Metalocalypse/DethklokLast year, the harder-than-hardcore "Metalocalypse" crew made their comics debut in a crossover with Eric Powell's slackjaw-stomping hero, The Goon. It looks like they enjoyed their time in the comics world, because next month we'll see the black-metal musicians of Dethklok go solo in Dark Horse Comics' new "Metalocalypse/Dethklok" series — and we have your exclusive first look at the series!

Based on the popular Adult Swim animated series "Metalocalypse," the comic will feature stories by series creator/writer Brendon Small and director/designer Jon Schnepp. Eric Powell and Schnepp will create the covers for the series, with Lucas Marangon providing the interior art.

They're the most brutal band on Earth and the world's seventh-largest economy, and we're the site bringing you a three-page preview of their solo comics debut! Check out Eric Powell's cover and the first three pages below, then read on for the full solicit info. Read More...

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Kick-Ass 2If you’ve been eagerly anticipating the sequel to Mark Millar’s hit comic book series “Kick-Ass,” this is your lucky day... and week, for that matter. Why? Because we have an exclusive sneak peek at "Kick-Ass 2" (the comic), courtesy of Millar's new monthly magazine debuting this week, “CLiNT.”

Kick-Ass 2” follows immediately after ‘Kick-Ass,’” Millar told MTV News. “You see how Dave has inspired people to become amateur superheroes, Red Mist has inspired people in the sequel to become amateur supervillains. So what we have is two rival gangs of super characters getting together in New York.”

And what about the sequel to the mega-successful film adaptation of the comic starring Aaron Johnson, Christopher Mintz-Plasse and Chloe Moretz? To paraphrase the Red Mist, wait 'til they get a load of this! Read More...

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Lady Gaga comicBack in May, we brought you an exclusive preview of "Fame: Lady Gaga," the comic book biography of MTV's 2009 Woman Of the Year.

Published by Bluewater Comics, the issue performed well enough to merit an encore performance, igniting controversy and creating quite a bit of buzz — just like the musician herself. This November, the publisher sends "Fame: Lady Gaga" back to the shelves with a new comic focusing more on her career instead of her personal life and impact on the cultural landscape.

Still, the comic promises to feature "all the hairstyles, stage blood, drama and costumes that make Lady Gaga impossible to ignore." Read More...

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Archie & Friends: TwiliteEarlier this month we brought you an exclusive preview of "Archie & Friends" #146, in which Archie and the Riverdale gang encounter a brooding vampire, a shirt-adverse werewolf, and a host of other characters inspired by the wildly popular "Twilight" franchise.

The first half of Archie Comics' "Twilight" parody, "Archie & Friends: Twilite" concludes next week with "Archie & Friends" #147 — and we have an exclusive preview of the issue for Splash Page readers. The issue hits comic shop shelves September 8, and promises a "larger-than-life conclusion" to the tale.

Will Veronica choose Archie over Ivan, the handsome, pale-skinned new guy in school who might be a vampire? Is Jughead Team Ivan or Team Archie? All these questions and more will be answered in the pages of "Archie & Friends" #147! Read More...

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The LosersIf you missed out on "The Losers" back in April, you missed out on a great, action-packed adaptation of Andy Diggle and Jock's hit comic book series that impressed the heck out of me when I caught a screening. Along with its all-star cast, "The Losers" featured some great action sequences, witty dialogue, fun performances, and original art from Jock sprinkled throughout the marketing campaign and the film itself.

And now the DVD and Blu-Ray release of the film will get some new art from Jock, too.

The celebrated artist shared with MTV News some of the art he created for the exclusive DVD and Blu-Ray versions of the film, which will be available in the U.K. on November 10. The exclusive slipcase for the discs and accompanying poster feature the entire team engaged in a violent firefight, and sport the tagline "Anyone Else Would Be Dead By Now." Oh, and Max makes a cameo on the back cover of the slipcase, too. Read More...

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Fame: Taylor LautnerBack in May we brought you the first look at "Fame: Taylor Lautner," the latest in Bluewater's line of biography comics spotlighting pop-culture celebrities. Today we have your first, exclusive look inside the comic at the first six pages.

Arriving on shelves next month, "Fame: Taylor Lautner" promises to chronicle the "Twilight" actor's meteoric rise in Hollywood, including his pre-"Twilight" years and upcoming roles. Kimberly Sherman, the author of Bluewater's "Fame: Robert Pattinson" and "Fame: Kristen Stewart" comics, will script the 32-page issue, which will feature interior art by Warren Martineck and covers by JuanMar Studios.

Read on for an exclusive preview Taylor Lautner's comic book debut. Read More...

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TwiliteBack in June, we brought you the first look at "Twilite," the upcoming "Archie & Friends" parody of the "Twilight" movie franchise.

Sporting a cover that spoofs the popular "Twilight Saga: New Moon" poster image, the first issue of "Twilite" hits shelves August 11 — but you can check out the first 11 pages exclusively here on Splash Page.

It’s love at first bite when two new mysterious students arrive in Riverdale. Betty and Veronica are fascinated by the smoldering-hot Ivan, but Jared is warning everyone who will listen that Ivan is really a bloodsucker!

Read on for an exclusive "Twilite" preview and more details about the comic. Read More...

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Predators: Preserve The Game"Predators" arrived in theaters last weekend, so the inevitable sequel talk is already upon us. For comic fans, however, the sequel is already a reality.

On July 14, Dark Horse Comics brings "Predators: Preserve The Game" to the shelves of comic shops, offering an officially sanctioned sequel to the Robert Rodriguez film. Set just a few weeks after the finale of the live-action film, the comic is scripted by David Lapham ("Stray Bullets") with art from Allan Jefferson.

Dark Horse has given Splash Page readers the first, exclusive look at the comic, but since this is a sequel to the film, take heed: SPOILERS LIE AHEAD! Read More...

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Star WarsThe folks behind "Star Wars" fiction in print get free reign to explore different time periods in the science-fiction universe first created by George Lucas decades ago. We've seen what life in the Old Republic was like, when the Sith were a force as large and as powerful as the Empire. We've followed our favorite heroes from the movie trilogies, through the Clone Wars, the dark times of Emperor Palpatine, and the Yuuzhan Vong invasion. We've even seen the distant future, a bleak moment when Palpatine's vision of a Galactic Sith ruling party is realized by one Darth Krayt.

Now, Dark Horse Comics and Del Rey Books are preparing to wind things back to the age before the Sith Order collapsed beneath the tyranny of Darth Bane's Rule of Two.

"Star Wars: Knight Errant" follows Kerra Holt, a lone Jedi Knight operating in Sith territory, far beyond the reach or aid of her Jedi Masters. The ongoing series kicks off in October with a Dark Horse comic written by John Jackson Miller and a tie-in novel (also authored by Miller) to be released next year. Interior art for the comic is provided by Federico Dallocchio.

MTV News has your exclusive first look at two covers from "Knight Errant" featuring the work of artists Joe Quinones and Dave Ross. We also have some details from Miller himself about what fans can look forward to in this new era for the "Star Wars" universe. Read More...

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LucidLast fall, I spoke with "True Blood" actor Mike McMillian about his new comic, "Lucid," which follows a "combat mage" tasked with keeping the United States safe from evil forces. With the comic hitting shelves in August and making its debut at Comic-Con International later this month, I caught up with McMillian for an update on the project — and an exclusive preview of the first issue.

Written by McMillian, "Lucid" is a four-issue series published jointly by Archaia Entertainment and "Star Trek" actor Zachary Quinto's production banner Before The Door Pictures. The artist on the series is a relative newcomer, Polish illustrator
Anna Wieszczyk.

McMillian, who detailed his long history with comics in our previous conversation, explained why the new miniseries isn't your typical celebrity project, and why he hopes it leads to a long career juggling the demands of both Hollywood and the comics world. Read More...

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