Pinocchio: Vampire SlayerTHE STORY: "Pinocchio: Vampire Slayer" by Van Jensen (W) and Dustin Higgins (A) – SLG Publishing

WHAT IT'S ABOUT: After vampires claim the life of his father Geppetto, Pinocchio takes up arms (and wooden stakes replenished every time he tells a lie) against the undead in his kooky little corner of Tuscany and beyond.

WHY IT WORKS: Van Jensen's Pinocchio is a brooding man-child forced to confront the darkness that lurks in the corners of his fairytale-like existence. Tragedy pushes him to come to terms with the bizarre Carlo Collodian world he inhabits, meaning his former selfish mischief—and current personal quest for revenge—must take a backseat to mowing down monsters and fighting for those closest to him. Read More...

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Emo BoyEarlier this year, SLG Publishing's "Street Angel" spun off a short adaptation. Now, the indie publisher's title "Emo Boy" has been announced as the basis for a new movie starring Lucas Cruikshank of the YouTube series "Fred" and Gabriel Macht's "The Spirit" costar Jaime King. Cruikshank will take on the title role for the film about a an overly dramatic high school kid who believes he has "emo powers."

"Emo Boy" creator Stephen Emond wrote the screenplay for the film, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Kyle Newman of "Fanboys" will direct the movie for Vanguard Films and producers John H. Williams and Robert Moreland. Read More...

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Earlier this month, I posted some all-new art by "Street Angel" co-creator Jim Rugg that was used in a live-action short film based on the quirky indie series. "Street Angel" director Lucas Testro followed that up by sending Splash Page an exclusive clip from the movie (which you can watch below), framed by the following synopsis:

"Jesse has fought her way through Dr Pangea's ninja henchman, but now finds her way blocked by a set of locked doors as Pangea's laser is about to fire. With doomsday only seconds away, Jesse resorts to another way down -- a rusty, old ventilation duct to who-knows-where..."

"I don't know how much you remember of the original comics, but this sequence mirrors pretty closely the equivalent sequence in 'Street Angel' #1," wrote Testro. "It also shows some of the mixed-media we use in the film, combining live action with occasional animated sections."

What did you think of the clip? Have you read "Street Angel"? Sound off in the comment section!


Earlier this month, I told you about the live-action "Street Angel" movie based on the 2004 series by Jim Rugg and Brian Maruca. The story of a pre-teen, skateboarding martial artist who defends her turf against ninjas, time-traveling conquistadors and other crazy threats is a favorite of mine, and after posting the story, I heard from the film's director, Lucas Testro, who filled me in on a few more details about the film -- including the news that "Street Angel" co-creator Jim Rugg provided some brand-new art for animation sequences in the film.

Testro also gave Splash Page readers the first look at some of the art Rugg created for the film.

'Street Angel'

After the jump, check out another exclusive image from one of the animated sequences in "Street Angel," featuring the art of Jim Rugg. Read More...

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If you haven't picked up Jim Rugg and Brian Maruca's 2004 indie series "Street Angel," you're missing out on both a great comic and, apparently, the source material for a great little film. The quirky Slave Labor Graphics series, which chronicled the adventures of a homeless, 12-year-old skateboarding martial artist defending her turf in the ghetto of Angel City against mad scientists, ninjas, time-traveling conquistadors and various other baddies, has been turned into a short film by an Australian film school.

Go ahead and feast your eyes on the wild trailer for the film:

Directed by Lucas Testro and produced by Adam Bishop, "Street Angel" looks to be a lot of fun and, if there's any justice in the world at all, someday I'll actually be able to see it. Read More...


Yesterday, MTV Splash Page brought you part one of an exclusive, two-part interview with "Gargoyles" creator Greg Weisman, where he discussed his work on the "Spectacular Spider-Man" cartoon and "Gargoyles." Today we wrap up our talk with Weisman where he discusses his upcoming comic work -- "Progeny" and "Mecha-Nation" -- from SLG Publishing.

One thing that you can definitely say about Greg Weisman is, he doesn't go into a new project blindly.

When asked how long the idea for "Progeny" has been in development, Weisman laughed, "Only three and a half decades, that’s all...every comic book reading kid has a comic universe in his head. I’m not going to kid that I’m the only one to come up with this, but the difference between me and most people is that I wrote it all down, took copious notes and have a comic book universe that goes back thousands of years and into the future a few hundred and has all these heroes." Read More...

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'Spectacular Spider-Man'
MTV Splash Page presents an exclusive, two-part interview with "Gargoyles" creator Greg Weisman. Check back tomorrow for news on his two all-new comic series -- "Progeny" and "Mecha-Nation" -- from SLG Publishing.

Writer Greg Weisman has had a roundabout way of getting into superhero comics.

Fans of the Hollywood jack-of-all-trades -- creator, writer, producer -- already know he has quite the resume. Currently, he serves as executive producer on the hit Saturday morning Kids WB! cartoon "Spectacular Spider-Man," and he certainly has his hands full introducing villains old and new in March's second season debut. "We’re introducing Kraven and Mysterio who I’m thinking are A or A- villains for Spidey. We’ve got Molten Man, who I would at least call a B+. I think Spidey just has such a terrific rogue’s gallery. I’d put it up there with any other character’s. It’s just a wealth of terrific characters. I think that even after two seasons there are still guys we won’t have gotten to yet – Hobgoblin and Scorpion we were sort of saving for season three, which we’re still hoping we’ll get a pick up for. Read More...

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