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Last night's episode of "South Park" offered a parody of the "dark superhero" movie trend, and there was no shortage of references to subject matter Splash Page readers have become more than familiar with lately -- including everything from "Watchmen" and "The Spirit" to "The Dark Knight." Heck, there was even a quick cameo for Frank Miller's "The Dark Knight Returns."

See if you can spot the guest spot for Miller's iconic creation in the frame below:

'South Park'

But that wasn't all comics fans could get a kick out of in last night's "South Park." Read More...


Do you consume every last scrap of comic book movie news on the Internet? Can you name every person who's played Batman chronologically? Then listen up, because we're looking for a few good men and women...and it may be you.

MTV News is seeking freelance writers to complement the MTV Splash Page team. Potential applicants should be knowledgeable in both the comic book and movie spheres, and able to react to breaking news as well as pitching stories and features. Writing experience required; existing background in movie and/or comic book blogging preferred.

If interested, please email with your resume and samples of your work. Be sure to indicate that you're interested in becoming a freelance writer for Splash Page. We look forward to hearing from you!

Ed Brubaker, the writer who killed Captain America, has released a new clip from his web-only series “Angel of Death." The new clip (which debuted on comics site ComicVine) is titled "Cleaning Up," and features main character Eve (played by Zoe Bell of “Death Proof”) advising viewers how best to clean up a dead body.

The 8-10 episode series follows Bell as a Mafia-hired assassin who suffers from a devastating injury and subsequently decides to kill everyone who ever hired her to murder for money. Creator Brubaker spoke with Splash Page about "Angel of Death" back in August, and if you've read his pulp-noir inspired series “Criminal” and “Incognito,” you know Brubaker is no stranger to hard-boiled stories. Read More...

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FROM MOVIES BLOG: If you couldn't make it to MTV News' Greatest Movie Badasses of All Time event on Friday night at New York Comic-Con, fear not. We've got the next best thing. By now you probably know that we've spent the last couple months searching for the ultimate badass. On Friday night we revealed the top ten list. We announced it at a hilarious panel featuring Method Man and Judah Friedlander that you can watch in its entirety here. But if you're the kind of badass lover who likes to cut to the chase, check out our surprise reveal of the Greatest Badass below.

We've made our picks but that doesn't mean you missed your shot to weigh in. Tell us what we got right AND wrong! After all, a true badass would never go down without a fight.

Clint Eastwood in 'Dirty Harry'FROM MOVIES BLOG: We've announced our Greatest Movie Badasses of All Time and we've blogged about our Comic Con panel which featured taped acceptance speeches from Clint Eastwood and Sigourney Weaver. Now we want to know what YOU think.

Take a look at the full ranking for our Greatest Movie Badasses list and then give us your reactions in the comments below. Disagree with our list? Upset that your favorite character didn't make the cut? Or maybe you just want to say thank you (hopefully that's the case). In any event, here's the list!

Read the full list of MTV's Greatest Movie Badasses over at

New York Comic Con 2009New York Comic Con kicks off this weekend, and that means MTV News is not only going to have regularly updated coverage of the show all weekend throughout, but we'll also be on the floor and in the panel rooms bringing you news, previews, announcements and multimedia reports from our on-site MTV News Skybox at the convention center. Keep your eyes here on Splash Page, as well as MTV Movies Blog and our mecca of all things gaming, MTV's Multiplayer Blog, throughout the next three days of Comic Con for all the news as it happens.

Oh, and if you're at the show, here's a quick list of events where you'll be able to find your intrepid MTV News team: Read More...


The search for the Greatest Movie Badass of All Time is on! MTV News has asked accomplished filmmakers, actors and you, the audience, to vote for your favorites. Now we've tabulated the results and found our 10 finalists for the top spot. Who will reign supreme as the Greatest Badass of All Time? Find out on February 6 at 7:15 p.m. when MTV announces the winner live at New York's Comic-Con and right here at

Our badass picks include Boba Fett, Ellen Ripley, Dirty Harry , John McClane and John Rambo, and now we have yet another addition to our Top 10 list with easily the most beloved villain in "Star Trek" history...Khan Noonien Singh. We've profiled Khan over here, and spotlight his greatest moments in the video below. Check it out and if you're in the NYC area, visit our NY Comic-Con panel this Friday.


The countdown to MTV's big reveal of the GREATEST BADASS IN MOVIE HISTORY continues, with one more character added to the list of contenders today and a special guest list from filmmaker James Gunn.

Yesterday, we directed you to Top 10 badass lists compiled by two of MTV's most movie-savvy mainstays, MTV News' Kurt Loder and Larry Carroll. Today, we have a list from one of the folks making movie magic on the regular, 2004's "Dawn of the Dead" screenwriter and "Slither" writer/director James Gunn -- so now you can find out exactly what's more "bad-ass" than fast zombies and alien slugs. Oh, and even though we're pretty sure there's no need to explain why Clint Eastwood's character "Dirty" Harry Callahan makes the list of greatest movie badasses (on the heels of Boba Fett and Ellen Ripley), we've created the following montage of his particular form of badassery:

Who will reign supreme as the Greatest Badass of All Time? Find out on February 6 at 7:15 p.m. when MTV announces the winner live at New York’s Comic-Con and right here at

Who is the greatest movie badass of all time? That's the question MTV has been asking accomplished actors, filmmakers, and readers of Movies Blog and Splash Page, and we're happy to announce that the final results are in!

We'll reveal the baddest of the badasses on February 6 at 7:15 PM (EST), when MTV announces the winner live at New York Comic Con and here on Until then, however, MTV is revealing each of the 10 finalists for the "Greatest Badass" mantle -- one per day and in alphabetical order. So far, we've honored the extensive badassery of "Star Wars" bounty hunter Boba Fett and "Alien" fighter Ellen Ripley, while notable MTV Movies mainstays Kurt Loder and Larry Carroll each provided their lists of the film world's greatest tough guys (and gals).

And just in case you needed a reminder why why Boba Fett made the cut, here's a montage we created of some of his greatest hits (minus the dip into the Sarlacc pit, of course):

It's always a good time to watch Boba Fett in action, isn't it? Keep it locked to every day leading up to the big reveal on Friday, Feb. 6 to find out more of the contenders for the title of GREATEST BADASS IN MOVIE HISTORY!

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