Transformers comicWe still have a few months before "Transformers: Dark Of The Moon" hits theaters, but fans of Hasbro's famous robots in disguise don't have to wait that long for a taste of what's to come in Michael Bay's third installment of the blockbuster movie franchise.

IDW Publishing brings not one but two official "Dark Of The Moon" prequel comics to shelves this week, and we have an exclusive preview of one of them, "Transformers: Rising Storm," and an interview with "Transformers" editor Andy Schmidt.

The first issues of both "Transformers: Rising Storm" and "Transformers: Foundation" hit shelves today, so read on for a brief interview with writer Andy Schmidt and an exclusive seven-page preview of "Rising Storm." Read More...

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Metalocalypse/DethklokWe're big fans of the Adult Swim animated series "Metalocalypse" around Splash Page HQ, so we were psyched to bring you exclusive previews of the first two issues of Dark Horse Comics' "Metalocalypse/Dethklok" comic book series. We're continuing that trend today with an exclusive preview of the third and final issue of the miniseries.

"Metalocalypse/Dethklok" #3 features a story by series creator/writer Brendon Small and series director/designer Jon Schnepp, with interior art Lucas Marangon and covers by Schnepp and "The Goon" creator Eric Powell. The issue hits shelves February 23, 2011.

You can check out an exclusive preview below, but be warned: when the most brutal band in the world heads to comics, things get even, well... brutaler. Read More...

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Doctor WhoLate last year, "Doctor Who" comics scribe Tony Lee offered up a preview of sorts for the relaunch of IDW Publishing's ongoing series that will introduce The Eleventh Doctor — played by Matt Smith in the television series — to the publisher's comic book universe.

That new series kicks off next week in "Doctor Who" #1, featuring a story by Lee and interior artist Andrew Currie that has The Doctor and his companions, Rory, and Amy, racing against time to save an alien planet from invading mercenaries while dealing with an outbreak of holographic spam on the TARDIS.

And just to get you ready for The Eleventh Doctor's big debut, IDW has provided Splash Page readers with a preview of "Doctor Who" #1. So straighten your bowtie and put on your favorite fez, Whovians, because it's time to welcome Matt Smith to the comics world! Read More...

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Metalocalypse / Dethklok comicBack in September we gave you your first look at "Metalocalypse/Dethklok," the new comic book series from Dark Horse Comics based on the Adult Swim animated series "Metalocalypse" — and now we have an exclusive look inside the second issue!

Written by "Metalocalypse" creator/writer Brendon Small and director/designer Jon Schnepp, the second issue of the comic finds the band returning to Helsinki after an earlier performance that awakened a massive, angry, and viciously destructive troll. In our six-page preview, the band debates the existence of the supernatural as only they can, and gets ready for what's likely to be an even more devastating encore.

"Metalocalypse/Dethklok" #2 hits shelves December 15, and will feature a cover by "The Goon" creator Eric Powell. Read More...

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Beyonce comic bookNow that Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift and just about every other chart-topper of the last few decades have found their way into Bluewater Comics' line of unauthorized biography comics, it was only a matter of time before they turned their attention to Sasha Fierce herself, Beyonce Knowles.

Hitting shelves in January 2011, "Fame: Beyonce" promises to "trace Beyonce's rise through the music business, from her early days with Destiny's Child to her booming solo career." The 32-page comic will be written by CW Cooke with art by Alex Lopez.

Bluewater has provided Splash Page readers with the first, exclusive look inside the comic via a seven-page preview. Read More...

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Tron: Original Movie AdaptationLast month, we got a peek at Marvel's "Tron Legacy" prequel comic, which will span the time between the 1982 film and the upcoming live-action sequel later this year. But for those who haven't checked out the original "Tron" — or might just want a refresher course — Marvel has you covered.

Hitting shelves next month, Marvel's "Tron: Original Movie Adaptation" is a two-issue adaptation of the 1982 film that sent quirky gaming guru Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) into the heart of one of his own creations to do battle with the sinister Master Control Program. The comic will be written by comics veteran Peter David ("X-Factor"), with interior art from Mirco Pierfederici and covers by Greg Land and Salvador Larocca.

Of course, I can't recommend this as a substitute for the original "Tron" — the movie holds up better than you might expect — but it might be a good way to get your head back into Flynn's Arcade before the sequel hits theater. You can check out a preview of the comic here on Splash Page and decide for yourself! Read More...

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CrosshairOne of the many stories to come out of San Diego Comic-Con this year was a deal between comic book publisher Top Cow and Mandeville Films to create a big-screen adaptation of "Crosshair," one of the upcoming titles in Top Cow's "Pilot Season" line.

Co-written by comics veteran Marc Silvestri and former studio executive, movie producer, and comic book book author Jeff Katz ("Booster Gold"), "Crosshair" tells the story of a CIA assassin turned family man who discovers that he's been brainwashed with orders to kill the President in the next 48 hours. He must uncover the conspiracy behind the plan before someone triggers his "programming."

"Crosshair" is set to hit shelves October 13 as part of Top Cow's "Pilot season" event, in which readers can check out the first issues of several potential ongoing series and decide which one should continue.

I spoke to Katz about the "Crosshair" comic and movie deal, and who he'd like to see in front of and behind the camera in a perfect world. The crew at Top Cow has also provided Splash Page readers with the first look at "Crosshair" ahead of its release next week! Read More...

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Fame: Lady Gaga 2Late last month, we brought you an exclusive preview of "Fame: Lady Gaga 2," the sequel to Bluewater Comics' comic book biography of MTV's 2009 Woman of the Year, Lady Gaga.

Yes, the first comic sold so well that they're doing a sequel — and this time around, the issue will focus more on her career instead of her personal life and impact on the cultural landscape. Bluewater has provided Splash Page readers with the first, exclusive look at colored pages from the comic, featuring art by Dan Glasl.

"I had a blast working on this book, drawing all the crazy outfits and outrageous hairstyles, and I really think fans of Lady Gaga will enjoy reading about her life and path to stardom," said Glasl in the initial announcement of the project. Read More...

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Metalocalypse/Dethklok 3Last week, we gave you the first look at "Metalocalypse/Dethklok" #1, the first issue of Dark Horse Comics' upcoming series based on the hit Adult Swim animated series. Judging by reader response, you were pretty excited about seeing Nathan Explosion, William Murderface, and the rest of their Dethklok band mates get their own comic, so we're back with another exclusive peek at the project, courtesy of Dark Horse.

This time around, we have the first look at two covers from "Metalocalypse/Dethklok" #3, featuring art by Jon Schnepp and "The Goon" creator Eric Powell. We also have a full synopsis for the third issue of the series, co-written by Schnepp, "Metalocalypse" creator Brendon Small, and Jeremy Barlow.

Go ahead and ride the DethTrain!

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Tron Betrayal ComicWith Walt Disney Company settling in as the new owner of Marvel Comics, and the studio's "Tron: Legacy" set to debut in theaters December 17, it was only a matter of time before a new Tron comic was born.

Back in July, we gave you a peek at the cover to "Tron: Betrayal," the upcoming prequel comic that unfolds in the time between 1982's "Tron" and the 2010 sequel. Now we have the first three pages, too.

The first issue of the two-part miniseries will hit shelves October 6, but the full two-issue graphic novel will be released in collected form November 16. "Tron: Betrayal" is written by Jai Nitz, with interior art by Andie Tong and a cover by Salvador Larroca. Read More...

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