In director Jimmy Hayward's upcoming adaptation of "Jonah Hex," Megan Fox portrays a prostitute named Lilah opposite Josh Brolin in the title role. And while Brolin clearly gets the lion's share of the action, early trailers have revealed that Fox will get her chance for some gunplay as well.

While Fox has previously told MTV News that her character would shoot people in "Jonah Hex," she neglected to mention her previous experience with guns until a recent press junket.

"As a grown adult, I don't mess around with guns at all," confessed Fox. "I have a fear of them. But as a child, I grew up in the South — I grew up in Tennessee — and my dad as a hobby... he used to go kill ducks and bring them home and we would eat them for dinner." Read More...

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When Megan Fox was cast in "Jonah Hex" last year, speculation immediately grew into various rumors as to who she would play and how large her role would be. And when the first photos of her in costume appeared online, the internet chatter only intensified.

However, Fox later revealed that her role in "Jonah Hex' was only a cameo appearance. While her time on the set was relatively brief, Fox told MTV News that it was an intense shoot.

"I only worked on ['Jonah Hex'] for five days in Louisiana," said Fox. "And we would shoot all day. So we worked really hard for those five days and then they wrapped. It was definitely an intense process for sure, to cram all of that into such a short amount of time." Read More...

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When Megan Fox signed on to join the "Jonah Hex" cast last year, there was wild speculation about which character she would portray — especially after pictures of her in costume appeared online.

While Fox later explained that her character Lilah is a prostitute within the movie, she didn't elaborate on why the world's oldest profession was used as her vocation until MTV News asked her if playing a prostitute was a rite of passage for actresses.

"Everyone should do it at least once," joked Fox. "Unfortunately, this is not a spaghetti western, but it's a western and there were not really a lot of things that women did back then." Read More...

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John MalkovichIn just under a month, director Jimmy Hayward's adaptation of "Jonah Hex" will hit theaters with Josh Brolin in the title role and John Malkovich as his nemesis, Quentin Turnbull.

And while the recently released trailer suggests that Hex will have supernatural abilities within the film, Malkovich recently confirmed that his character will remain relatively grounded in his quest for vengeance.

"[Turnbull] feels [that] Jonah has caused his son to be killed in a way, so there’s a big sort of revenge factor there," said Malkovich during an interview with Comic Book Resources. "My character’s not so much involved with [the supernatural]. Maybe a tiny bit. At a point in the story, Hex has kind of aberrations, and I appear very briefly as one of those, and we sort of work that out together. It wasn’t really quite what’s in the script." Read More...

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BeastEDITOR'S NOTE: Welcome to a brand new weekly column here on Splash Page, folks. Kicking off today and continuing every Friday, we'll review some comics that arrived on shelves recently or will do so down the road. Most weeks we'll have a theme for the reviews, but sometimes it will just be a mix of books we read recently and want to tell you about. As always, you're invited to weigh in with your own thoughts in the comment section or on Twitter.

Hollywood never seems to shy away from recycling an old story with a new spin, so why not comics? With "Robin Hood" hitting theaters this week, the inaugural chapter of Weekend Reading will focus on a trio of comics that similarly provide a fresh take on classic stories.


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Back in March, "Kick-Ass" director Matthew Vaughn told MTV News he'd love to adapt Neil Gaiman's celebrated "Sandman" stories as an HBO-style television series. Saying there was "too much to get into an hour and a half [movie]," Vaughn said he'd spoken to the award-winning writer about the possibility of adapting "Sandman" after the pair collaborated on a big-screen adaptation of Gaiman's novel "Stardust."

When I caught up with Gaiman during last month's C2E2 convention in Chicago (where he was speaking in support of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund), I asked him about his chat with Vaughn — and whether an HBO-style series was indeed the best format for a "Sandman" adaptation.

"I haven't talked to Matthew for years now, because Matthew's been making 'Kick-Ass,'" said Gaiman. "I haven't really seen Matthew since he vanished off into the realm of 'Kick-Ass,' which was a few years ago." Read More...

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Human TargetIt appears that Christopher Chance has been given a new assignment.

"The Human Target" has been renewed for a 13 episode second season on Fox, according to Entertainment Weekly. "Chuck" co-executive producer Matthew Miller is also joining "The Human Target" as the new showrunner, sharing the position with Jonathan Steinberg.

First announced in January 2009, "The Human Target" stars Mark Valley ("Fringe") as Christopher Chance, a former assassin turned bodyguard/private contractor who specializes in protecting clients from deadly and unusual threats. The series also stars Chi McBride ("Pushing Daisies") and Jackie Earle Haley ("Watchmen") as Chance's partners, Detective Laverne Winston and Guerrero, respectively. Read More...


Jonah Hex"Jonah Hex" arrives in theaters June 18, featuring Brolin as the scarred bounty hunter out to bring down Quentin Turnbull, an evil plantation owner (played by John Malkovich) who's out to raise an undead army.

As part of MTV's Summer Movie Preview Week, we're bringing you interviews, clips and previews of some of the hottest films hitting theaters this season. And with the first "Jonah Hex" trailer arriving online today, it seems like the timing's perfect to bring you our exclusive interview with the film's star, Josh Brolin.

MTV Movies Editor Joshua Horowitz chatted up the "Hex" star to get his take on the film's evolution, where "Hex" fits in Brolin's impressive Hollywood career, and why he's hoping a movie he once said was "horrible" will become "even more absurdist than it already is." Read More...

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Jonah Hex"Jonah Hex" hits theaters June 18, and the first trailer for the film has finally arrived online.

Directed by Jimmy Hayward, the film stars Josh Brolin as the scarred bounty hunter, and Megan Fox as the prostitute who helps him on his mission to bring down the evil plantation owner Quentin Turnbull (played by John Malkovich).

The new trailer seems to indicate some mystical abilities for Hex, an indication of how he'll receive his trademark scar, and a scene featuring Jonah Hex riding a horse that's been fitted with gatling guns. Need we say more? Read More...


"The Losers" has arrived in theaters, and while we've been raving about Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Chris Evans' performances in the film, Morgan said it was fellow cast member Zoe Saldana that provided him with his favorite experience on the set.

"The cool thing about getting to play the character is, for one, he's simply bad-ass," said Morgan, "and two, I get to make out with Zoe Saldana — which is not a bad thing and not a bad way to spend your afternoon."

Yeah, can't really argue with him on that one.

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