'Terminator: Revolution' #1Demand has never been higher for killer cyborgs. Between Fox's "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles" television series and Warner Bros.' upcoming "Terminator: Salvation" starring Christian Bale, the cyborgs are taking over -- and comics are no exception.

This December, Dynamite Entertainment's "Terminator: Revolution" five-issue series, written by Simon Furman with art by Lui Antonio, puts the Connors back on the run... and MTV has your first look at the new series.

The follow-up to Furman's "Terminator: Infinity" miniseries, "Revolution" takes readers to the year 2015, when John Connor's human resistance movement is preparing to take down the world-dominating artificial intelligence Skynet once and for all. Things don't go as planned, however, and Skynet sends Terminators across time to devastate Connor and effectively end human resistance. Read More...

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'How to be a Serial Killer'It feels like there are millions of would-be filmmakers flocking to the indie comics marketplace these days in hopes that a drawn version of their film pitch will lead to a studio deal. What’s not seen quite as often are successful indie filmmakers coming to comics, but that’s the track writer/director Luke Ricci found himself on after completing the horror-comedy “How To Be A Serial Killer.”

While shopping the finished film around to distributors (New York area viewers can see the flick as part of the NYC Horror Fest from November 12 – 16), Ricci spun a scene that dropped to the cutting room floor into a comics prequel with artist Ramon Espinoza that was released by Viper Comics as a free give-away at San Diego Comic-Con and will be in comic shops in November. “I think we brought 1,500 copies, and we’d planned on handing them out over three or four days, but they were gone by Saturday morning because people kept coming back for them and telling other people about them. It just felt like the right fit,” Ricci told MTV of the Comic-Con promo. Read More...

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'Creepy' Vol. 2As Halloween Week at Splash Page comes to a close, we proudly present a first look at Dark Horse Comics' upcoming second volume of their "Creepy" Archives -- reprinting the scariest stories from some of the greatest names to ever grace comics.

Before comics were invaded by mindless zombies, before Chucky caused havoc on reality TV, and before psychotic, bloodthirsty tomatoes struck fear into the hearts of everyone, comics were just plain "Creepy."

In our final Halloween horror preview this week on Splash Page, Dark Horse Comics has offered up an exclusive sneak peek at their second volume of "Creepy" Archives (hitting stores on Dec. 24). The groundbreaking magazine series which ran for nearly three decades -- doing for horror comics what "MAD Magazine" did for humor -- featured some of the most iconic artists and writers to ever work in the industry, including Alex Toth, Johnny Craig, Steve Ditko, Frank Frazetta, Wally Wood and several other four-color legends.

After the jump, check out an exclusive bone-chilling story from the upcoming "Creepy" Archives Vol. 2, and learn more about the influence of this historic magazine. Read More...

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'Salem: Queen of Thorns'Halloween Week continues here on Splash Page with more exclusive interviews, previews and features covering the scariest comics hitting shelves in the days to come. Check back each day this week for more horror that hails from the world of comics.

"So there's this guy, okay?"

For "Salem: Queen of Thorns" writers Chris Morgan and Kevin Walsh, that's how all their story ideas start out -- and their current action-adventure miniseries set in one of the most infamous periods in American history is no exception. The "guy" in question this time around eventually became Elias Hooke, a sickle-wielding action hero who once fanned the flames of Salem's notorious Witch Trials, but now attempts to make up for his sins by destroying an evil creature known as "The Queen of Thorns."

"He is so close to being a bad guy, so close to being a supervillain," said Morgan, who counts the screenplay for "Wanted," the big-screen adaptation of Mark Millar's 2003 series, among his previous projects. "I'm always like, 'Thank God he's one of the good guys, because if he ever turns, we're f---ed." Read More...

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'Summer 2061' in 'Zombie Tales' #9Halloween Week continues here on Splash Page with more exclusive interviews and previews of the scariest comics hitting shelves in the days to come. Today we give you you a FULL, 8-PAGE STORY from Boom Studios' upcoming "Zombie Tales" #9 anthology.

Kim Krizan wants to eat your brain. No, not really -- but she does want to defy your expectations.

The Oscar-nominated writer of 2004's "Before Sunset," Krizan returns to a decidedly different world from her film projects in an upcoming issue of Boom Studios' horror anthology "Zombie Tales." Her contribution to the anthology, "Summer 2061," is a sequel to a story she contributed to the first issue of the anthology series, "Spring 2061," and picks up where Krizan’s group of human resistance fighters left off: in a world ruled by zombies.

"Its about Zombie Olympics," Krizan told MTV News about the second installment of her zombie trilogy, which concludes in "Zombie Tales" #11. "This zombie has turned humans into slaves for entertainment, and this human group has come out of hiding to witness the situation. They are faced with a decision about how they’ll handle this. They're vastly outnumbered, so they can decide to scamper back to their cave or do something about it -- facing the probability that they will be killed." Read More...

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'Fall of Cthulhu: Apocalypse' #1Halloween Week continues here on Splash Page with more exclusive interviews and previews of the scariest comics hitting shelves in the days to come. Check back each day for more horror hailing from the world of comics.

Here at the Splash Page hacienda, we've always said that nothing says Halloween like a massive, tentacled beast from the void that inspires madness at the mere glimpse of its visage.

Yes, we've always said that -- and now we finally (and thankfully) have a reason.

Scheduled to hit shelves in December, "Fall of Cthulhu: Apocalypse" #1 kicks off a new series that promises to tie together Boom Studios' various "Cthulhu" titles in a single arc that explores what happens when the Great Old One himself arrives for a little visit. Read More...

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'Attack of the Killer Tomatoes'Halloween Week at Splash Page continues with an exclusive sneak peek at Viper Comics' "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes," featuring an interview with series writer Dale Mettam.

It's been 30 years since the B-horror film parody "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes" hit theaters. Now, after three sequels, two video games and an animated series, Viper Comics' new horror imprint, Black Mamba Books, is celebrating the cult-classic "Tomatoes" film with a new three-issue miniseries.

Marking the first time that the original film has been adapted for comics when it arrives in stores Oct. 29, "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes" #1 -- written by Dale Mettam with art by Erich Owen -- follows the plot of the original "AKT" with a few new touches, including omissions of superfluous material and intensified action during pivotal scenes.

"I wanted to maintain the low-budget vibe, but the movie folks wanted to exploit the lack of budget-constraints, so in part three, the battle is really ramped up," said Mettam. "Changes needed to be made, but if I stayed true to the spirit of the original, I figured the fans of the movies would forgive me." Read More...

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'Harbinger'Welcome to Halloween Week, where we'll be bringing you exclusive previews of the scariest upcoming titles around for five days straight. Kicking off the festivities is a first look at Digital Webbing's "Sword of Dracula: The Dracula War," featuring an interview with series writer Jason Henderson.

There's a war brewing on American soil -- and the enemy is already dead. That's the premise behind "The Dracula War," the follow-up to 2004's "Sword of Dracula" mini-series by Jason Henderson. Though not a direct sequel to the first "Sword of Dracula" series, "The Dracula War" taps into the mythology established by "SOD" and features the return of hero Veronica "Ronnie" Van Helsing.

"It's the 'Casino Royale' for 'Sword of Dracula,'" Henderson said, "This is a jumping on point for readers -- a big scenario that can stand by itself."

"The Dracula War" begins with an attack on one of Dracula's blood reserves -- blood he can manipulate into any weapon or building material. In retaliation, Dracula seizes the Denver International Airport, flooding it with undead soldiers, deliberately provoking a response from the United Nations. Read More...

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Seth GreenSeth Green knows that the best way to get your comic book onscreen is to simply direct it yourself. As the good folks at Slashfilm uncovered, Moviehole caught up with the "Sex Drive" star, who revealed his plans to direct "The Freshmen," based on the Top Cow comic series he created with his friend, Hugh Sterbakov. According to Green, they are in the process of writing it, and will direct it when it's ready. MTV spoke with Green several months ago about his plans for "The Freshmen" film. Now, he's hammering out the boring details.

"You know, it'll probably need a studio for release. My estimation is to make this movie the way we want to make it, we'll need independent financing. But the nice thing about independent financing is, you know, a small-budget film is $35 million these days. And that's about what we'd need to make it." Read More...

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'X-Files' #1 CoverX-Files comic books -- in the '90s, four color tales of Agents Scully and Mulder heated up the comics charts and nabbed scores of cash on the back issue market before the comics industry and publisher, Topps, took a turn for the worse...along with the whole "X-Files" franchise (check out Kurt Loder's visit to the "X-Files" set here). Now in November, DC's Wildstorm imprint looks to reignite the series' comic popularity with a miniseries featuring something the '90s comics never had: a direct tie to the show's overarching mythos.

"They are connected with a part of the mythology that we introduced but did very little with at the beginning of season five," said writer Frank Spotnitz, a longtime scribe for the series and co-writer of July's "I Want To Believe" film. "We introduced this corporation Roush and so that was part of the mythology that we could have gone a lot deeper with but never got the chance. So the next two books connect with Roush. And I’m going to take a little break from writing comics after this and get back to my screenwriting career, but at some point I hope to get back to write more and do more with the mythology." Read More...

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