PreacherBetween the "Superman" reboot and the "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" sequel, critically acclaimed filmmaker Darren Aronofsky has found himself caught in the comic book movie rumor mill. And apparently, it's not stopping with those two projects.

Citing an anonymous source, Newsarama reports that Aronofsky is in contention for another comic book project — an adaptation of Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon's "Preacher" for Columbia Pictures. The report states that Aronofsky is "being targeted" to direct the film, which would almost certainly pose a scheduling conflict with both Christopher Nolan's planned "Superman" overhaul and "Wolverine 2," as all of these films could enter production in 2011.

Newsarama was unable to attain confirmation from "Preacher" co-production houses Original Films and Kickstart Productions, so consider Aronofsky's involvement as a rumor for now — but a very intriguing rumor nonetheless. Read More...

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We knew to temper our expectations for "Jonah Hex" when star Josh Brolin began hyping its "absurdist tone," but let me be honest here for a sec: it's currently sitting somewhere alongside "Catwoman" and "Elektra" in my list of some of the worst comic book movies ever made. The horse-mounted gatling gun gives it an edge over the other two films, but only a slight edge.

And while I know I'm not alone in having some negative feelings about the film, it's vindicating to know that even the film's star struggled to find something positive to say about the project.

"Now that I don't have to promote it? . . . No," said Brolin when asked if he was proud of "Jonah Hex." Read More...

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SandmanWe’ve heard the news before, but this time it seems like it might hold up. Neil Gaiman’s seminal “Sandman” is in the “early stages” of being developed into a television series.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros.’ TV faction is currently in the process of acquiring the rights to the series through sister company DC Entertainment, and is concurrently in talks with writer-producers about adapting it for the small screen. Most likely to be handed the reigns thus far is Eric Kripke, creator of the CW’s “Supernatural.”

Captained by the character Morpheus (“The Lord of the Dreaming”), “Sandman” initially carried readers through nightmarish explorations of the human psyche, expanding into fantasy and its own mythology by visiting Morpheus’ (or Dream’s) realm along with his team of siblings, The Endless — Destiny, Death, Destruction, Despair, Desire and Delirium. Read More...

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The LosersIf you missed out on "The Losers" back in April, you missed out on a great, action-packed adaptation of Andy Diggle and Jock's hit comic book series that impressed the heck out of me when I caught a screening. Along with its all-star cast, "The Losers" featured some great action sequences, witty dialogue, fun performances, and original art from Jock sprinkled throughout the marketing campaign and the film itself.

And now the DVD and Blu-Ray release of the film will get some new art from Jock, too.

The celebrated artist shared with MTV News some of the art he created for the exclusive DVD and Blu-Ray versions of the film, which will be available in the U.K. on November 10. The exclusive slipcase for the discs and accompanying poster feature the entire team engaged in a violent firefight, and sport the tagline "Anyone Else Would Be Dead By Now." Oh, and Max makes a cameo on the back cover of the slipcase, too. Read More...

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Y: The Last ManIt's been a while since we heard anything about a potential live-action adaptation of "Y: The Last Man," Brian K. Vaughan's celebrated comic book series about the adventures of the last man on Earth (and his monkey).

All the way back in 2008, "Disturbia" director D.J. Caruso had planned to cast his former star Shia LaBeouf as Yorick, the last male human left on the planet after everything with a Y chromosome suddenly drops dead — everything, that is, except him and his pet monkey, Ampersand. Even with a script written by Vaughan himself, the going was tough for Caruso, and LaBeouf's involvement soon became one of those on-again, off-again uncertainties.

MTV News caught up with Caruso on the set of his upcoming film "I Am Number Four" and managed to get an update of sorts on the status of the "Y: The Last Man" movie. Read More...

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Road To PerditionBack in 2008, word broke that Max Allan Collins — the prolific writer behind the "Road To Perdition" series — was set to adapt and direct "Road To Purgatory;" the first sequel to the "Road To Perdition" film which starred Tom Hanks, Jude Law, Daniel Craig and the late Paul Newman. With the imminent release of "Road To Perdition" on Blu-ray, Collins has revealed that the sequel may finally move into active production.

"We've been approached and the offer seems to be very, very serious," Collins told Movieweb. "We have signed a round of paper but it is not nailed down yet and it looks to be pretty interesting. I will tell you that this will happen about 10 years after 'Perdition' ends. Michael is 10 years older in 'Road to Purgatory.'" Read More...

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Swamp ThingJust over a year ago, producer Joel Silver began dropping hints about a new 3-D "Swamp Thing" movie. Although Swamp Thing co-creator Len Wein has written a screenplay for the project, it may still be some time before it goes forward.

"There is a rights problem which I don't understand because I'm not a lawyer," Wein told Movie Web during the San Diego Comic-Con. "My wife could probably explain it, I can't. (She is a lawyer). But we desperately want to make a new 'Swamp Thing' movie. I've written a screenplay. Joel Silver is gung-ho to make it, to do it right... big-budget, CGI, the whole dance."

"I know Akiva Goldsman wants to take my script, rewrite that and do something with it," continued Wein. "We want to do a 'Swamp Thing' movie. Once we figure out the rights problems, we will." Read More...

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Joe the BarbarianGrant Morrison's newest Vertigo series, "Joe the Barbarian" is also his latest project to be optioned as a feature film.

According to Robot 6, Thunder Road Pictures — the producers behind the "Clash of the Titans" remake released earlier this year — are officially developing the adaptation of "Joe the Barbarian." "Thunder Road just called me today and said we can officially announce it, so I'm quite happy about that," said Morrison.

However, the report also indicates that Morrison will not write the screenplay. "Joe the Barbarian" debuted earlier this year as an eight issue miniseries by Morrison and artist Sean Murphy. The story follows a teenager named Joe who slips into a vivid fantasy world populated by his action figures and toy rats while he fights to stay alive in the real world after he slips into diabetic shock. Read More...

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Josh Hutcherson was long mentioned as a front-runner for the lead role of Peter Parker in Sony's "Spider-Man" reboot -- some even pegged him as a virtual lock for the part -- but as we're all no doubt aware by now, Hutcherson won't be spinning webs for Sony. That's a distinction belonging to Andrew Garfield.

But just because the "Spider-Man" ship has sailed for Hutcherson doesn't mean that the "Journey to the Center of the Earth" actor should close the door on the comic book community.

Here are a few other roles we could see Hutcherson taking on! Read More...

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MnemovoreTHE STORY: "Mnemovore" by Ray Fawkes & Hans Rodionoff (W) and Mike Huddleston (A) — Vertigo

WHAT IT'S ABOUT: A young Olympic Snowboarder named Kaley Markowic suffers a head injury during competition and develops retrograde amnesia, leaving her unable to recall her life before the accident. While she attempts to recover, Kaley and her friends are attacked by a Lovecraftian-like creature that devours memories and begins to literally erase Kaley from everyone else's memory.

Meanwhile, an ad man named Mike Neville is suffering a nervous breakdown and welcomes the influence of the creature into his life, in order to help it spread...

WHY IT WORKS: One of the most original horror comics in years, Fawkes and Rodionoff masterfully created a unique monster that doesn't simply want to kill its victims. The entire series is fraught with tension and anxiety. Outside of the creature's influence, the writers also explore the ramifications of Kaley's memory loss as even her friends try to manipulate her to their advantage. Read More...

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