ConanA recent casting call for the upcoming "Conan" film described the titular Cimmerian as "very smart, almost inhumanly strong, and very cunning." Essentially, we're talking about the perfect human being.

Casting Conan isn't easy, and not just because the description is so specifically tailored for a god-like actor. The widely adored character also comes in different shapes and sizes, from the Arnold Schwarzenegger-styled muscle man to the more agile but still powerful warrior featured early in Kurt Busiek's comic book series for Dark Horse.

On either end of that spectrum, whoever is chosen to play Conan must be a capable actor. Finding a bodybuilder that can slay dialogue as easily as he slays his enemies is not an enviable task. Read More...

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Bruce CampbellLongtime Sam Raimi collaborator and "Spider-Man" cameo aficionado Bruce Campbell is said to have a "meaty role" in "Spider-Man 4," but whether that means he'll play one of the film's villains or just have a larger guest stint is unclear at the moment.

Right now, Splash Page readers have the opportunity to weigh in on who Campbell should play in the fourth "Spider-Man" movie, but the brainstorming doesn't end there!

Campbell—an absolute superstar in the geek genre thanks to the "Evil Dead" franchise, "Bubba Ho-Tep" and more—would be great in a variety of comic book roles outside of "Spider-Man 4," don't you think? Read More...

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MagnetoGiven recent comments from Sir Ian McKellen about his involvement (or lack thereof) in the upcoming "X-Men Origins: Magneto" film from Fox, it's time to face the inevitable—Magneto is going to be recast. This was already a virtual certainty due to the story's purported focus on the Master of Magnetism's more youthful days, but McKellen's words confirm the need for a new, younger actor.

Recasting Magneto is difficult for a number of reasons. For one, McKellen already played him so expertly that an actor of his quality is absolutely essential—and not only that, but it'd be a good idea to find someone who looks like they could age into McKellen's likeness, which is very tricky. For that reason, I think it's more important to focus on finding an excellent, fitting actor for the role, rather than selecting an actor based on his likeness to McKellen.

When and if "X-Men Origins: Magneto" gets underway, I think any one of these five actors has what it takes to bring the magnetically-inclined mutant back to the big screen. Read More...

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The Walking DeadLast week, Splash Page's fearless leader Rick Marshall had the opportunity to speak with "The Walking Dead" creator Robert Kirkman about the comic book's upcoming move to the world of television. It's perhaps too early on in the AMC show's development to expect any official casting announcements just yet, but when has that ever stopped Secret Identity from speculating?

"The Walking Dead" is known for many praise-worthy qualities, not the least of which is the revolving door of main characters due to the dangerous zombie-infested world they inhabit. Still, there are a few central personalities that I hope aren't lost in the translation from book to small screen—namely, the survivors listed below. Read More...

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The Red SkullWith the popularity of last week's "Who Should Play Captain America" poll and Secret Identity's Captain America casting call, it's only fair that Steve Rogers' greatest nemesis gets his turn in the Splash Page spotlight.

The Red Skull is one of Marvel's most loathsome villains, meaning that an actor capable of such a sinister performance is required for "The First Avenger: Captain America." We've already seen a classic Marvel rogue mishandled on screen in the form of Doctor Doom—going a similar route with the Skull would completely neuter the "Captain America" movie.

For a successful Cap flick, Marvel needs someone to faithfully bring the terrifying villain to life—and these five actors have exactly what it takes. Read More...

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Captain AmericaGiven the hotbed of conversation in our poll of the week, it only makes sense that Steve Rogers is the subject of today's Secret Identity casting call.

Captain America is undoubtedly one of Marvel's highest profile superheroes, and with his very own movie on the way, it's well worth wondering who could sling that mighty shield.

In terms of practicalities, Cap's biggest problem lies in his origin story: scrawny Steve Rogers volunteers to test the super soldier serum, thereby becoming the red, white and blue hero he's known for today. Outside of Christian Bale, I can't think of many actors that could leap from a rail thin frame to the muscular build required of Captain America -- so instead, I'll focus on the post-serum Cap. With that stipulation, here are five actors with what it takes to bring Marvel's most patriotic superhero to the big screen. Read More...

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Fantastic FourThe recent announcement regarding a "Fantastic Four" reboot confirmed long-standing rumors that the property was set for an overhaul—and given recent comments from Chris Evans, it's unlikely that the original cast will return for the do-over.

With the likes of Evans, Jessica Alba, Michael Chiklis and Ioan Gruffudd presumably removed from the new "Fantastic Four," what sort of actors will the revamped film need in order to create a viable, sustainable franchise?

I've narrowed down my picks. Read on to see if you agree! Read More...

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Green ArrowLike it or not, "Super Max" could well be in danger. The Green Arrow-starring film has unexpected competition in the form of "Supermax"—an almost identically titled movie with a similar premise, except instead of super villains incarcerated in a maximum security prison, the focus is on supernatural killers.

For this reason, I identified "Green Arrow" as one of the top five franchises that DC Entertainment needs to prioritize as they go forth with their movie plans.

Of course, "Super Max" can't happen without an Emerald Archer—certainly not in its current script form—so here are a few actors that would deliver a bullseye as Oliver Queen. Read More...

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Lobo"Sherlock Holmes" director Guy Ritchie is putting down the pipe and picking up the cigar for "Lobo," the upcoming adaptation of the popular DC Comics antihero produced by Warner Bros. Hot on the heels of directing "Iron Man" actor Robert Downey Jr., Ritchie seems to have developed the urge to dive into the comic book movie bin himself—but first, he'll need a leading man.

Casting Lobo is tricky, especially given the WB's description of the character as "a seven-foot tall, blue-skinned, indestructible and heavily muscled antihero." Even if enhanced effects are necessary in creating Lobo's onscreen persona, the character needs a tested actor underneath the make-up... and these five men could very well do the trick. Read More...

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SinestroEver feel like you could come up with the perfect superhero dream cast if only you had the right Hollywood connections? Me too! In SECRET IDENTITY, Splash Page's latest weekly column, I'll pick a certain comic book character and suggest a handful of actors that could play the part, or I'll look at a certain actor and suggest which characters they should bring to the screen. And if my dream casting ever works out, I'll be the first to say I told you so! -JW

Now that Ryan Reynolds has scored the plum role of Hal Jordan, it's worth wondering how the rest of the "Green Lantern" cast will shake out. While his presence in the film isn't officially known, it's very likely that Sinestro—Jordan's former mentor turned nemesis—could play a role in the movie.

Assuming Sinestro is headed for "Green Lantern's" space sector, here are five actors that would do the part justice: Read More...

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