James Preston RogersThe poll results are arriving a day late this week due to yesterday's glut of comic book movie news, but we're not ones to complain about a good thing when it comes to updates on projects like "Thor," "Iron Man 2" and "Spider-Man 4." However, it's an entirely different sort of comic book movie that we asked fans to cast last week—and much like our Wonder Woman poll from a while back, the winner of our "Lobo" casting poll has a loyal fan following that played no small part in determining the winner.

In the end, former "Thor" hopeful James Preston Rogers was named MTV readers' favorite choice for the role of DC's Main Man, Lobo. The musclebound actor is probably best known for his role as a hulking barbarian in the vikings-vs-aliens film "Outlander," but he was also the subject of an extremely active fan campaign to cast him in the lead role for Kenneth Branagh's "Thor." And based on looks alone, he seems a good fit for the blue-skinned bounty hunter. Read More...

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LoboLobo first roared into the DC Universe way back in 1983, and the "Main Man" has been fraggin' anyone who looks at him funny ever since. Originally created by Roger Slifer and Keith Giffen as the natural evolution of antiheroes like Wolverine and Punisher, Lobo was recently tagged for solo movie treatment courtesy of director Guy Ritchie. So the question becomes: who can bring the "Ultimate Bastich" to life on the big screen?

Early last month, we gave you our picks for who should play Lobo, and we followed up with actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan today regarding his willingness to portray the baddest of DC's good guys. But now it's your turn! Read More...

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DeadpoolWhile this week's poll was a bit more subdued than last week's "Spider-Man 4" villain blowout, readers still crowded in to registered their opinion on which comic book movie they'd like to see with an "R" rating.

In the end, Marvel's "Merc With A Mouth" earned the most votes, but Deadpool was followed close behind by DC's "Main Man," Lobo. Possibly most interesting, however, was the fact that the third most popular option in the poll was a very clear "None of the Above."

According to 15 percent of Splash Page readers, the script and filmmaker outweigh any concerns over the intended audience for a film—which makes a lot of sense, of course. Read on for a look at how the numbers added up after all the votes were tallied. Read More...

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LoboIt's become an old debate at this point: Fans claim that various comic book properties need to have an "R" rating, while studios always push for a more mainstream, audience-friendly PG-13. When a film flops, fans blame the rating (among other elements of the film), but studios point to films like "The Dark Knight" to show how successful a PG-13 film can be—and to "Watchmen" as an example of how an "R" rating can negatively impact a film.

Whether it's Superman or Spider-Man, Lobo or Wolverine, the debate over how dark a comic book movie needs to be rages on. So, in the interest of figuring out which films actually need that "R" rating and which films can get along fine without it, this week's poll asks you to choose which project makes a Restricted audience an absolute necessity.

Can the Last Czarnian get along with PG-13? Does a proper Deadpool demand the "R" rating? Let us know what you think! Read More...


The LizardLast week, I asked readers which villain they'd like to see brawl with the ol' web-slinger in "Spider-Man 4," the next installment of Sony's "Spider-Man" movie franchise.

After all the votes were counted, Curt Conners' reptilian alter ego The Lizard narrowly edged out the psychopathic symbiote Carnage as the most-wanted bad guy for the next film. With a series of mentions in previous films establishing Connors' character, seeing The Lizard in "Spider-Man 4" certainly seems possible—but with a "Venom" spin-off green-lit, one has to wonder whether we'll see Carnage in "Spider-Man 4" or "Venom" first.

Read on for the full breakdown of the votes and a selection of reader comments explaining why they voted the way they did. Read More...

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ElectroWhen it comes to "Spider-Man 4," the next installment of Sam Raimi's blockbuster film franchise, there isn't much official information at this point. We know Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst are back for another go-around as Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson, and we've heard a rumor that Bruce Campbell will have a "major role" in the film, but that's pretty much where the official word on "Spider-Man 4" ends.

Perhaps the most-anticipated information about the film (for comics fans, at least) is who Marvel's friendly neighborhood wall-crawler will be brawling with in the next film. He's already gotten the best of Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus, Venom and Sandman... so who's on deck?

Well, now's your chance to let the world know who you want to see in "Spider-Man 4"—and we've compiled a list of candidates culled from the rumor mill to help you choose. Read More...

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John BarrowmanMaybe it's some sort of "Field of Dreams" thing, but apparently if you ask who should play Captain America, they will respond. And by "they" I mean every-freakin'-one.

Clocking in as the most popular poll we've ever run on Splash Page, our query regarding who should play Steve Rogers in "The First Avenger: Captain America" not only received a lot of votes, but it also generated quite a bit of discussion. We posted our thoughts on who's best suited to fill the role, so now it's time to reveal who you chose to play Captain America.

In the end, it was a close race between "Torchwood" star John Barrowman and "True Blood" actor Alexander Skarsgard—but Captain Jack Harkness prevailed, and Barrowman landed at the top of the tally with 36 percent of the total votes. Here's how the rest of the poll panned out, and a sampling of readers' explanations about why they voted the way they did. Read More...

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Captain AmericaAfter the comment section of yesterday's Twitter Report caught fire with casting suggestions for Captain America, it seemed natural to bring the conversation into this week's poll.

Readers have suggested everyone from "Mad Men" actor Jon Hamm to "True Blood" vampire Alexander Skarsgard as their picks for weakling-turned-supersoldier Steve Rogers—and a few well-known actors have thrown their names into ring, too. We've heard from John Barrowman ("Torchwood"), Channing Tatum ("G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra") and even Tyrese Gibson ("Transformers") making their pitches for the role. And then there's that pesky rumor about Will Smith...

So, with "The First Avenger" still in search of its lead, who should play Captain America? Read More...

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SupermanIn the wake of Warner Brothers restructuring DC's role in the company movie plans, we asked readers last week to vote on the superhero project they think the newly formed DC Entertainment should make its first priority.

While the winner of the poll should surprise no one (hint: he's faster than a speeding bullet), the runners-up might offer the most interesting take on how fans feel about DC's potential movie projects. It's also worth noting that the top vote-getter, Superman, isn't exactly at the top of DC's to-do list right now—so one of the other options might not be out of the realm of possibility.

Read on for the full breakdown of votes, as well as some opinions from readers about which characters they'd bring to the big screen first if they were calling the shots. Read More...

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DC EntertainmentOne week it's The Walt Disney Company buying Marvel Entertainment, and the next week it's Warner Brothers restructuring and creating the new, movie-focused DC Entertainment. How's that for a busy 10 days, folks?

During our subsequent interview with DC Entertainment's new president, Diane Nelson, we gave you the scoop on where the company plans to go from here, where they're focusing their attention, and even a well-known character they're not focusing on right now. We also offered up a list of superhero projects we think WB and the new DC division should be focusing on first, and why they're so important to DC's growth in the movie world.

Now, it's your turn. We want to know which DC superhero properties you think are the most important to the company's growth in Hollywood. Should Superman be put on the fast-track, or should they go down roads less traveled? Is a "Doom Patrol" movie a must-have project, or should someone get "Justice League" rolling again? Sound off! Read More...

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