FROM MTV.COM: It's already been a smash comic book, and we've been following its development into a movie for quite some time. Now, the Bruce Willis sci-fi flick "Surrogates" is finally hitting theaters this weekend, fueled by one very provocative question: If you had a robot doppelgänger to live life for you, what would you do with it?

"My surrogate would be fighting fires and saving the world," said Radha Mitchell, one of the stars of the film. "The surrogate could also be doing all that menial stuff. My surrogate would be doing everything. I could just relax and get a massage instead."

"I'd send him down to Washington, tell him to fire all the politicians and start looking for that $780 billion they can't seem to find," grinned Willis, who plays the futuristic cop investigating a series of murders in a world where people stay indoors, resting while their robots do all the living for them. "It'd be a good day."

For more on what the "Surrogates" cast would do with their robotic stand-ins, head over to

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Super SpyTHE STORY: "Super Spy" by Matt Kindt

WHAT IT'S ABOUT: Somewhere between civilians and soldiers, World War II era spies played the pivotal role of gathering and distributing intelligence at a time when a successful mission could mean the difference between dictatorship and democracy in their homelands.

A dancer in Cairo moves Morse code with her hips, a children's book author illustrates his family out of enemy hands and a young woman takes the scars necessary to ensure her survival without sacrificing her mission.

These are just a few of the tales within "Super Spy" that prove the devil is truly in the day-to-day details of secrecy and espionage. Read More...

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Those looking forward to Jonathan Mostow's big-screen adaptation of "The Surrogates" starring Bruce Willis will want to check out the new set of images and Breaking Benjamin music video released by Touchstone Pictures this week.

The new images provide a few fresh peeks at the live-action adaptation of Robert Venditti and Brett Weldele's science-fiction series, while the video for Breaking Benjamin's track "I Will Not Bow" (which appears on the "Surrogates" soundtrack) provides a heap of new footage from the film. In fact, there's so much to see in the video that a SPOILER WARNING could be necessary. Check it out:

Sure, that was a lot to digest, but don't forget about the new images, too! Read More...

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"Surrogates" lands in theaters September 25, and while Jonathan Mostow's adaptation of Robert Venditti and Brett Weldele's graphic novel won't include the original story's villain, it will include quite a bit of Bruce Willis as the story's protagonist, Detective Harvey Greer.

We've already seen at least one image of Willis on the set of the film, and now we have another exclusive photo of the actor in action as Greer. Check it out:


From the amount of hair Willis is sporting in the photo (and the lack thereof in the previous image of Willis), it's pretty clear that we're looking at Greer's robotic surrogate in the above photo, and not the flesh-and-blood detective. Read More...

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SurrogatesThe release date for Disney's live-action adaptation of the graphic novel "The Surrogates" is looming ever larger, but other than a recent behind-the-scenes featurette and some footage that debuted at New York Comic Con in February, we haven't seen much of the film thus far. When comics fans do see more of the final product, however, there could be even more questions—for instance, what happened to the main villain?

"The character of Steeplejack is not in the movie by name anymore," director Jonathan Mostow told MTV News of the conspicuous absence (to comics fans, at least) of the main antagonist from Robert Venditti and Brett Weldele's original graphic novel. Read More...

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SurrogatesRob Venditti's sci-fi graphic novel "Surrogates" makes its transition into theaters as a Jonathan Mostow film starring Bruce Willis on September 25. The technology to make Venditti's story a reality, however, might already be percolating around the world, according to a new documentary featurette.

Posted on, "The Science-Fact Behind 'Surrogates" includes a few new cutscenes from the movie, as well as commentary from the director and robotics experts painting a picture of how close humans are to controlling lifelike versions of themselves from safe, remote locations.

"'Surrogates' is not that far off the mark of what kind of technologies are emerging today," said Dr. James Canton, a global futurist. "We're laying the foundation for this based on current sciences." Read More...


OwlyGenerally speaking, silent films went out with the "talkie," but one friendly owl is proving that what's old can always be new again. Top Shelf Productions and Sprite Animation Studios are bringing Andy Runton's silent comic star "Owly" to life later this month with the debut of a new animated short at the San Diego Comic-Con.

Based on art and storyboards by Runton, Sprite's 3-D short follows "Owly's" titular hero and his insect companion Wormy through the adventure of an average day in the woods. Read More...

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SurrogatesIt's been a few weeks since we heard anything new about "Surrogates," the upcoming Jonathan Mostow film based on Rob Venditti's sci-fi graphic novel. We've seen Bruce Willis in action in the first "Surrogates" trailer, and been introduced to the wonderful world of cybernetics in various featurettes and various marketing campaigns for the film, but now the first one-sheet promo poster for the film has hit the 'Net. has the exclusive debut of the poster, which features the tagline: "How Do You Save Humanity When The Only Thing That's Real Is You?" Read More...


Mocca 2009It's been two straight weekends of conventions, folks -- and the season's only getting started. This weekend, a crowd of comic creators, publishers and fans arrived in town for the annual MoCCA Festival, and while there wasn't nearly as many movie- and television-related projects to speak of in comparison with Book Expo America, that doesn't mean the two-day event was bereft of pleasant surprises.

By far, the biggest news to come out of the event arrived via a short conversation I had with Top Shelf Productions publisher Chris Staros, who told me that "Synecdoche, New York" producer Anthony Bregman had picked up the adaptation rights to Alex Robinson's graphic novel "Too Cool To Be Forgotten." Much like last weekend's BEA, however, I ended up bringing home a pile of books from MoCCA -- and decided to post a picture of some of the highlights here, along with some notes on both the books and the show itself. Read More...

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Too Cool To Be ForgottenBack in April, I wrote an "Adapt This" column recommending that a studio adapt Alex Robinson's time-travel story "Too Cool To Be Forgotten" for the big screen. Well, it looks like I'm not the only one who feels that way, as "Synecdoche, New York" producer Anthony Bregman has picked up the option to adapt "Too Cool."

According to Top Shelf Productions publisher Chris Staros, whose company released "Too Cool" in July 2008, negotiations for the the option were finalized two months ago.

"We're just thrilled to have this set up," Staros told MTV News during this weekend's annual MoCCA Festival. "It's a great book that we're really proud of ... and now we'll see if anything comes of the movie." Read More...

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