Although Kevin Feige recently confirmed that the Hulk is in "The Avengers," there's still no official word regarding Edward Norton's involvement in the film.

While "Incredible Hulk" director Louis Leterrier thinks that the actor's return is possible, it's still worth wondering who could replace Norton as Bruce Banner should the need arise. It would be nice to find a performer that looks and acts like Norton to maintain continuity from Banner's most recent appearance, but I think that it's even more important for a potential replacement to put his own unique stamp on the character.

If Norton decides not to participate in "The Avengers," here are five actors that could easily transform into Bruce Banner in his place. Read More...

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Casting for the roles of Hal Jordan, Carol Ferris, Hector Hammond and Sinestro is already finished on the "Green Lantern" front, but there's still no word on who will play Kilowog.

Director Martin Campbell already confirmed that Kilowog, the hulking pink alien Green Lantern Corps member, would have a role in the upcoming DC Comics adaptation. While he's not likely to have the same amount of screen time as the aforementioned main characters, Kilowog nonetheless needs an excellent actor behind that brutish mug.

As is the Secret Identity tradition, here are five actors that would do a tremendous job bringing Kilowog to life in "Green Lantern." Read More...

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We've already offered our suggestions on who should play Peter Parker and who should direct the new "Spider-Man" movie, but there's an element of the equation we haven't addressed yet — Mary Jane Watson.

While she doesn't quite have the same crimefighting chops that Spidey sports, Mary Jane is nonetheless an integral component to the "Spider-Man" mythos, even if current comic book continuity speaks to the contrary. It's possible that the new series could forego MJ and put Gwen Stacy in her place, but my gut says that the redheaded bombshell will still have a prominent role in the recently announced reboot.

Assuming that Mary Jane does have a role to play in the new series, these are five actresses that could assume the mantle from Kirsten Dunst.


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Sony's decision to reboot their Spider-Man franchise instead of making "Spider-Man 4" means that moviegoers will see an entirely new Peter Parker in theaters for 2012. Not just anyone can play Spidey, though. The part demands an actor who can play a socially maladjusted teenager while still being able to slip into spandex and wisecrack like it's going out of style.

Since the only details Sony has released indicate that their new Spider-Man film will take place during Peter's teenage years, we can only assume that whoever gets the part will need to walk and talk like a high school student.

Here are five actors we think could handle the great power and great responsibility of the role. Read More...

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With director Sam Mendes allegedly joining James Bond's next adventure, what does that mean for his involvement with the "Preacher" adaptation?

Assuming Mendes' deal goes through, he'll have to push back his work on "Preacher" or the movie will go to another filmmaker. Either way, it sounds as if movement on the fan-favorite project is stalling yet again, as was the case with the planned HBO adaptation.

But "Preacher," widely considered one of the greatest comic book series of the 1990s, deserves to get a big debut on the big screen. With that in mind, we thought it appropriate to give the project the old Secret Identity treatment and offer our casting suggestions for five of the book's most prominent characters. Read More...

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Captain AmericaIt's out with the old and in with the new as 2009 transitions into 2010 in just a few short hours. There's no question that it's been a fantastic, crazy and occasionally tumultuous year for comic book fans thanks to film releases like "Watchmen" and compelling news stories regarding "Iron Man 2," "Green Lantern" and others.

But all of that is in the past now. It's time to look forward at what we can expect in the new year. There are still many announced comic book movies and television shows that lack official casting, but with some of these projects heading into production in 2010, it's only a matter of time before the secrets are revealed.

While we all have our own favorite franchises and characters, these are the five heroes and villains I'm dying to see cast in 2010. Read More...

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Even though he hasn't been contacted by Marvel Studios, Sam Worthington would kill to play Captain America. Still, the actor — who stars in tomorrow's massively hyped "Avatar" from director James Cameron — understands that some fans would have a problem with an Australian assuming the most iconic American superhero's mantle.

That's not to say that Worthington should be ruled out from playing Steve Rogers — I personally would have no trouble with that casting, even if that's not the majority opinion — but in the spirit of finding an amicable resolution, I think we should explore some other comic book options for the up-and-coming actor, who is already signed on for "The Last Days of American Crime."

If the role of Cap goes to another actor, here are five other comic book heroes that Worthington could play fantastically. Read More...

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The RiddlerFrom comedian Dane Cook to the fans themselves, it seems that everybody is crossing their fingers that The Riddler will show up in the eventual sequel to "The Dark Knight."

While the villain's involvement in a third "Batman" film is far from confirmed — heck, the actual existence of "Batman 3" is speculative at this point — it's worth wondering who could play Edward Nigma should he wind up in Christopher Nolan's return to Gotham City.

Given Nolan's proclivity towards a darker, more realistic tone than his live-action "Batman" predecessors, it's important to steer clear of actors that would take a hammy, parody-riddled approach to The Riddler. This is a character that should have wit and humor, sure, but also pose a threat. With those qualities in mind, I think that these five actors would do an excellent job at confounding the citizens of Gotham in an eventual "Batman 3."


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Rachel McAdamsThe cat is out of the bag for Rachel McAdams, who recently debunked rumors that she'd appear in "Spider-Man 4."

However, that hasn't stopped the rumor mill from speculating on other actresses who could play Black Cat, but it has seemingly dashed McAdams' comic book movie prospects.

And just because McAdams isn't suiting up as Felicia Hardy doesn't mean she wouldn't work wonderfully in certain comic book adaptations. From superheroes, newspersons and gun-toting badasses, here are five characters from the comic book world that could be perfect casting for McAdams.


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Black CatBased on the latest superhero movie rumors making the rounds, it looks like I caught the wrong cat last week. Speculation is running rampant that Peter Parker will go web-to-claw against Black Cat in "Spider-Man 4," with "Wedding Crashers" leading lady Rachel McAdams a supposed frontrunner for the role.

Black Cat's involvement in the superhero sequel is still not official—indeed, Splash Page editor Rick Marshall had his own anonymously-sourced scoop on who the "Spider-Man 4" villain could be—but given the tenacity of these rumors, I feel compelled to weigh in just in case Felicia Hardy winds up terrorizing Pete's next big screen adventure. Read More...

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