The Spike Lee remake of "Oldboy" is still happening, though production is coming mighty slow. Josh Brolin was attached to play the Oh Dae-Su role quite some time ago (he’ll be rechristened as Dave Ott or something appropriately Anglicized, we imagine), but the film is still lacking a villain or a female lead to join him.

Now, Twitch reports that the latter role has been offered to Elizabeth Olsen, who seems to be everywhere these days. Olsen’s gathering buzz for her parts in "Martha Marcy May Marlene" and "Silent House" (more on that in a minute), which would make her a strong choice to play against Brolin.


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Have you been thirsting for "The Amazing Spider-Man" plot details? You're in luck: Columbia Pictures has released the official synopsis, in anticipation of the film's July 3 release. As befitting of an origin story, the movie seems like it'll be pretty straightforward.

Check out the synopsis past the jump.


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Full disclosure: Although I love Spider-Man, I am not as psyched about "The Amazing Spider-Man" as everyone else. I loved Tobey Maguire and Sam Raimi! Still do, actually. However, I will admit I've warmed up to Andrew Garfield-as-Spidey now that we've seen him in action and in costume and heard all about the work he put into the character. Not to mention his adorable Hall H panel appearance at Comic-Con.

Furthermore, when MTV News caught up with director Marc Webb and producer Matthew Tolmach at San Diego Comic-Con, they explained a few new explorations and additions to the webslinger's universe that have me intrigued.

"We're creating a world of our own devising, but we take cues from the comics," Webb said of using the Marvel comics for inspiration, adding that although the film will touch on Parker's missing parents, which is new to the movie adaptations, they won't be fleshing out the comic-book storyline that revealed Mr. and Mrs. Parker to be secret government agents.

"In terms of the CIA-secret-agent thing, we're not really going down that road in particular," Webb said. "Not in this movie."


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FROM MTV NEWS: Although most of our Marvel Comics-related movie excitement these days is pegged to the impending release of "Captain America: The First Avenger," we can't help but already get excited for next year's highly anticipated, superhero-filled "The Avengers."

When MTV News caught up with Cap himself, Chris Evans, during our "MTV First: Captain America" interview Thursday, we asked for his thoughts on working with fan-favorite "Avengers" director Joss Whedon.

"He's unbelievable," Evans said. "He's so clever. He lives in the world of comic books, so he has in his head an amazing story already mapped out."

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Well isn't this a fun week for fans of "The Walking Dead"?

First, earlier this week AMC announced that they will air a special sneak peek of season two during this Sunday's season premiere of their acclaimed and award-winning show "Breaking Bad." Now comes a second behind-the-scenes video featuring special effects make-up designer, Greg Nicotero, wherein he talks about creating that big-eyed zombie we've seen in teasers for the new season.

Nicotero explains in the video that the striking, long haired she-zombie basically came to be by accident.


Christopher MeloniThe cast of "Man Of Steel," Zack Snyder's upcoming reboot of the Superman film franchise, has been filling out quite nicely in recent weeks, with another well-known actor joining the production this weekend.

As first reported by Deadline, "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" actor Christopher Meloni will join the "Man Of Steel" cast in an unspecified role. While the initial report simply indicated that he would play a "major role" in the film, Meloni later told Vulture that he will play a general in the military and dismissed rumors that he would become the new face of Superman's arch enemy, Lex Luthor. Read More...

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Wonder WomanIf fan reaction to seeing actress Adrianne Palicki as Wonder Woman for the first time was a bit mixed, you might say it was completely because of the hero’s revamped costume. After all, that’s all there was to judge.

Whether you think Diana’s new duds were off-color or just a little too PVC, filming on the David E. Kelly-drafted NBC pilot is still full-steam ahead. And as production goes, so do local spies. One Daily BLAM! reader caught a glimpse (along with some shots and video) of the new Wonder Woman and her revised costume in action.

On the Hollywood Boulevard set of the developing show we can see some definite edits made to the rehashed costume. Read More...

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Patrick StewartAs natural on the Shakespearian Stage as he is in space, Patrick Stewart is one of the sci-fi genre’s most well rounded actors, but the working hours he’s spent in a wheelchair have been limited to his time as Professor X in the past four “X-Men” films.

That's why it might be the very height of dramatic challenge for Stewart to pull off a particularly slick, inhumanly difficult wheelchair maneuver as the famous mutant telepath. Or, maybe not. At the very least, Stewart recently revealed that he was looking forward to seeing one of his favorite two-wheeled maneuvers on the big screen before discovering it was cut.

In an interview with Hero Complex, Stewart recalled a momentary mastery of balance and hand-eye coordination, calling it the “best scene” of his career, and mourned its loss in the editing room. Read More...

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X-Men: First ClassX-Men fans may already know that if things had gone differently, they would have seen a Matthew Vaughn directed version of the franchise’s unofficial finale, “X-Men: The Last Stand.” As it was, the director bowed out of the project, Brett Ratner was put in his place, and Vaughn moved on to captain film adaptations of Neil Gaiman’s “Stardust” and Mark Millar’s “Kick-Ass”.

In an interview with EW blog Inside Movies, Vaughn explains what kept him from taking on the X-Men then, what he’s put them through now that he’s at the helm of "X-Men: First Class", and why the “Twilight” girls will like it.

Read on for some of the highlights…

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