Buffy the Vampire Slayer - RileyEarlier this month, we brought you news of a very sexy issue of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season Eight," but that doesn't mean the story's over when it comes to Buffy and the Slayers' climactic battle against Twilight and his armies.

Celebrated "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Battlestar Galactica" television writer Jane Espenson returns to the Dark Horse Comics series later this year for a new one-shot comic exploring what happened to Riley Finn, Buffy's former love interest who spied on Twilight for the Slayers.

The issue, which arrives on shelves August 18, will be written by Espenson with interior art and a cover by Karl Moline. Dark Horse has provided Splash Page readers with an exclusive first look at the cover to "Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season Eight — Riley One-Shot," as well as the official synopsis for the issue. Read More...

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Last Days of American CrimeWay back in February 2009, we gave you the first, exclusive peek at Rick Remender's "The Last Days of American Crime," a gritty, noir-tinged heist story that hit shelves from Radical Publishing. Little did we know the story would soon end up in the hands of "Avatar" and "Clash of the Titans" star Sam Worthington, only to be optioned by the actor and his producing partner, Michael Schwarz, in November.

The series follows a dangerous sociopath named Kevin Cash (Worthington) as he assembles a team to pull off what could be the last great heist in American history. With the impending launch of a government-sponsored technology that will make it impossible for anyone to commit a crime just days away, Cash and his crew attempt to steal the machines that manage the nation's new form of currency.

The second issue of "American Crime" hits shelves this week, so we caught up with the writer to find out what's in store for the series, how he feels about Worthington coming on board, and the screenplay he's been working on for the film. Read More...

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Female Force: Anne RiceFrom "Twilight" author Stephenie Meyer to comedian Ellen DeGeneres, Bluewater Productions' line of "Female Force" biography comics has covered a wide range of pop-culture personalities, and now we have your first look at the next subject in their popular series: best-selling author Anne Rice.

One of the most widely read authors in the world, Rice is best-known for her "Vampire Chronicles" series — specifically, "Interview with the Vampire," her first novel. Scheduled for release in June, "Female Force: Anne Rice" promises to follow the author "from her formative years in her beloved New Orleans through the tragedies that influenced the creation of her most popular novels and her fervent rediscovery of Catholicism."

The 22-page comic will be written by Scott Davis with interior and cover art by Louie Demartinis. Bluewater Productions has provided Splash Page readers with an exclusive preview of the first three unlettered pages of the comic, as well as the two covers the comic will feature. Read More...

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Kristen Stewart comic bookFirst it was Lady Gaga on the cover of Bluewater Productions' new line of "Fame" biography comics, then it was "Twilight" star Robert Pattinson. Now Pattinson's "Twilight" co-star, Kristen Stewart, will make her debut as a comic book cover girl — and we have your exclusive first look.

Written by Kim Sherman (who also penned the Robert Pattinson "Fame" comic) with interior art by Warren Martineck and covers by Juanmar Studios and Randy Green, "Fame: Kristen Stewart" promises to "show readers the depth residing in this young woman and the roles she’s beautifully tackled through a series of spot shots, pinups and word art." The 32-page comic hits shelves in June.

Read on for more details about the comic, as well as an exclusive preview of "Fame: Kristen Stewart," courtesy of Bluewater Productions. (Note: This is an early peek at the book, so some pages have not been colored or lettered yet.) Read More...

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Felicia DayWith prominent roles in Joss Whedon's television series "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and his online musical "Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog," actress Felicia Day already has a lot of fans — but for many people (myself included), it's her ongoing web series "The Guild" that first won her a place of honor in our geeky little hearts.

Chronicling the adventures of gamer Cyd Sherman as she navigates the troubled waters of real-life drama and relationships in both the online and offline worlds, "The Guild" has been described as a "love letter to gaming." Day stars, writes and produces the award-winning web series, which recently saw its third season released on DVD.

And now she's bringing it to the comic book world.

MTV News caught up with the hardworking actress/filmmaker to chat about the upcoming "The Guild" comic hitting shelves March 24 from Dark Horse Comics. Day wrote the script for the three-issue series, which will feature art by "Street Angel" creator Jim Rugg. Read More...

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A-Team: Shotgun WeddingBack in December, we brought you an exclusive look at preliminary art for "The A-Team: Shotgun Wedding," one of IDW Publishing's upcoming miniseries based on the classic '80s television series receiving a big-screen remake this year.

Featuring the series' well-known characters in the likeness of the film's stars, "Shotgun Wedding" follows Hannibal, B.A. Baracus and the rest of their mercenary team as they head from Alaska to San Diego to foil a terrorist plot.

The first issue of "The A-Team: Shotgun Wedding" arrives on shelves Wednesday (March 10), but you can get an exclusive look at the first nine pages here on Splash Page. Read More...

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There are a lot of great books being offered up by publishers for this year's year's Free Comic Book Day, but Archaia's "Mouse Guard/Fraggle Rock" is high on our list of must-have pickups. Combining a story from David Petersen's award-winning "Mouse Guard" universe with a preview of the upcoming "Fraggle Rock" series, there's a lot to like for fans of every age to like about this one — which is why we're psyched to give Splash Page readers an exclusive sneak peek at the "Fraggle Rock" FCBD comic.

Check it out:

Fraggle Rock

Archaia's "Mouse Guard/Fraggle Rock" FCBD Flipbook will be available at comic book shops on May 1, 2010. Read on for more info and the official solicitation text. Read More...

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Chase VariantA year ago, comics gossip columnist Rich Johnston gave us "Watchmensch," a parody of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons' "Watchmen" that spoofed the industry's relationship with Hollywood and creators' rights. Now he's back with yet another tongue-in-cheek project that should hit close to home: a comic inspired by the collector market.

Published by Image Comics and titled "Chase Variant One Shot (Is All I Need)," the story follows a lethal, four-armed assassin named Chase Variant who was manufactured by a secret agency that only creates a small number of her particularly rare model. Her "limited-edition" status makes her the target of various governments who want a Chase Variant of their own.

Appropriately enough, "Deadpool" and "Youngblood" creator Rob Liefeld — who played a big role in the explosion of variant covers and other elements of the 1990s comic-collector market — has created a limited-edition cover for the issue, which hits shelves today. Read on for your first look at Liefeld's "Chase Variant" cover. Read More...

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Lady Gaga comic bookLast month, we gave you the first look at "Fame: Lady Gaga," the upcoming biography comic hitting shelves later this year from Bluewater Productions. Since the first cover created such a stir, we're back with an exclusive peek at two more covers planned for the issue.

Just in case you missed the news the first time around, the new line of "Fame" comics will present unauthorized biographies of celebrities from the music and movie world, kicking off with MTV's Woman of the Year, Lady Gaga. According to the publisher, the preview issue of "Fame: Lady Gaga" will be available in May for Free Comic Book Day, and future issues will focus on such notable pop-culture icons as 50 Cent, David Beckham and Taylor Swift.

Earlier this week, we gave you the first look at several covers from the "Fame" comic spotlighting "Twilight" star Robert Pattinson. Read More...

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Hit-MonkeyEvery now and then, I come across an upcoming project that absolutely demands to be passed along to Splash Page readers. "Hit-Monkey" is exactly that sort of project.

Arriving on Marvel Digital Comics tomorrow, "Hit-Monkey" is a new, original series written by "Deadpool" scribe Daniel Way, with art by Dalibor Talijoc and a great cover by Frank Cho ("Mighty Avengers"). However, while that's all well and good, let's not forget that it's a story about a killer monkey in a tailored business suit... with guns. And we have an exclusive preview of the first issue.

Heck, the official synopsis only makes it more awesome: "A troubled soul, set upon a path of vengeance he does not understand. An assassin without equal, trained in the most secret of killing techniques. A flesh and blood specter, haunting the killers of the world. A monkey…with a gun. Bear witness as the legend is born." Read More...

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