With the holiday break over and 2012 fully in motion, we're coming back in full force with a brand new episode of Talk Nerdy To Me, your MTV News one-stop shop for all things comics, movies and television. Our newly revamped version of the show features the same nerdy debate as always, plus a few extra props. (Spoiler alert: we've got Hulk hands!)

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On this week's episode, we took some time to talk about the perceived "Bane problem" made so evident in "The Dark Knight Rises" prologue -- specifically, does Nolan need to fix Bane's voice? -- as well as the recent casting of Benedict Cumberbatch as the as-yet-unidentified villain in "Star Trek 2." Plus, we're sizing up MTV Movie Brawl 2012, and making our pitch to you guys to get out and vote for your favorite geek-friendly movies. (Seriously, the fact that "Skyfall" isn't going to make this tournament is flat-out ridiculous.)

As always, let us know what you think of the episode in the comments section and on Twitter. We hope you all had a fantastic holiday break, and are ready to rock what's sure to be an unforgettable 2012 with Team Nerdy!

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by Joel Hanek

First a debut trailer that felt more moody and brooding than a "Twilight" movie, and now with the diabetes-inducing leak of the first imagery of The Lizard, my hopes of having a great “The Amazing Spider-Man” movie are slowly being crushed.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Spidey and I still have faith in the Webhead franchise and character – and I’m sure with this charismatic cast and director that we’ll get a charming movie – but the first official pic of Doc Connors’ repitilian transmogrification that slithered onto the web this week was a tad underwhelming.

This week on “Talk Nerdy to Me,” the resident Nerds give us five things that look cooler than The Lizard. Check the list out below!



Doctor Who

News that David Yates, director of the final four "Harry Potters" movies, plans to make a big-screen "Doctor Who" movie that ignores the Time Lord's television continuity has been received with mixed reactions. Some fans welcome the opportunity to bring The Doctor to a wider, mainstream audience through the power of cinema. Others are insulted by the idea of ditching the ever-elastic continuity of the previous incarnations of "Who."

To explore those positions and more, we reached out to "Doctor Who" experts across the blogosphere to gauge their reactions to the Yates news.


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Michael Rooker

There are rumors running about that Merle Dixon — the one-handed redneck played to perfection by veteran character actor Michael Rooker — is heading back to "The Walking Dead" before long, perhaps as soon as this week's installment. Rooker himself won't comment on when he's coming back, but he promises that no matter the time frame, there's no escaping more Merle at some point down the line.

"Nobody expected this level of Merle worship," Rooker told Hero Complex about anticipation for his "Walking Dead" character's return. "He's such an out-there, crazy, anything goes kind of guy. There’s an uncertainty about Merle – like he’ll come back when you least expect it. He’s the boogeyman, and viewers love that suspense. The number one question I’m asked is, 'When is your character coming back?’ I can’t say when, but I promise it’ll be a wild ride."


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Dark Knight Rises

I guess we should be grateful that rarely does a day pass without some sort of news about "The Dark Knight Rises." The hotly anticipated conclusion to Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy just seems like it's going to be too amazing to go a day without at least some update, so it's a good thing that today three bits of news came down the line that should pique your interest.


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Here at MTV News headquarters, you can't start a day without hearing people across the newsroom nerding out about something. Whether it's new "Dark Knight Rises" set photos or the latest "Walking Dead" episode, our minds are constantly boggled by and our lips are forever flapping about the most recent instance of pop culture goodness.

So rather than just talk nerdy to each other, we've decided to talk nerdy to you!

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Welcome to "Talk Nerdy to Me," our brand new weekly online talk show about all things movies, comics, TV and more! It's been lovingly referred to around these parts as "'Pardon the Interruption' for nerds," a comparison that isn't far off the mark: every week, we'll pick a handful of topics covering the latest and greatest nerdy news, and we'll be timed on exactly how long we can spend on each subject.

As you can see, in this week's first episode, we kind of went over the time limit. We tend to ramble a bit. Sorry!


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