X-Men: First ClassIt seems like not a day goes by without some new piece of news involving "X-Men: First Class," the upcoming film produced by "X-Men" and "X-Men 2" director Bryan Singer and directed by "Kick-Ass" filmmaker Matthew Vaughn. But is the news making you feel better or worse about the next installment of the "X-Men" franchise?

Despite the involvement of Singer, Vaughn, and an all-star cast, "First Class" has become quickly become a polarizing topic among fans — especially here on Splash Page. When I spoke with Vaughn recently, I got his take on some of the more pressing questions readers are asking, but there's still much debate surrounding the film, especially after today's big reveal of Kevin Bacon's role in the "X-Men" movie universe and the plot of the film.

Now's your chance to let us know what you think of the project thus far. Are you psyched about the casting? Disappointed by the roster of mutants? Chime in with your vote and comment, X-fans! Read More...

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Edward NortonBy now you've heard the news: Ed Norton won't be returning as Bruce Banner in "The Avengers," Marvel's upcoming superhero team-up extravaganza.

While details surrounding his departure from the role are still a bit unclear, statements from Marvel Studios and Norton's agent have stoked the fires of debate in the comics world. Was it a good move to re-cast Bruce Banner, the scientist who becomes the rampaging Hulk? Will audiences suffer for it?

Until we know more about it, all we have to go on are our own opinions — and now we have yours, too. Let us know what you think about a Norton-less "Avengers" movie! Read More...

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Andrew GarfieldMost of the time when we ask readers to vote on a hot-button topic in the comics world, it's pretty easy to guess which side of the debate will win out. More often than not, fans have made their feelings known about the issue, and the final tally will reflect a blend of the hardcore fans' position and mainstream audiences' take on the matter.

In the case of Andrew Garfield's "Spider-Man" casting, I'm not sure what to read from the final results.

In one of the more evenly divided polls we've ever run, readers were split three ways on whether Garfield was right for the role. "Undecided" led the poll with 38.4% of the vote, but "Terrible Choice!" and "Great Choice!" each nabbed 34.2% and 27.4% of the vote, respectively. Reader comments were similarly spread across the spectrum. Read More...

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Spider-Man - Andrew GarfieldSo... Andrew Garfield is the new Spider-Man — but is that a good thing or a bad thing for fans of Marvel's friendly neighborhood webslinger?

Reactions have generally been positive (at least among anyone who knows who Andrew Garfield is), and we'll feature a roundup of thoughts from comic creators far and wide on the site shortly. Still, we'd like to know what you think about the news.

Voting in this poll will end next week on Tuesday, July 6, at 9 AM EST. Make sure to post a comment here (or via Twitter) with your reasons for voting the way you did, as I’ll select responses from readers to feature in a post with the results. Read More...

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Wonder WomanEasily one of the most hotly debated items to hit the news wire this week, Wonder Woman's new costume has sparked no small amount of controversy among, well... just about everyone. And very little of the reaction has been positive.

Yesterday, I asked you to let me know whether you "love" or "hate" the DC heroine's new costume in reader poll, and the response was — to put it mildly — decisive. In one of the most active polls I've ever posted, more than 65 percent of readers presented with the new costume said they "Hate It!"

Yes, twice as many people hate Wonder Woman's new look than those who love it. Owch! Read More...

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Wonder WomanSo... Wonder Woman has a new costume (again).

As we reported earlier today, the DC heroine is getting a new look in today's issue of "Wonder Woman" #600, as designed by comics veteran and DC Comics Co-Publisher Jim Lee. And though this isn't the first time Wonder Woman's look received a redesign (and certainly won't be the last), it's caused a fair amount of debate around the comics world.

Thus far, the new costume hasn't been received very favorably by fans, and the iconic heroine's fashion sense has been attacked by all manner of critic, fan, and armchair pundit alike. But is the new costume really that bad? I want to hear from you! Read More...

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Iron Man 2Now that the opening weekend for "Iron Man 2" is in the rearview mirror, we've heard from countless critics, comic creators and journalists about the blockbuster follow-up to 2008's "Iron Man" — but what about fans?

This morning, I asked subscribers to the Splash Page Twitter feed to give me their 140-character reviews of "Iron Man 2," and the response was, well... pretty amazing. You clearly had a wide range of takeaways from "Iron Man 2," with equal parts criticism and praise for certain elements of the film that had everyone buzzing.

So, without further ado on my side, here's a sample of some of the 140-character "Iron Man 2" reviews that I received on Twitter this morning. Read More...


X-Men: First ClassNews broke this morning that Matthew Vaughn would direct "X-Men: First Class," the upcoming film that takes Professor X and his mutant students back to their early days. But is the "Kick-Ass" director the right filmmaker for the job?

No stranger to high-action projects and colorful characters, Vaughn made a name for himself with films like "Layer Cake," which helped Daniel Craig land the role of James Bond; "Stardust," a fantastic adventure based on a novel by Neil Gaiman; and "Kick-Ass," a live-action adaptation of Mark Millar's ultraviolent comic book series. With "First Class," Vaughn will tackle some of Marvel's most famous superheroes in an ensemble project steeped in comic book history.

So what do you think about Vaughn landing the gig? Read on for a chance to let your opinion be known about the new man behind the camera for "First Class." Read More...

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Chris EvansWhen the news first broke last week that Chris Evans will play Captain America in the upcoming Marvel Studios feature "The First Avenger: Captain America," it's safe to say that reader response was... mixed. Still, the actor seemed to receive a warmer reception than previous "leading candidate" John Krasinski, who inspired a pretty polarizing reaction from readers.

With all that in mind, it only seemed right to poll readers and find out exactly how you're feeling about the latest news involving Steve Rogers, the man who will rally Iron Man, Thor and the rest of The Avengers in their 2012 team-up. And with thousands of votes cast and some well though-out comments, it looks like you had a lot to say!

As expected, opinion of Evans as the new Cap turned out favorable, but many readers took a "wait and see" approach with the casting — expressing equal parts optimism and uncertainty about the former Johnny Storm becoming the new Steve Rogers. Read More...

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Chris EvansWhile nothing is official yet, it's being reported that actor Chris Evans has been offered the lead role in "The First Avenger: Captain America."

No stranger to comic book movies, "Captain America" would be the fourth such film in which Evans has had a prominent role (if the rumor turns out to be true and he accepts the role). But as readers know, it's been a long road to get to this point, filled with a multitude of actors who might or might not have been offered, auditioned for, or otherwise been connected with Marvel's red, white and blue soldier-turned-superhero, Steve Rogers.

So, where does Evans stand in your mind? Is he a good choice to sling Cap's shield and rally The Avengers? Can you see him standing toe-to-toe with "Iron Man" star Robert Downey Jr. and the new Nick Fury, Samuel L. Jackson, when Marvel Studios' blockbuster team-up film arrives in theaters? Read More...

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