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FROM MULTIPLAYER: After being summarily impressed by “Wolfenstein” a few weeks back, I’m kinda itching to get a more complete version of the game. In the meantime, Activision has put out a rather unique “motion comic” to pump up the release. It’s similar to the “Metal Gear” motion comics that released on the PSP a while ago, but this one features way more Nazis. Specifically dead Nazis.


From what I’ve seen in the game, the cutscenes don’t follow this stylized look (sorry “XIII” fans!), but it does get me wondering what sort of comic book series “Wolfenstein” would make. Can’t say that BJ is the most thought-provoking character of our time, but he does kill a lot of Nazis, so he’s got that going for him!

Check out the full "Wolfenstein" motion comic over on


WatchmenFROM MOVIES BLOG: I've been feeding you readers a pretty constant stream of overly expensive (or sometimes just questionable) items in my daily eBay Prop-Watch postings. Today I'm veering off in a little bit of a different direction: the selection is affordable and very clearly not a prop. It is a cool, fan-serving little piece of ephemera though.

Zack Snyder's "Watchmen" is not a terrific adaptation of Alan Moore's classic graphic novel. It is far better than a lot of people gave it credit for, but the plot becomes unhinged towards the end thanks to the liberal changes made to the story. It's impressive really, how the alterations maintain a surprising level of narrative accuracy while completely abandoning the tone and themes in Moore's original. That said, "Watchmen" is a beautiful film, and an exceedingly entertaining viewing experience for a spectacle junkie like me.

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Michael Jackson and Stan LeeYesterday evening I offered a brief overview of Michael Jackson's relationship with the world of comic books in the wake of the pop icon's death. Along with his status as a notable collector and fan of comics, Jackson nearly became a publisher a decade ago when he met with comics legend Stan Lee and his newly formed company Stan Lee Media to discuss a potential purchase of Marvel Comics.

Over at The Comics Reporter, Tom Spurgeon directs readers attention to a set of home videos created during meetings between Jackson and Lee, as well as a video that follows Jackson and Lee on a tour of the headquarters for Stan Lee Media. Read More...

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Rick MarshallThe funny thing about being the editor of Splash Page is that it's not the sort of job you leave at the office -- and usually, that's okay by me. When I'm not writing about comic books and comic book movies or otherwise managing the stories you come here for every day, I'm talking to people about comics over lunch, on the subway, over drinks or as happened to be the case this week, as the special guest on The Flickcast audio podcast.

The Flickcast crew invited me to join them this week in their regular discussion of comics, gaming, movies and related geekery, and while I was happy to share some thoughts (okay, a lot of thoughts -- I tend to ramble), I'm starting to think that voicing my love for the 2005 "Man-Thing" movie might not have been the best career move. Read More...


MythBustersAs much as Adam Savage, Jamie Hyneman and their "Build Team" of Kari Byron, Tory Belleci and Grant Imahara seem to appreciate superheroes, toppling fans' suspended disbelief doesn't seem to bother them one bit. Following their foray into super-powered phenomena, such as Spider-Man's arachnid origins, the Hulk's gamma-powered transformations and Namor's undersea breathing capacity, the "MythBusters" team continues to tackle the paneled powers of comic book characters this week on Discovery Channel.

Tonight's episode, "Curving Bullets," looks at the physics behind 2008's "Wanted," which may or may not debunk the powers of weavers. Read More...

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Guillermo del ToroThis Thursday, filmmaker Guillermo del Toro will be stopping by to chat with us on his upcoming book/movie project, "The Strain." For those who don't know about it -- and if you like del Toro, then you should -- "The Strain" is the first volume in a planned trilogy about... wait for it... vampires. Yeah, those blood-suckers are pretty popular. That first book actually hits shelves today, so make sure you pick yourself up a copy.

Okay, them's the basics. Now here comes the fun part. Del Toro is stopping by on Thursday to promote "The Strain" of course, and we know you fans are burning with questions about that and some of his other projects. Well, we want to know what those questions are.

Submit your queries to and we'll hit del Toro with the best of them.


WARNING: This has nothing to do with comics. I just want to let readers know that Will Ferrell is trying to steal my identity -- so if I suddenly disappear, you should contact the appropriate authorities.

When it was first announced that Will Ferrell would play a character named "Rick Marshall" in the "Land of the Lost" movie, I tried to take this co-opting of my name in stride. After all, the character had been around since 1974, when the original "Land of the Lost" television series premiered, so that Rick Marshall existed a year or two before I did. If anything, I should probably be more annoyed with the other famous Rick Marshall -- the one who's the leading suspect in the Zodiac killings. (Try explaining that one when your girlfriend's parents look up your name on the 'Net.)

But the following outtake from MTV's upcoming "Behind the Screen" special (airing Sunday at 11 PM) has me thinking Ferrell is gunning for yours truly in his campaign to be the #1 Rick Marshall. Check it out:

So, Will Ferrell likes to make fun of iguanas and people who keep them as pets, does he? That's a funny coincidence, because I had a pet iguana for years before heading off to college. Yes, what a strange little coincidence indeed, Mr. Ferrell. Consider your message... received. Read More...

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Joseph Gordon-LevittFROM MOVIES BLOG: Actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt shared with MTV News that, while his take Cobra Commander in this summer's "GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra" may not match the cartoon exactly, it was certainly influenced by it.

"I think that it's respectfully inspired by the cartoon voice," Gordon-Levitt explained during an interview promoting his soon-to-be-released Sundance hit "500 Days of Summer." "But it's just like how in '[X-Men Origins:] Wolverine' you don't want to see Hugh Jackman dressed up in a yellow jumpsuit like the Wolverine in the comics."

For the rest of Joseph Gordon-Levitt's thoughts on playing Cobra Commander in "G.I. Joe", head over to

'Heavy Metal'Sure, he may have just delivered the big screen adaptation comic fans have been itching to see for decades with "Watchmen," but hopefully someone told director Zack Snyder that us comic and movie fans are an insatiable bunch. After all, the blood on the Comedian's pin isn't even dry yet, and we're already asking him about his future funnybook forays: namely, his "Heavy Metal" team-up with co-directors David Fincher and Gore Verbinski that re-imagines the classic, adult-themed animated epic.

"'Heavy Metal,' is coasting," Snyder told MTV News of the in-development project. "I don’t know what’s going to happen, I’m excited about it. I love ‘Heavy Metal,’ if that happens it’ll be great.” Read More...

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TwitterWith Oprah and Ashton Kutcher finding their way to Twitter recently, it's pretty clear that our favorite little microblogging platform has achieved a new level of mainstream acceptance -- and possibly jumped the shark (or "Fail Whale") along the way. While I'll leave it to my MTV colleagues to join the ranks of O's subscribers, the occasion does provide a good opportunity to point out that there are a lot of Twitter feeds that comic book fans new to Twitter (or looking to update their subscriptions) might find interesting.

Along with MTV Splash Page on Twitter, there are quite a few comic book publishers who also have a presence (albeit somewhat inactive in some cases) on Twitter. After the jump, we've posted a roundup of some of the prominent Twitter-savvy publishers of print comics on our radar. Read More...


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