ThanksgivingWith Thanksgiving Day looming, I've decided to break from the normal poll this week, folks. After hearing what Stan Lee is thankful for this year, and planning my own list that will run later this week, I find myself wondering what Splash Page readers are for thankful for in the world of comics and comics-related projects.

Sure, I read your comments on all of the posts (in fact, I try to read each and every comment you post), but this seems like a good chance to tell us what you're happy about this year — instead of what you might be worried about with a certain news item or project announcement. Is there casting news that has you excited for a comic book movie? Is there a book that reminded you why you love comics?

I'd love to hear what news or projects warmed your heart this year... and what has you looking forward to 2010 (and beyond). Read More...

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The LizardWhen I asked you to vote on your favorite "Spider-Man 4" rumors last week, I half-expected the list to become outdated in a matter of days at the rate new rumors were popping up. However, things have been pretty quiet the last few days, and now we can definitively say which "Spider-Man 4" rumor has fans most excited.

With more than 30 percent of the total votes, the rumor that Dylan Baker will become The Lizard in "Spider-Man 4" garnered the most support from readers, but it was closely followed by another popular rumor — that Bruce Campbell's many cameos in prior installments would lead to him playing Mysterio in the upcoming film. After those two, however, readers didn't seem to like any of the rumors floating around about Peter Parker's next big-screen adventure. Read More...

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Spider-ManA while back, the third "Batman" movie seemed to be the subject of new casting rumors every day — from Michael Caine's assertion that Johnny Depp would play The Riddler to a British tabloid's "scoop" that Shia LaBeouf would play Robin. Nowadays, though, "Spider-Man 4" has been receiving the lion's share of casting rumors, including quite a few that have popped up, circulated widely and subsequently been debunked within the last week.

Last week, many blogs echoed an anonymous rumor that Rachel McAdams would play Black Cat, only to have the actress dismiss the casting report this week. The dust had barely settled, whoever, when another Black Cat rumor hit the 'Net — this time, featuring Julia Stiles.

So, now we find ourselves wondering which one of these rumors you'd like to see become official. Is it one of the Black Cat rumors or something else entirely? What about Dylan Baker's potential return as The Lizard or Bruce Campbell's "meaty" cameo? Read More...

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Kate BeckinsaleLast week, we asked you which actress you'd like to see slip into a catsuit to play Batman's feline-fixated nemesis, Catwoman — and now the votes are in!

While much of the comic book movie world is concentrating on a different cat-themed character lately, there was certainly no shortage of readers willing to weigh in on who they'd like to see play Selina Kyle next in the Batman film franchise.

With over 20 percent of the final votes, "Underworld" actress Kate Beckinsale ended up the top choice among fans, with a pair of notable actresses following along in her wake, and a host of write-in candidates with a lot of support. Read More...

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CatwomanOkay, so after posting the results of last week's "Batman 3" poll, it's pretty clear that Catwoman is on a lot of fans' minds when it comes to characters who could make their debut in the next installment of the blockbuster bat-franchise. As both the runner-up in the poll and the focus of our latest Secret Identity casting call, Catwoman appears to have some significant support among Batman fans.

So, now the question becomes: Who would you like to see become Batman's feline-fixated nemesis (and potential lover?) in the next film?

I've compiled many of the names that popped up in Catwoman discussion over the last year or so, and the rest is up to you. Is there a certain someone who'd be the purrrfect choice? Let us know by casting your vote! Read More...

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The RiddlerIn last week's poll, we asked you which Batman villain you want to see in the next installment of Warner Brothers' record-breaking movie franchise.

We already know which "Batman 3" rumors you wish were true, and we've outlined our casting choices for a new Catwoman, but what about the foe (or foes) The Dark Knight will tangle with in the next film? According to readers, the question is the answer—and The Riddler is the villain everyone wants to see in the third "Batman" movie.

With 37 percent of the total votes, Edward Nigma ran away with the poll—and was followed far, far behind by Catwoman and skull-faced, modern-era villain Black Mask. Read More...

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BatmanOkay, so we haven't even received official word that there will be a third movie in Christopher Nolan's "Batman" franchise, but that doesn't mean we can't speculate about the characters we'd like to see in the film if it ever gets made.

When it comes to the Batman movies, there's a long—and some might say sordid—history of jam-packing greater numbers of villains into each installment. However, with the passing of Heath Ledger last year, the most prominent prospect for the next installment's villain suddenly (and tragically) became an impossibility. The question now becomes: will Nolan go for a returning character or someone entirely new if/when he tackles the Dark Knight next? Read More...

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Costumes'Tis the season for costumes... and for fans to get dressed up as their favorite comic book movie characters. Sure, you can get your fill of costumes at most conventions, but Halloween is the holiday when everyone indulges their cosplay urges.

So, I've decided to steer away from the standard casting call this week and ask a different sort of question in the weekly poll. Along with the inevitable Jokers based on Heath Ledger's award-winning turn as Batman's nemesis, who else will have a big presence this Halloween?

Will Iron Man wannabes crowd the streets, or will Rorschach "hrm" his way back into the spotlight? Read More...


MysterioThere are a lot of questions flying around about which character Bruce Campbell will play in "Spider-Man 4," so last week we took 'em all, put 'em together, and had you vote on the casting you'd like to see for the "Evil Dead" actor in the next installment of Sam Raimi's superhero franchise.

In the end, the most buzzed-about rumor was also fans' favorite of the bunch, with nearly half the votes tagging Campbell to play Marvel's bubble-headed Master of Illusion, Mysterio. Some have wondered whether his trio of seemingly unrelated cameos in the previous "Spider-Man" films could play into the role, too—since it wouldn't be too unbelievable for a master of special effects to be found in the background during a few key moments in Peter Parker's recent history. Read More...

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Bruce CampbellEarlier this week, "Spider-Man 4" director Sam Raimi made a lot of people very happy when he told MTV News that Bruce Campbell would have a "meaty role" in the next "Spider-Man" movie. Thus far, the "Evil Dead" actor's cameos have rivaled even those of comics legend Stan Lee when it comes to pleasing fans, but many Spider-fans have wondered (especially in our comment section) whether Campbell could be destined for bigger and better things in the film franchise.

With fans buzzing about a potential debut for face-changing villain Chameleon or the master of illusion, Mysterio, there's the possibility that all of Campbell's cameo roles could actually be the same person. Of course, those rumors are at odds with some arguing that he'd make a better Kraven the Hunter than either of the two aforementioned bad guys.

Heck, the "Evil Dead" actor was a ring announcer in the first film, a theater usher in the second and a nasty waiter in the third—but could these roles be connected? Should they be? Read More...

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