The LosersAs "The Losers" are preparing to prove that they're actually winners this weekend, it's worth remembering that for some of the film's various players, this is not their first taste of the comic book world — far from it, in fact.

From throwing shields and flying on fire to chewing on cigars and fighting crime across the decades, many of the cast and crew on "The Losers" have already waded through comic book lore and are prepared to do it again.

After the jump, we've listed some of the past and future connections between the "Losers" team and comic book movies! Read More...

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The Losers"The Losers" blasts into theaters this weekend, and along with all the "Losers" clips and interviews with the cast, I also managed to score some time with the man bringing Andy Diggle and Jock's comic book series to life on the big screen: director Sylvain White.

Previously, White told Splash Page readers about some of his favorite scenes in the film and how closely he worked with the comic's creators to recreate the visual tone of the story. This time around, he explains which chapters from the long-running comic make up the film's plot, why he chose to reveal the villain early on (unlike in the comic), and his thoughts on potential sequels.

With the film going wide today (April 23), there's a lot to like about "The Losers," and White explained why he hopes audiences will make his "Losers" turn out to be winners at the box office. Read More...

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"The Losers" hits theaters today, bringing Andy Diggle and Jock's explosive comic book series to life via filmmaker Sylvain White.

Among its colorful cast of characters is the unpredictable Jensen, who serves as the team's intelligence specialist, computer hacker and, as actor Chris Evans notes, comic relief. In an interview with MTV News on the set of the film, Evans explained why the character was such a different role for him.

"He's just a fun guy, you know? He's kind of the comic relief," said Evans. "He loves life. He's a little nerdy. He's not very smooth." Read More...

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Today we have yet another clip from "The Losers," which premieres this weekend.

Based on Andy Diggle and Jock's action-packed comic book series, director Sylvain White's adaptation stars Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Chris Evans, Idris Elba, Columbus Short and Óscar Jaenada as a framed, left-for-dead special ops team out to clear their names. Zoe Saldana plays the mysterious and lethal Aisha, who joins them in their mission.

Today's clip features a scene in which the team hijacks a helicopter using the skills of loudmouth hacker Jensen (Evans) and their silent-but-deadly sniper, Cougar (Jaenada).

Let us know what you think of the new clip in the comment section or on Twitter!

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"The Losers" hits theaters this Friday, April 23, featuring a cast of actors with some history in the comic book movie world. Among them is Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who previously played The Comedian in Zack Snyder's 2009 adaptation of "Watchmen," Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons' groundbreaking comic book series.

When MTV News caught up with him on the set of "The Losers," Morgan explained why films based on comics are so appealing to him these days.

"I like the genre, but it seems to me that the best scripts coming out right now are based on graphic novels and comic books," Morgan told MTV News. "The best characters and the smartest writing is coming from that world." Read More...

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Yesterday, we gave you a new clip from "The Losers" featuring the team in their early days — before the whole framed-and-left-for-dead deal.

Now we have a new scene from the film featuring team leader Clay (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) engaging in a very physical encounter with Aisha (Zoe Saldana), the mysterious, brutal mercenary who joins the team.

Let us know what you think of the clip in the comment section or on Twitter!

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We3While much of my conversation last week with iconic comics writer Grant Morrison was focused on his revolutionary approach to DC's "Batman & Robin" series (if you aren't reading it, you should be), I also managed to get an update on a few other projects he's been involved with over the years — including plans for a movie based on his 2004 miniseries "We3."

The three-issue story followed a trio of animals who are made into weapons by the government but manage to escape captivity. Armed with deadly robotic implants, encased in armor and given limited ability to speak, the animals must outrun the military and overcome various other threats to their newfound freedom.

"Kung-Fu Panda" director John Stevenson had been attached to an adaptation of the series back in December 2008 (featuring a script by Morrison), but there's been little word from the "We3" camp since that time. According to the comic's creator, the lack of movement on the project is a bit frustrating, given the high regard critics and fans alike have for the story. Read More...

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As we near the release of "The Losers," director Sylvain White's live-action adaptation of Andy Diggle and Jock's action-packed comic book series, more photos, footage and other promotional material is starting to arrive online.

In the following clip, we get a look at the "Losers" team on one of their early missions — well before the squad of special ops soldiers found themselves framed, left for dead and fighting to get back their lives.

"The Losers" hits theaters this Friday, April 23.

Let us know what you think of the new clip in the comment section or on Twitter!

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Jonah HexWe haven't heard much from the "Jonah Hex" team lately, but that doesn't mean the live-action film based on DC's scarred bounty hunter is far from our minds.

Today, Warner Bros. released a new image from the film featuring Josh Brolin as the former confederate soldier that goes a long way toward keeping Jonah Hex on fans' minds.

"Jonah Hex" is scheduled to arrive in theaters June 18, 2010. Read More...

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The InvisiblesBy Josh Wigler and Rick Marshall

There's no denying that comic books are often strange — some might even say trippy.

In honor of April 20th, the day when everyone seems to have mind-altering moments on the brain, it seemed fitting to take a look at some of our favorite characters from the comic book world who have experimented with hallucinogenic and psychedelic drugs. While we certainly don't advocate such activities, we can't help but celebrate these comic-book moments that have varied from hilariously far-out to dangerously past the brink of insanity.

Read on for four of our favorite psychedelic, surreal and otherwise trippy comics and story arcs. Read More...

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