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With a new trailer swinging onto the inter-webs just last week, the debate over “Amazing Spider-Man” continues to grow. While the new footage has won over many Webhead fans, to some it has reaffirmed the haters' notion of this being the “Amazing Twilight.” Whether you loved it or have your Spidey-sense tingling with skepticism, we dive into the conversation in this week’s Talk Nerdy while looking at some of the cool toys from the movie’s viral campaign.

Peter Parker isn’t the only Marvel hero making headlines this week though as Nic Cage’s “Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance” will be riding into theaters with its head on fire this weekend. Will you be giving this sequel-reboot amalgamation a shot – or tiding over your Bane fix by going to see the rom-com “This Means War”? And oh yeah, it was announced Michael Bay signed on to do this little indie flick called "Transformers 4."

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The good, the bad, and the nerdy – the guys over at Talk Nerdy cover it all. Let us know your thoughts by hitting us up at @mtvsplashpage, or calling us names on the internet individually at @roundhoward, @pharesvswild and @ericditzian!

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In the same week that a found footage movie tries to reinvigorate the superhero genre, we get news that the comics that did the same thing way back when is getting a series of prequels. It's been quite the nerdy week, and there are few people more capable of tackling the geekiest news than the team at Talk Nerdy. This week they weigh in on "Before Watchmen," the wrath of Alan Moore and whether no Spidey in "The Avengers" makes or breaks the superhero meet up. Catch it all on Talk Nerdy!

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For me, if nothing else, "Before Watchmen" presents an opportunity to get something off my chest regarding today's culture of remakes, reboots and sequelitis in comics, film, television and beyond.

In short, here comes a rant. Apologies in advance.


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