] is a huge fan of ‘Watchmen’.”

Like the classic graphic novel, Snyder’s “Watchmen” film will span the decades utilizing a “Forrest Gump”-like soundtrack of period-evocative music from the turbulent Sixties, the me-decade Seventies and the awesome Eighties. But since the film ends in 1985, Snyder’s music needs to be capped after his Hendrix, Dylan and Simon & Garfunkel tracks have had their moments. Finding a way around the limitation, Snyder has launched plans to head into the studio with the emo-punk powergroup behind such hits as “Helena” and “Welcome to the Black Parade.” Read More...

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