Cowboys & AliensYesterday, I put together a chronological list of the comic book movies, television series, and events to look out for in 2011, but we know how difficult it is to find room for everything on your calendar — or in your wallet.

With several months offering the premiere of not one but two big comic book movies (not to mention animated features and conventions), there's a good chance you'll have to make some tough decisions along the way. That's why we want to know which tickets are locks for your hard-earned money in 2011, and which films you'll wait to watch from your own couch.

In the following poll, I've listed the live-action comic book movies (and comics-related movies) premiering this year. Let us know which films you're most excited about by casting a vote. You can vote multiple times, for different films, so feel free to vote according to how excited you are for each film. Read More...


It seems like just yesterday we were speculating about who should play Hal Jordan in a live-action "Green Lantern" movie, and now the first "Green Lantern" trailer featuring Ryan Reynolds as the ring-wielding superhero has finally arrived.

So what do you think of it?

Did you like what you saw of Reynolds in action as Hal Jordan? Were you surprised by any elements of the look or tone of the film? What about the other Green Lanterns that appear in the trailer? Read More...

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The Walking Dead"The Walking Dead" made its long-awaited debut on AMC last night, and thus far the series seems to be getting rave reviews from fans and mainstream audiences alike. It's nice to know that there's one thing we can all agree on: the zombie apocalypse makes for some great storytelling. (Here's our review of "The Walking Dead" premiere, by the way.)

We've been covering the heck out of "The Walking Dead" here on Splash Page for more than year now (feel free to check out our archive of "The Walking Dead" news, interviews, and clips for a look down memory lane), but there's one question we still need answered: What did you think of the series' premiere?

Did the series' debut live up to the hype for you? What made the episode succeed or fail for you? Let us know what you think of the first episode of "The Walking Dead" in the poll below. Read More...

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The Dark Knight RisesJust in case you've been off the grid the last few hours, Christopher Nolan's third Batman movie has a title: "The Dark Knight Rises."

So far, reaction to the film's new moniker has been mixed, with some heaping praise on what it could mean for Gotham's shadowy vigilante and others wondering why it's so similar to 2008's "The Dark Knight." We've hypothesized on what the title could mean for Nolan's third — and possibly final — installment of the Warner Bros. franchise, and even heard from creators around the comics industry about their impressions of the title. Now we want to hear from you!

Do you love the title? Hate it? Now's your chance to tell what you think of it. Read More...

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SupermanBy now you've probably seen the news: "Watchmen" and "300" filmmaker Zack Snyder will direct the upcoming "Superman" movie from Warner Bros. and producers Christopher Nolan and Emma Thomas.

So what do you think about their choice? Is Snyder behind the camera a good thing or a bad thing for the Man of Steel's impending return to the big screen?

At this point, we know very little about the film other than the fact that it's based on an "incredibly exciting" script by David Goyer (according to Nolan) — but that doesn't mean it's too early to weigh in with your gut reaction to this "Superman" movie news. Read More...

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SmallvilleLast week, I asked you to tell me which of the upcoming comics-related television series you were looking forward to most this Fall. With "The Walking Dead" kicking off and "Smallville" drawing to a close, there are some pretty huge moments in television history (for comics fans, at least) happening over the next few months.

But those aren't the only programs with ties to the comics world this season, so I asked you to rank your favorites from the upcoming slate of Fall programming. And while the results matched up pretty well with what I expected regarding the aforementioned "big two" shows, the rest of the vote was a little surprising — and I'd be lying if I said it wouldn't inform our coverage down the road.

So, thanks again for voting in last week's poll, and be sure to keep it locked to Splash Page for more coverage of these (and other) big shows. I've posted the full breakdown of votes below, so make sure to let me know what you think of the final tally! Read More...

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The Walking DeadWith "Iron Man 2," "Scott Pilgrim vs. The World," "Kick-Ass" and other comic book adaptations rocking the big screen this past summer, it was clearly a good time to call yourself a geek. But if you thought that movie theaters had a monopoly on the comic book and superhero genres, think again — the small screen is no slouch either, as the upcoming fall television season will undoubtedly tell you.

From returning shows like "Smallville" to new endeavors such as "The Walking Dead," the small screen has a lot in store for fans of comic books, superheroes and related culture. After the jump, we've got a rundown on five of the coolest shows hitting this season, and then it's your turn — vote for the shows you're most excited for in our special poll at the end of the post! Read More...

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MarvelEarlier this week, I asked you which Marvel property you'd most like to see as a live-action television series.

The product of a recent interview I conducted with Marvel Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada about the company's new television development department, the poll generated a lot of suggestions from readers, and some great comments regarding why each property would be a good fit for the live-action TV world.

After counting up the votes, crunching the numbers, and organizing the final tally, I have a list of which Marvel characters and teams YOU want to see on your TV... and why you want to see 'em! Read More...


MarvelEarlier today I brought you a segment from my Comic-Con interview with Joe Quesada, in which the Marvel Editor-in-Chief discussed the company's plans for their newly minted television development division.

During our chat, Quesada indicated that the purchase of Marvel by The Walt Disney Company opened many new doors for television-based projects — including any number of live-action series based on Marvel's stable of characters. While he couldn't get into specifics, the idea of regular live-action adventures featuring Marvel's finest had readers buzzing in the comment section (and on Twitter) — so now I'm wondering which character you'd most like to see make the jump to the live-action TV world.

I've created a poll below with some suggestions off the top of my head and from previous reader comments. I've also included an "Other" option that will allow you to suggest a character or team you'd like to see on the small screen. (By the way, you get bonus points for choosing ROM or Man-Thing.) Read More...


Professor XWell, it's pretty safe to say that our "X-Men: First Class" reader poll has clearly made a case for itself as the most polarizing question we've asked of readers in the history of the site.

Earlier this week, we asked readers to let us know what you think of the latest news involving "X-Men: First Class," the upcoming film produced by Bryan Singer and directed by Matthew Vaughn. The film features an all-star cast of actors (James McAvoy, Kevin Bacon, and Oliver Platt, to name a few), and promises to tell a story from the early days of Charles Xavier (McAvoy) and Erik Lehnsherr (Michael Fassbender).

However, recent revelations regarding the cast of mutants and story points in "X-Men: First Class" have created quite the buzz around the InterWebs, and readers were more than happy to voice their opinion about the latest headlines here on Splash Page. Read More...

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