Doctor WhoEpisode Title: "The Lodger"

Written By: Gareth Roberts

Story: The Doctor is unexpectedly ejected from the TARDIS in modern-day Colchester when he and Amy Pond arrive, only to have his time- and space-traveling vehicle disappear with Amy still inside. Meanwhile, a mysterious presence is luring people into the second-floor apartment of a local house, and they never return.

Are the two situations connected? Of course they are!

While The Doctor investigates the cause of the sinister disturbance that prevents the TARDIS from materializing on Earth, he takes a room on the first floor of the building and must keep his true nature a secret from the downstairs tenant, Craig Owens, who's having some problems of his own in his personal life. Read More...

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Doctor WhoEpisode Title: "Vincent And The Doctor"

Written By: Richard Curtis

Story: While visiting the Musée d'Orsay in Paris, The Doctor and Amy Pond notice a strange creature in one of the paintings by Vincent van Gogh, and decide to travel back in time to investigate. The pair meets the famous painter, and discover that his well-known personal struggles aren't the only problem he's facing in 1890 — there's also a mysterious creature prowling the city streets, and Van Gogh is being blamed for its bloody work.

Oh, and Van Gogh happens to be the only one who can see the creature. Geronimo! Read More...

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Octopus Pie"Octopus Pie: There Are No Stars In Brooklyn" hit shelves this week, bringing writer/artist Meredith Gran's celebrated webcomic to the print world.

And though the arrival of "Octopus Pie" on shelves is big news on its own, this seems like a good time to bring your attention to a few other print collections of webcomics that you might want to check out, too.

Each of the three books I highlight here manages to offer something new to fans of the series online, while also giving first-time readers a great standalone story. Rather than serve as an excerpt or teaser for the ongoing comics each collection is culled from, the books offer full stories unfolding in their respective comics' universes and great examples of why each series continues to be so popular among fans. Read More...

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Doctor WhoEpisode Title: "The Hungry Earth" & "Cold Blood"

Written By: Chris Chibnall

Story: This two-part story sees the return of the reptilian Silurians to the "Doctor Who" universe as The Doctor, Amy, and Rory investigate some mysterious disturbances in a Welsh village. A mining operation has disturbed something big underground, and when the Silurians make contact with humanity for the first time in many years, the fate of the planet depends on a small delegation hand-picked by The Doctor — and keeping everyone (human and Silurian) alive long enough to reach an agreement. Read More...


Doctor WhoEpisode Title: "Amy's Choice"

Written By: Simon Nye

Story: The Doctor, Rory and Amy find themselves bouncing back and forth between two different worlds, uncertain of which is reality and which is a dream, only knowing that they must discover the truth before disaster occurs in both worlds.

Are they really on the TARDIS, or is The Doctor visiting his former companions in their new, quiet lives?



Prince of PersiaWith "Prince of Persia" hitting theaters this week, the latest installment of Weekend Reading looks at three books written by or inspired by the work of "Prince of Persia" creator Jordan Mechner.

A best-selling video game franchise and now a live-action film, "Prince of Persia" has had a long life since Mechner created the original game in 1989. Along with various sequels on the gaming side, there have also been two "Prince of Persia" graphic novels published, as well as an original story, "Solomon's Thieves," written by Mechner.

Let's take at all of 'em, shall we?


Doctor Who - Vampires of VeniceEpisode Title: "The Vampires Of Venice"

Written By: Toby Whithouse

Story: The Doctor and Amy Pond are joined by Amy's fiance, Rory, on what's intended to be a romantic trip to Venice in the year 1580. As with any adventure with The Doctor, all is not as it seems, and the trio soon find themselves investigating a series of murders in which the victims' bodies are drained of fluids, and clues that lead to the mysterious House of Calvierri.

Why don't the Calvierri girls have a reflection? And what lurks in the canals of Venice? Read More...


120 Days of SimonThis week's installment of Weekend Reading is going international, with a look at four books from Top Shelf Productions' "Swedish Invasion" line.

Launched just last month, the four books were originally published in Sweden but now arrive here in the U.S. fully translated and featuring an eclectic mix of stories by creators who might not be well-known commodities here, but have earned a big following in their homeland and the surrounding regions.

From a rapper's quest to sleep, smoke and crash his way across the country to a trippy adventure with naked, hairy forest-dwellers, the Swedish Invasion has begun. Read More...

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Doctor WhoEpisode Title: "Flesh and Stone"

Written By: Steven Moffat

Story: Surrounded by Weeping Angels and trapped on an alien world, The Doctor must come up with a plan to escape the terrifying creatures and save the lives of Amy Pond, River Song, and the soldiers sent to eliminate the Angel that brought them there. It's a race against time to find a way off the planet before the Angels do the same, while also preventing Amy from falling prey to a new danger lurking inside her.

It's the second half of the season's first two-part story! Read More...


BeastEDITOR'S NOTE: Welcome to a brand new weekly column here on Splash Page, folks. Kicking off today and continuing every Friday, we'll review some comics that arrived on shelves recently or will do so down the road. Most weeks we'll have a theme for the reviews, but sometimes it will just be a mix of books we read recently and want to tell you about. As always, you're invited to weigh in with your own thoughts in the comment section or on Twitter.

Hollywood never seems to shy away from recycling an old story with a new spin, so why not comics? With "Robin Hood" hitting theaters this week, the inaugural chapter of Weekend Reading will focus on a trio of comics that similarly provide a fresh take on classic stories.


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