Long ago, in the before time, I put forth five names to replace Ben Affleck as Matt Murdock in a "Daredevil" movie. Fast-forward two years and two months later and, yes, we have a director, but we still do not have a Man Without Fear.

Recently, David Slade said that there is no "Daredevil" update at the moment, with progress moving slowly on the loose adaptation of Frank Miller's "Born Again" arc. To do our small part in speeding things along, I thought we should revisit the idea of casting Murdock for the "Daredevil" reboot. Mostly new names this time around, with one of the old guys hanging on because he's still my personal favorite.

Read on for "Daredevil" casting suggestions, round two!

Armie HammerArmie Hammer
He's 6'5", 220 pounds, and even if there aren't two of him, one will do the trick. Years ago, I was one of those people moaning about some shmohawk kid named Armie Hammer playing Bruce Wayne in a "Justice League" movie. Today, I know I'm not alone in thinking he'd be great for that role. I think he'd be equally great, if not better, as Daredevil: tall and imposing with a voice and presence demanding attention, Hammer's Man Without Fear is a man who could seriously kick your ass. Plus, based on "Social Network" alone, you know he'd rock Murdock's lawyer gear with ease.


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Dwight A Dame To Kill For

At last we know that Robert Rodriguez does actually plan on making "Sin City 2," and in fact, he plans on making it this summer. "Sin City: A Dame To Kill For" promises the same stylized look and a few recognizable characters.

One character that certainly isn't recognizable is Clive Owen's character from the second part of "Sin City," "The Big Fat Kill," Dwight McCarthy. He appeared in the series' second installment, "A Dame To Kill For" with an entirely different face. It's only after things go bad that we get to see Dwight in his full-Clive Owen glory.

Here are the actors we think could play the original Dwight in "Sin City: A Dame To Kill For."


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The television adaptation of Brian Michael Bendis' cop-meets-superheroes comic, "Powers," is going to be – er, we think it's going to be produced for FX. Well, at some point. This show has faced more setbacks than a fat nerd in a South Beach nightclub. The network sent the pilot back for a reshoot, then it was supposedly scrapped, then suddenly it's back again – it's hard to keep up.

The latest – unconfirmed – news alleges the pilot's entire cast has been released. Sure, removing every actor from the show appears pretty bleak, but here at Secret Identity, we're more than happy to offer up our casting prowess to help the cause. Here's our picks for a new "Powers" line-up, in case it needs one.


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After a way too long break, Secret Identity is back! Tune in every week as we cast your favorite superheroes and comic book characters for their very own big screen adventures.

Up first in our reboot of the series: the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Yes, despite all protests to the contrary, this movie is happening, minus the Teenage and the Mutant. If this alien-refocused reboot is going to happen anyway, might as well put some positive energy into the universe with casting suggestions, right?

To that end, here are our picks for casting Michael Bay and Jonathan Liebesman's planned "Ninja Turtles."


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by Ryan Rigley

The 100th issue of "The Darkness" arrives in stores today, and it has us thinking: when is Jackie Estacado getting his own movie? With two hit video games to date and 100 issues under his belt, Jackie's transition to the silver screen must be coming sooner rather than later.

For those who aren't aware, "The Darkness" is a series of ongoing Top Cow comic books that follow Jackie Estacado, a former hitman for the Franchetti Family mafia. On his 21st birthday, Jackie inherited the power of the Darkness, which has been passed down through the men in his family from generation to generation since the dawn of time. Being both a blessing and a curse, the Darkness is an ancient elemental force that grants its bearer access to an otherwordly dimension of pure darkness as well as power over the demonic entities that inhabit it.

Jackie Estacado himself is a vastly interesting character, often times playing the role of both the hero and the villain simultaneously. It would take a certain combination of machismo and charisma to successfully pull off the part. Here's a list of the five actors that we think would fit the bill perfectly.



Dark Knight RisesCasting rumors are par for the course when it comes to "The Dark Knight Rises," and a new report suggests that five actresses are vying for lead roles in Christopher Nolan's third Batman movie: one a love interest and the other Talia al Ghul, the villainous daughter of the deceased "Batman Begins" antagonist.

The stars that are supposedly aligning for "The Dark Knight Rises" include Keira Knightley, Anne Hathaway, Charlotte Riley, Jessica Biel and Kate Mara. But which one of them is going to win out? And, just as importantly, which one should land a role in Nolan's final Batman film?

Read on for our impressions of the contenders!

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The Walking DeadRumors of "The Walking Dead" showrunner Frank Darabont dropping his entire writing staff in favor of freelance writers for season two caused quite a stir in the fan community, despite the fact that both Robert Kirkman and Gale Anne Hurd have denied those reports.

But even if the reports are true, would turning towards freelancers be the worst thing in the world? By opening up "The Walking Dead" to a pool of freelance writers, Darabont and his team could attract some truly noteworthy names to craft some equally memorable episodes of the AMC zombie series.

After the jump, check out some of the high-profile writers we would love to see tackling episodes of "The Walking Dead." Read More...

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The GovernorIf you thought Merle Dixon was bad, just wait until you get a load of the Governor.

In "The Walking Dead," the Governor is the ruler of an enclosed community known as Woodbury. But lest you think Woodbury is a sanctuary for all non-zombies, think again: it's a place where men are thrown into gladiatorial combat against the flesh-eating walkers, all in an effort to entertain the masses. That's just one of the many twisted and evil acts that the Governor is capable of, with other offenses including chopping off hands, raping women and molesting zombie children.

Needless to say, the Governor is bad people — but that also means he's compelling as all hell. The Governor's involvement in the "Walking Dead" TV series is not just a necessity, it's an inevitability. After the jump, check out five actors we can see as the ruthless villain. Read More...

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TyreeseRick Grimes and best buddy Shane aren't exactly getting along these days. The two have quibbled back and forth over numerous issues on "The Walking Dead," not the least of which is Shane's short-lived secret affair with Rick's wife, Lori. Needless to say, Rick could use a new go-to guy out there in the zombie apocalypse.

In the comic books, that's where Tyreese comes in. A former professional NFL football player, Tyreese bonds with Rick on multiple levels: both of them are fathers, and just like Rick, he'll do whatever he must to protect his family. Both of them are courageous on the battlefield, always the first to infiltrate a zombie-swarmed area to clear the way for their allies. But for all of their similarities, the two are often bogged down by the stress of their situation, taking their frustrations and insecurities out on each other.

There's no official word on Tyreese's involvement in "The Walking Dead," but if he does appear on the show, here are the five actors we would want to see playing the part. Read More...

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HershelWith season one in the rearview mirror, it's time to start thinking about where "The Walking Dead" will go in season two. We've already speculated that fan-favorite character Michonne will have a role to play next year, and another likely bet is that Rick Grimes and his pals will pay a visit to Hershel's farm.

Hershel Greene is many things: a farmer, a family man, a man of faith. But when the zombie apocalypse strikes, the deeply religious Hershel is forced to confront some sad truths about not just the state of mankind, but his own capacity for violence.

If the survivors end up visiting Hershel's farm, here are five actors we could see in the role. Read More...

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