MayhemAfter taking a much-needed, post-Comic-Con week off, we're back with all of the regular features here on Splash Page -- and that includes your weekly dose of comics crossovers to look out for among this week's titles. Our spotlight comic this week is one of the most heavily promoted new series lately, with a famous creator who's taken every opportunity possible to let you know about his his new book.

"MAYHEM" #1 (Image Comics): Created by actor/musician Tyrese Gibson ("Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen"), this new series is Gibson's first foray into the comic book world, but he's been saying all the right things and making all the right moves to prove it's not just a passing whim.

The story of a gun-slinging vigilante who battles with an evil drug kingpin in L.A., "Mayhem" has been the first (and last) thing Gibson's talked about during countless interviews and press events, while also never shying away from his status as a newcomer to the comics world. As he told MTV News back in June, he's knocking at the door of the comics world, and it's up to fans to let him in. Read More...

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OblivionRadical Pictures, the Hollywood production arm of Radical Publishing picked up another property this week, which should come as no surprise following Comic-Con.

Coming out of the annual entertainment mecca, the company announced films based on its "Abattoir" and "Shrapnel" titles. Now, a movie based on "Tron Legacy" director Joseph Kosinski's illustrated novel "Oblivion" has been officially added to the company's upcoming projects. Read More...

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Darren BousmanLess than a week after announcing Len Wiseman as the director for the film adaptation of their "Shrapnel" comics, Radical Publishing punctuated their San Diego Comic-Con appearance with news that "Saw II" director Darren Bousman will write and direct a movie version of their upcoming "Abattoir" title, which he co-created with his partner Michael Peterson.

"I am addicted to haunted house stories," Bousman said in a press release. "My addiction to this genre became an obsession to create one of my own. Abattoir is my spin on a haunted house story." Read More...

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ShrapnelA local comic book shop may have been Radical Comics' best recruitment tool for finding a director to adapt their comic book property "Shrapnel." Len Wiseman, who wrote and directed the first two "Underworld" movies, claims to have found an issue on the shelf at a store where he was perusing comics with his 11-year old daughter. Though she probably wasn't the target demographic for the book's tatteredly-clothed, tattoo-faced heroine, Wiseman immediately latched on to the story.

"I am really drawn to the reluctant-hero story," Wiseman told The Hollywood Reporter, comparing the character to Bruce Willis' John McClane in "Live Free or Die Hard." Read More...

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Time BombJust when the world thought the Nazis were buried for good, it turns out they've just moved underground. That's the premise behind "Jonah Hex" comic book writers Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray's upcoming "Time Bomb" from Radical Publishing, which sees present-day peacekeeping forces pitted against Nazi machinations in two time periods.

In the present day, an international team of scientists and archeologists discover a secret Nazi city hidden beneath Berlin. Unfortunately, disrupting the site has activated Hitler's Omega bomb -- a weapon forged to wipe out the human race in the event that the Nazis lost the war. To reverse the bomb's effects, operatives outfitted with the latest weaponry are sent back in time to prevent the bomb's detonation, but something goes wrong and the team finds itself 65 years in the past -- forcing them to confront the Nazis at the height of their power.

Palmiotti and Gray's inspiration for the story stems from childhood summers spent viewing (and re-viewing), among other films, Richard Burton and Clint Eastwood's "Where Eagles Dare," which depicted Allied soldiers who went undercover to infiltrate a Nazi base. Read More...

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'City of Dust'Last year, Radical Publishing announced a financing plan to speed many of their comic books to feature films. "30 Days of Night" creator Steve Niles' "City of Dust" was on on that list, and as the writer explains, not only are the gears still in motion to produce a screenplay, but Niles' comics might also produce a spin-off series of novels, too.

"I don’t know if you’re aware of the '30 Days of Night' novels we did for Pocket Books, but we’ve done three novels and had tremendous success with them -- so I suggested doing the same thing for Phillip Khrome and 'City of Dust,'" Niles told MTV News. Read More...

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'Caliber'Last month, we spoke with "Caliber" writer Sam Sarkar and got an update on the status of the in-development adaptation of that series he's currently writing the screenplay for -- a film that action director extraordinaire John Woo is likely to helm. Sarkar told MTV News that Johnny Depp's Infinitum Nihil production company (where Sarkar serves as head of development) has officially signed on to produce "Caliber," but the popular actor won't star in the film.

So, with that in mind, we asked Sarkar if there's been any other movement in terms of casting for the film ("A few people have responded already," he told us) and which characters were likely to be the standouts in the big-screen version of his unique, Wild West-era take on the Knights of the Round Table. Read More...

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'Freedom Formula'By Josh Wigler

It appears that "Superman Returns" and "X-Men" director Bryan Singer is indeed returning to the comic book genre with "Freedom Formula: Ghost of the Wasteland" -- confirming earlier reports of his attachment to the adaptation. Variety reports that New Regency has acquired the rights to the film, which is based on Radical Publishing's futuristic comic book series. An announcement last July revealed that Singer was attached to the film adaptation, but the official word on studio involvement is a new development.

"Freedom Formula: Ghost of the Wasteland" tells the story of a future landscape where genetically engineered pilots battle in massive exo-suits. When one such pilot discovers he has the power to bring about massive changes in society, his life takes a dramatically different path. Read More...

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'Caliber'Last year, Splash Page had a chance to catch up with Radical Comics president and publisher Barry Levine, who spoke at length about Radical's "Caliber" -- a retelling of the legend of King Arthur set in America's Wild West era -- and how he and "Caliber" scribe, Sam Sarkar, had hoped to convince director John Woo to helm the adaptation.

Since it's been all quiet on the "Caliber" front since then, we decided to check in with Sarkar to see if there's been any progress on the flick that, ever since Johnny Depp's Infinitum Nihil production company (where Sarkar serves as head of development) came onboard, looks to be on the fast track.

"I just finished the adaptation of the screenplay," Sarkar told MTV News. "Between now and the Cannes Film Festival we're setting it up." Read More...

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'The Last Days of American Crime'Comic book creator Rick Remender doesn't shy away from hard-luck heroes. Whether it's alcoholic spaceman Heath Huston from his sci-fi series "Fear Agent" or the undead porn-pushers of "XXXombies," Remender appears to have an affinity for questionably aligned characters. In his new series from Radical Publishing, "The Last Days of American Crime," Remender looks to continue that exploration of uncertain heroes in a world where doing the right thing is not only enforced by law, but will soon be impossible not to do.

"I took that Orwellian world to the Nth degree and came up with an idea where the government has discovered a frequency that basically hinders a human from doing anything they know to be unlawful," explained Remender of his vision for America in the year 2016. "Basically, this frequency makes it impossible for you to jaywalk, steal, cheat on your spouse... If you know it's unlawful, you can't do it. But two weeks before they throw the switch, The Washington Post breaks the story and the country goes crazy."

Enter the story's aforementioned hard-luck hero, Graham Brick, and the last crime he'll ever need -- or be able -- to commit.

Read on for an exclusive preview of "The Last Days of American Crime" and more about the upcoming series. Read More...

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