Robert PattinsonLast month, we gave you the first look at Lady Gaga on the cover of "Fame," Bluewater Productions' new line of celebrity biography comics. While Gaga's debut was certainly big news, "Twilight" fans were most excited about the presence of franchise actors Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in the "Fame" lineup.

Now, we have your first look at a new cover for "Fame: Robert Pattinson," as well as an exclusive preview of interior art from the comic. Arriving on shelves in May, the 32-page comic promises to "trace Pattinson's career from his first performance in Tess of the D'Urbervilles at London's Barnes Theatre to his star turn in the Twilight movies."

Read on for two covers from "Fame: Robert Pattinson" (including a new cover by Paul Andrew Manton), as well as an exclusive page of unfinished interior art from artist Nathaniel Ooten. The comic is written by Kim Sherman. Read More...

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Ellen DeGeneresLast month, we gave you the first look at "Female Force: Ellen DeGeneres," the latest in Bluewater Productions' line of comic-book biographies of famous women. Back then, we only had unlettered, black-and-white pages from the comic, but now we have an exclusive, finished preview of the issue hitting shelves in March.

The comic promises to follow the entertainer "from her youth in Louisiana, through the endless smoke-filled comedy club circuit, to her breakthrough sitcom and finally as an Emmy-winning daytime talk show host." Written by Sandra C. Ruckdeschel with art by Pedro Ponzo, "Female Force: Ellen DeGeneres" will feature many of the touchstone moments from her career — including her recent addition to the "American Idol" judging panel.

The publisher has also informed MTV News that a portion of the proceeds from the comic will be donated to The Humane Society in DeGeneres' name. Read More...

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BuzzardEarlier this week, we brought you an exclusive interview with "The Goon" creator Eric Powell about his upcoming return to the series and his character's debut on the iPhone. Today, we have your first look at the project bringing Powell back to The Goon's comic book universe: a three-issue miniseries focusing on Buzzard, the former sheriff turned tragic, flesh-hungry hero.

According to Powell, the series picks up after Buzzard's climactic showdown with the evil Zombie Priest, and finds the cursed hero wandering into a village terrorized by bestial creatures.

"When I originally created Buzzard, he was intended to be a standalone character outside of 'The Goon,'" Powell told MTV News of the character's origins. Read More...

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Tales of the VampiresOne year ago, the status quo of the "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" universe was turned on its head when onetime Sunnydale High cheerleader and full-time vampire Harmony Kendall made vampires "cool." Now inspiring envy instead of fear,and flashing their fangs to get into the hottest clubs, vampires are the "it" crowd.

So they should all be happy about it, right? Not so, according to "Tales Of The Vampires: Carpe Noctem" author Jackie Kessler.

In the a two-part series hitting MySpace Dark Horse Presents in February, Kessler puts the spotlight on a pair of vampires with very different feelings about bloodsuckers' new celebrity. And we have your first, exclusive look at "Carpe Noctem" here on Splash Page. Read More...

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Conan The Weight Of The CrownOver the course of his comics career, Darick Robertson has tackled outlaw journalists, morally depraved superheroes, an X-Man, and the most famous gun-slinging vigilante around — but his next project harkens back to a time before his resume was filled with some of the most popular characters of the last few decades.

Next week, the co-creator of "Transmetropolitan" and "The Boys" turns his eye to Robert E. Howard's famous barbarian, Conan, in a one-shot story that he scripted and drew, titled "Conan: The Weight Of The Crown."

MTV News caught up with Robertson to find out where his Conan tale takes the bloodthirsty Cimmerian, and why he'll leave a host of bodies in his wake this time. Dark Horse Comics has also provided Splash Page readers with an exclusive preview of "Conan: The Weight Of The Crown."


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The AuthorityWildstorm's superhero series "The Authority" has passed through several prominent writers' hands in the past, including Warren Ellis, Mark Millar and Grant Morrison, but the latest writing duo of Marc Bernardin and Adam Freeman might be facing the greatest challenge of them all: taking "The Authority" home.

Bernardin spoke with MTV News about his upcoming run on "The Authority" with Freeman, revealing that the basic premise of the upcoming story arc focuses on the superhero team dealing with the fallout of the "World's End" storyline that involved the Authority's massive spaceship, The Carrier, crashing into the middle of London. Given that cataclysmic aftermath, there is literally nowhere left for the Authority to go but up.

Read on for an exclusive preview of "The Authority" #18 and more details about the creative team's plans for their run. Read More...

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Dash ShawAcclaimed writer/artist Dash Shaw received quite a bit of attention when his 2008 graphic novel "Bottomless Belly Button" was heralded as one of the bets projects of the year by various print and online media, and only solidified his place among the upper echelon of indie creators with his "BodyWorld" webcomic (soon to be collected in print by Pantheon Books).

His latest project, "The Unclothed Man in the 35th Century," debuted this month as both a series of animated shorts on and a new book published by Fantagaphics. "The Unclothed Man" is set in a futuristic world where robots have replaced humans in nearly all facets of daily life, and chronicles the adventures of a man named Rebel X-6 who poses as a robot model for figure-drawing classes at an art school.

With the animated series already available on and the "Unclothed Man" book hitting comic shops today (it arrives in bookstores January 6), I spoke to Shaw about the origins of the project and the appeal of working in both still comic format and animation, and received a sneak peek inside "The Unclothed Man In The 35th Century" courtesy of Fantagraphics. Read More...

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The A-TeamNext year's big-screen reboot of the "A-Team" will be one of many films receiving some attention from the comic book world in advance of its arrival in theaters. IDW Publishing will be launching not one, but two series following Hannibal, B.A. Baracus and the rest of their mercenary crew.

Titled "The A-Team: Shotgun Wedding" and "The A-Team: War Stories," the two series will not only feature the beloved television series' characters (in the likenesses of the new actors playing them), but also offer up some brand new stories of their adventures.

IDW has offered Splash Page readers the first peek at some early art from "The A-Team: Shotgun Wedding," written by Joe Carnahan and Tom Waltz with art from Stephen Mooney — including the ridiculously cool covers to the first and second issues, as well as several inked pages.

(Oh, and is that a Sarah Palin cameo we see?) Read More...

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Rock N Roll ComicsBack in October, we brought you the first look at Bluewater Productions' upcoming line of "Rock 'N' Roll Comics" graphic novels, republished from the original magazine series as 10 bi-monthly books.

You've already seen the covers to "The Beatles" and "Hard Rock Heroes," the first two issues of the series, and now we have four more for you to check out exclusively on Splash Page. Along with the aforementioned pair, this your first look at the covers for "The Pink Floyd Experience," "The Led Zeppelin Experience," "The King: Elvis Presley," and "The Spirit of the '60s" (featuring The Doors, Grateful Dead, Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, Spirit, Janis Joplin, and various other musicians).

The series kicks off this month with "The Beatles." Read More...

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Angel #28Sure, a lot of attention's been paid to Sunnydale's favorite vampire slayer, Buffy, but she's not the only character from Joss Whedon's "Buffy-verse" to make a successful transition from television to comics. IDW Publishing's ongoing "Angel" series continues this week as a new writer begins scripting the adventures of Angel, the vampire with a soul (played by David Boreanaz in the television series), and his demon-slaying crew.

"Fables" creator Bill Willingham jumps on board as the series' regular writer with issue #28, kicking off a six-part arc titled "The Crown Prince Syndrome." The storyline promises to explore Angel's new celebrity and the problems it creates — including a distinct lack of quality brooding time.

IDW has provided Splash Page readers with an exclusive first look at "Angel" #28, featuring a story by Willingham, interior art by Brian Denham and covers by Denham, Jenny Frison and David Messina. Read More...

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