Angelina JolieIt's no secret that there were a lot of differences between 2008's live-action adaptation of Mark Millar and J.G. Jones' ultraviolent graphic novel "Wanted" and the story that inspired the film, but according to Angelina Jolie, the reason for one of those changes rests entirely on her shoulders.

In a conversation with LA Times geek-culture blog Hero Complex, the award-winning actress (who played a beautiful assassin named "Fox" in the film) explained that her participation in "Wanted" hinged entirely upon a script revision that significantly changed her character's status at the end of the film from that of the story's print counterpart. In the interest of avoiding BIG OL' SPOILERS for anyone who hasn't seen the film yet ("Wanted" DVD and Blu-Ray are scheduled to hit shelves December 2), we've posted Jolie's comments about the change after the jump.

(Remember: YOU HAVE BEEN SPOILER-WARNED!)

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James McAvoy in 'Wanted'When "Wanted" screenwriter Chris Morgan first helped bring to life the ultra-violent story about a world where supervillains had kicked out the good guys, he had some pretty impressive source material in Mark Millar and J.G. Jones' critically praised graphic novel. While there won't be the same ready-made reference for "Wanted 2," the writer told MTV that shouldn't be cause for concern among fans. And he should know, since he's the one writing it.

"Yes, I will be writing it," confirmed Morgan. "I'm actually leaving this conversation with you to go to a meeting with the director, Timur [Bekmambetov], and we're talking about the story." Read More...

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'Magdalena'We here at MTV are always trying to keep our eyes peeled for the next big thing when it comes to movies -- even if it’s based on cultish material that much of the world hasn’t been turned onto yet. Most recently, we’ve been all over “Twilight” for this very reason – and looking to the future, we’re keeping a close eye on projects like “Magdalena.”

Over at Splash Page, we ran a whole week of news about the 2010 film. And when I caught up with super-producer Gale Ann Hurd recently, I wanted to make sure we got the latest.

“We’re in the early script phase at the moment,” explained Hurd, mastermind behind the “Terminator” and “Hulk” franchises. “There should be some [casting announcements] within the next month and a half on this.” Read More...

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Seth GreenIn the hierarchy of geek culture, Seth Green stands as a king among nerds. From his early career working on toy commercials to his present day gig on Cartoon Network's "Robot Chicken," it's clear Green lives a rock star the eyes of us fanboys, that is.

And if getting the chance to hang out and collaborate with George Lucas while working on a "Star Wars" themed "Robot Chicken" episode wasn't enough for Green to satisfy his inner-geek, then a movie based on his creator-owned Top Cow comic book series, "The Freshmen," should do the trick. Over at i09, Nisha Gopalan spoke to Green about the upcoming adaptation, the early struggles to get it made, and his take on comics in general.

Despite being an already established name in Hollywood -- not to mention, clearly ahead of the curve in terms of comic book films and how popular they would become -- Green admits that getting "The Freshman" green-lit was no easy feat. "What we found was the marketplace at the time was really unreceptive to comic-book properties," said Green in the i09 piece. "'X-Men' had just come out, and people were still hesitant to believe that a comic book could translate cause it had so much baggage [plot-wise]. So we had an opportunity to make a comic, and we said, 'Well, f--k it. Let’s just entrench it in the marketplace.'" Read More...

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Seth GreenSeth Green knows that the best way to get your comic book onscreen is to simply direct it yourself. As the good folks at Slashfilm uncovered, Moviehole caught up with the "Sex Drive" star, who revealed his plans to direct "The Freshmen," based on the Top Cow comic series he created with his friend, Hugh Sterbakov. According to Green, they are in the process of writing it, and will direct it when it's ready. MTV spoke with Green several months ago about his plans for "The Freshmen" film. Now, he's hammering out the boring details.

"You know, it'll probably need a studio for release. My estimation is to make this movie the way we want to make it, we'll need independent financing. But the nice thing about independent financing is, you know, a small-budget film is $35 million these days. And that's about what we'd need to make it." Read More...

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'Witchblade Anime'Top Cow Productions -- in a partnership with renowned animation studios Funimation and studio GONZO -- has announced that "Witchblade: The Anime Series" is available for free (that's right, free) download on iTunes starting today through October 26. According to Top Cow's press release, "Witchblade" is the first U.S. comic book property to be made into an anime.

A best-selling comic in its own right, "Witchblade" tells the tale of Sara Pezzini, a woman who becomes the bearer of an ultra-powerful (and even moreso destructive) ancient weapon known as the Witchblade. However, in the anime version of the story, we follow a new heroine named Masane Amaha, a lone wanderer who stumbles upon the powerful Witchblade in Tokyo in the distant future. Soon, Masane finds herself in the middle of a war between Tokyo factions, and must decide how to use the power of the Witchblade.

After the jump, check out Top Cow's promo image of the anime, as well as a direct link to where you can download "Witchblade: The Anime Series." Read More...


'Hellboy II: The Golden Army'Just in time for the holiday season, Universal Studios Home Entertainment has released specs on its upcoming slate of superhero DVDs including "Wanted," "Hellboy II: The Golden Army" and "The Incredible Hulk," each of which will get the "collectors set" treatment.

Fans of Marvel's Jade Giant -- and moreso Edward Norton's portrayal of the Doc Bruce Banner -- will definitely want to get their mitts on a copy of the "Incredible Hulk" DVD and Blu-ray gift sets; the stand-out feature being an alternate opening scene to the film. In addition to the standard hours of additional footage and extensive background info, the set will also feature a digital version of the film for viewing on portable movie devices. Blu-ray purchasers will also get their set in a collectible 3-D package. Read More...

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'Fathom'Having long been drowning in development hell, IESB has posted a surprise update on the status of the live-action "Fathom" feature film, a project that many believed was a no-go due to the untimely death of "Fathom" creator Michael Turner this year after a courageous battle against bone cancer.

According to the report from IESB -- albeit from an unnamed source, so take all this with a grain of saltwater -- "Fathom" is indeed still on at 20th Century Fox, however, the studio has decided to move the project to their genre film division, Fox Atomic. While the rumors of the film proceeding after many believed it to be canned is enough to get the internet humming, it's trumped by the additional rumor that up-and-coming Hollywood super-hottie, Megan Fox, has agreed to sign on as the film's lead role, Aspen Matthews. Read More...

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'Seth Green'Since Seth Green -- he of "Robot Chicken," "Family Guy," "Austin Powers," "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" -- is no stranger to geekdom, it should be of no surprise that he is a major fan of comics. He's got one of his own, but he also likes to read "Booster Gold" and "Common Grounds." That's why it would have been a dream come true if he could have had a part in "Watchmen" -- as a certain masked man.

"I would have tried to pull off Rorschach," Green said. (And he's not the only one -- both Jude Law and Simon Pegg also coveted the part.)

Then, looking down at himself, Green admitted, "But I probably don't have the height for it." What about special effects? "I can be 5'6" with lifts, so maybe."

What was it about Rorschach that he wanted to explore? Read More...

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MagdalenaAlrighty, true believers -- it's been yet another spectacular, fantastic and uncanny week in comic movie news. Here's a recap of some of the big stories we delivered:

- We kicked-off "Magdalena Week" here at Splash Page with actress and upcoming "Magdalena" film star, Jenna Dewan! Among the topics of conversation were super-heroine fashion, the possibilities of a Witchblade cameo, and the future of a "Magdalena" film franchise.

- Guy Pierce is interested in playing The Riddler...but under one condition.

- Brad Meltzer kicked off his campaign to save the "Superman House," and we showed off some beautiful exclusive art from the charity auction.

- Stan The Man wants to see a Dr. Strange movie, and who are we to deny him?

- Nic Cage had plenty to say in terms of his upcoming comic book flicks, first about the over-the-top violence in "Kick-Ass"...

- ...and then the return of "Ghost Rider" to the big screen.

- We showed off an exclusive preview of DC/WildStorm's "Fringe" tie-in comic, and spoke with the cast and crew about the highly-anticipated TV series.

- We spoke with "Buckaroo Banzai" creator Earl Mac Rauch about his slate of "Buckaroo Banzai" comics.

- Dark Horse Comics gave us an exclusive preview of their "My Name is Bruce" comic book tie-in.

- And we welcomed Splash Page co-editor Rick Marshall to the fold...hope he survives the experience!

Thanks for stopping by, everyone! We'll see you next week!

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