It really is a great time to be a fan of comic book movies. Along with being treated to brilliant films like "Iron Man," "Hellboy" and "The Dark Knight" in theaters, there's no shortage of fan-made movies and trailers around the 'Net that offer a taste of what some of your favorite comics or storylines would look like if they made the jump to the big screen.

We'll be taking a look at some of those fan-made movies, trailers and mash-ups each week here on Splash Page, and get some thoughts from the films' creators about why they made the jump from comic book fan to amateur filmmaker.

So, let's get straight to this week's video: "MARVEL: CIVIL WAR"

After the jump, check out an interview with the creator of "Marvel: Civil War." Read More...


Cover Artist

Splash Page welcomes Ed Tadem to our cover artist family (our custom-designed theme up top). Currently working on the forthcoming "Avengers" animated series, Tadem's work can also be seen in the "Jackie Karma" issues of Image's "'76," and in "Pop Gun, Volume 1." Ed Tadem can be found online at
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