Earlier this week, we brought you an exclusive interview with the cast of the 80's hit superhero series "Greatest American Hero," and a sneak peek at the upcoming line of comics and animated webisodes. Now we've got yet another piece of never-before-seen art, this time from the back cover of the second issue, courtesy of Arcana Studios and artist Mathew Tow. Click on the image to see the art in its full glory.


Heath Ledger in 'The Dark Knight'The announcement that Disney has optioned AiT/PlanetLar’s 2007 original graphic novel Monster Attack Network has been tearing up the blogosphere today, and your friends here at MTV’s "Splash Page" have got ya covered with a seven-page look at the book by writers Marc Bernardin and Adam Freeman and artist Nima Sorat!

The story, revolving around the tropical paradise of Lapuatu where giant, Godzilla-like monsters would roam freely if not for the heroics of Nate Klinger and his daring squad at the Monster Attack Network, offers up a solid mix of giant monsters, ridiculous action and drop-dead-sexy damsels -- in other words, a perfect recipe for what’s sure to be a hot summer movie! (After the jump, read the first seven pages from the book!) Read More...

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'Transformers: Reign of Starscream'It's one of the most closely-guarded secrets in Hollywood, and one that the hundreds of thousands of attendees at Comic-Con would probably kill to uncover … what, exactly, is Michael Bay's plan for his bombastic follow-up "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen?"

Now, thanks to the team at IDW Publishing, we're a little bit closer to finding out. The company has announced a five-part prequel miniseries entitled "Transformers: Destiny" that's set to bridge the gap between the 2007 blockbuster and its Summer '09 sequel. And if it's any indication, "Transformers 2” is going to be one interesting ride.

"[We're going to] expand on the 'Reign of Starscream' story that we're doing and tie everything in to what this next movie is going to be," explained writer Chris Mowry, who partners on the book with artist Alex Milne. "The next movie starts out with just tons of action and there's obviously going to be a lot of questions, so we’re hoping to answer some of those beforehand." Read More...

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'Terminator Salvation' Prequel ComicMust be tough, being John Connor -- what with all those Terminators always trying to kill you, your mother, your friends. But it's even tougher to be someone outside of John Connor's immediate circle come Judgment Day.

Thanks to the upcoming prequel comic to "Terminator Salvation" from IDW Publishing, we'll get a glimpse of what life is like for the rest of the world once the machines take over -- and before John Connor is the leader of the resistance -- starting with the first issue, due in January.

"One of the toughest things with stories involving time travel," said writer Dara Naraghi, "is that no matter what you do, there's always some sort of paradox."

Naraghi hopes to avoid those paradoxes when he fleshes out a different part of the post-Judgment Day world. "I get to play in my own sandbox, with a lot of new characters who won't be in the movie," Naraghi said. "There's a lot of breathing room." Read More...


'Berserker'Everyone, look out. Milo Ventimiglia has officially gone "Beserk."

As the actor's foray into comics continues via his production company DiVide Pictures, the man you know as Peter Petrelli has been using all his powers to get out a new title, about a group of people seemingly unconnected to each other who discover, unbeknowst-to-them, they had been born with hidden abilities. No "Heroes"-ripoff here -- the hidden power here is to kill, and the comic is called "Beserker" from Top Cow Publishing.

You'd think the ability to go really aggro could be a boon -- but one character, Ferris Jorn, who is trying to get back to his life after being in the military in Afghanistan, is having extreme difficulty. "You can't make a distinction between enemies and comrades," Ventimiglia said. "Imagine you're being pushed over the edge. You're at the height at an adrenal rush. Your veins are bulging. Your blood is moving. And you can't control it -- not even around your loved ones. You will rip them to shreds. It's an extreme and uncontrollable rage." Read More...

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'Ghostbusters: The Other Side'Put some gas in the Ecto-1 and fire up your proton packs, the Ghostbusters are finally back in business, accepting requests, and ready to help with your paranormal needs in IDW Publishing's "Ghostbusters: The Other Side," set to hit stores in October. And now we've got your first look at the upcoming series from writer Keith Champagne and artist Tom Nguyen who together have crafted a story that pits the four heroes against a slew of new boogeymen out to terrorize New York.

Well, make that old boogeymen, Champagne explained in an interview with MTV News, revealing that the first issue would see bad guys made out of wise guys. "Lucky Luciano, Bugsy Seigal, Meyer Lansky, and Al Capone," Champagne said. "Ghosts [that] were the types of guys that -- while alive -- weren't shy about hitting first."

You can glimpse the four tommy gun holding made men in the cover, revealed exclusively here on MTV's Splash Page along with the first art. Read More...

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Need a "Hero"? How about 43 of them?

While you're waiting for "Heroes" to hit the air again, you could read the web comics online -- or you can get them as a collected volume. "Heroes Volume 2" will include every online chapter from season two, from "Flying Blind," introducing Claire's classmate West Rosen, to "The Kill Squad," when Fallon finally gets his own team to kill whichever powered person he pleases. The book, which is due out November 19, spills a lot of details about the motivations behind characters and fills in the gaps from the show -- while at the same time bringing to life what "Heroes" is all about. Here's a first look at the cover art (note: this may not be final):



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