SurrogatesComic book cinema in the upcoming summer season is fairly scarce, but we're only a few short months removed from one of the graphic novel adaptations we're most looking forward to around Splash Page HQ. We're talking, of course, about the adaptation of Top Shelf's "Surrogates."

The Bruce Willis-starring film, which focuses on a futuristic Earth where human beings live through robotic surrogates of themselves in order to avoid death, has released an all-new full-length trailer. The footage is over two minutes long and shows some surprisingly spoiler-heavy scenes from the movie -- it even reveals that Willis has hair! Read More...


'Surrogates'It seems like we manage to go weeks at a time between news regarding "Surrogates" -- Disney's upcoming sci-fi thriller based on the original graphic novel by Rob Venditti, Brett Weldele and Top Shelf Productions -- yet every time something pops up along the grid, it's been worth the wait.

Granted, we're still a ways out from the flick's September 25, 2009 release date, but after months of sporadic teaser posters, exclusive interviews and comic previews, at long last we finally get a glimpse of the film, coupled with some behind-the-scenes looks at the production in a viral featurette that hit the web today. Check it out after the jump. Read More...


'Surrogates'While it's one of the more under-the-radar comic book adaptations headed our way this year, "Surrogates" is certainly worth keeping an eye on -- especially if director Jonathan Mostow is able to effectively translate the great source material for the film.

A science-fiction mystery set in a future world where people stay at home all day and send out robotic versions of themselves ("the "surrogates" of the title) to do just about everything, the adaptation of Rob Venditti and Brett Weldele's graphic novel stars Bruce Willis as a detective tasked with investigating the bizarre serial killings of these synthetic stand-ins. Disney has been extremely coy about the marketing for the film, with viral websites and publicity events providing the lion's share of promotion, and now we have a new poster that popped up on ScreenRant that continues that trend.

Instead of showing the stars of the film, the poster focuses on the surrogates and the fictional company and culture that's made them so popular. Check it out after the jump. Read More...


'Too Cool To Be Forgotten'There's been no shortage of comic books jumping from the shelves to the big screen lately, but as any true comics fan will attest, there are still a lot of great books out there flying below Hollywood's radar. In this weekly feature, we'll take a look at a story that should merit attention from filmmakers -- and offer some thoughts on why (and how) it should be brought to the big screen.

THE STORY: "Too Cool To Be Forgotten" by Alex Robinson

WHAT IT'S ABOUT: In "Too Cool To Be Forgotten," acclaimed writer Alex Robinson tells the tale of Andy Wicks, a 40-year-old man who agrees to undergo hypnosis to quit smoking, only to wake up from his trance in the body of his 15-year-old self, forced to re-live his late-'80s high school experience. Yet, while various films over the years have sent their adult leads back in time to learn valuable lessons about appreciating their future lives (including this week's "17 Again"), "Too Cool" offers a dramatically different take on the old standard. Read More...

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'The Surrogates: Flesh and Bone'While we've been getting our daily allowances of ridiculously cool viral hype from upcoming films like "Watchmen" and "X-Men Origins: Wolverine," one of the movies we're most excited about has been sitting quietly in the corner -- namely, Disney's upcoming sci-fi thriller "Surrogates," based on the critically acclaimed graphic novel by creators Rob Venditti and Brett Weldele. Directed by Jonathan Mostow, the film features the star power of Bruce Willis and Ving Rhames -- no small "get" for an otherwise under-the-radar story.

And though sneak-peeks of Wolverine and eerie "Watchmen" websites are always great, what really gets us going are comic books -- and the good folks at Top Shelf Productions have given us just that with an exclusive 11-page preview of "The Surrogates: Flesh and Bone," which serves as a prequel to the original 2006 graphic novel. Read More...

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Elizabeth Banks has been all over the movie scene lately, with roles in everything from "W." to "Zack and Miri Make A Porno," but the upcoming adaptation of Rob Venditti's graphic novel "The Surrogates" has Banks playing her most unique role thus far: producer. A few months ago, we spoke with Venditti about the path "The Surrogates" followed to become comics' latest big-screen adaptation, and even gave you a preview of his upcoming prequel story, "Flesh and Bone." Now we get the story straight from Banks herself, who not only makes her debut as producer with the science-fiction film, but also has the star power of Bruce Willis and Ving Rhames on board to ensure her first outing as producer gets off on the right foot.

Check out what Banks has to say about "The Surrogates" in the video we've posted here, including her thoughts on the prequel story's film potential.

"There is only a prequel to 'The Surrogates' as of right now that hasn't even come out yet," said Banks. "But we would love to make that into a movie. But I think we're going to handle this one -- first and foremost -- and then see how we do."

For more on Elizabeth Banks' upcoming debut as producer for "The Surrogates," head over to MTV Movies.

Looking forward to seeing Bruce Willis, Ving Rhames and "The Surrogates"? Are you a fan of the graphic novel? Let us know!

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Elizabeth BanksThe upcoming adaptation of Robert Venditti and Brett Weldele's graphic novel "The Surrogates" will be Elizabeth Banks' debut as a producer, but the "Zack and Miri Make a Porno" actress told Sci Fi Wire that she won't be appearing in the film -- preferring to keep separate her producing and acting.

"I don't want to be perceived as an actress with vanity projects," said Banks. "I really want to be perceived as a legitimate producer, and I think one of the best ways to do that is to not act in the movies you're producing." Read More...

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'The Surrogates'When Rob Venditti was still in the process of writing the comic book script that would become "The Surrogates", he and his wife daydreamed one night about who might star in a hypothetic film adaptation. Although it was the first comic he’d ever written -– and didn’t even have a publisher attached -– comic book movies were scoring big at the box office, and they couldn’t help but daydream. Bruce Willis, they both decided, would be the perfect choice: tough enough for the action scenes, but still vulnerable enough for the more human moments.

Now, more than five years later, the story he wrote while working in the warehouse at Top Shelf Productions is not only a graphic novel from the renowned indie publisher with a second volume, "Flesh and Bone", on the way, but a feature film in post-production, starring none other than -– you guessed it –- Bruce Willis.

(After the jump, check out an exclusive preview of some of the earliest pages from "Flesh and Bone", a prequel story set 15 years before the first graphic novel, as well as our conversation with Venditti about the origin, development and evolving world of "The Surrogates.") Read More...

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