Human TargetEpisode Title: "Christopher Chance"

Written By: Jonathan E. Steinberg & Robbie Thompson

Story: Ghosts from the past come down on Christopher Chance (Mark Valley) prompting a flood of memories to the days before he became a hero — the days when the honorable Lavern Winston (Chi McBride) was still a cop, the enigmatic Guerrero (Jackie Earle Haley) was still in shape, and the beautiful Katherine Walters (Amy Acker) was still alive. Read More...


When I spoke to "The Losers" director Sylvain White last month about the level of involvement the comic's creators had in the film, he indicated that the pair were more than just occasional consultants in the process of bringing their story of a framed, left-for-dead Special Ops team to the big screen.

MTV News recently caught up with White and actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who plays the team's leader, Clay. The duo offered a bit more insight into the input "Losers" creators Andy Diggle and Jock had on the film, and where fans will see some very specific references to the film's source material.

"During the conception of the film and pre-production, I worked closely with Jock in terms of the design and some of the look of the movie," said White. "The graphic novel has a really interesting, beautiful use of primary and secondary colors that I really wanted to stay true to." Read More...

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PreacherBack in 2008, director Sam Mendes said he'd "love to make 'Preacher,' but there’s no script" — a problem that was solved when screenwriter John August came on board the project.

However, Mendes was reportedly linked to the next "James Bond" film earlier this year, which caused some to question whether he'd still helm "Preacher." Now it appears that Mendes has officially left the project behind.

"We were originally talking with Sam Mendes about doing the movie," producer Neal Moritz told Collider. "Sam Mendes is going to go off and do the Bond movie, so there’s another director that we’re talking to right now." Read More...

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Human TargetEpisode Title: "Victoria"

Written By: Kalinda Vazquez & Sonny Postiglione

Story: Christopher Chance (Mark Valley) is contacted by Gerard (Erick Avari), a bodyguard protecting Princess Victoria (Christina Cole) of the British royal family. Victoria's jealous husband has marked her for assassination following the revelation that she's fallen in love with Tony (Rey Valentin), a New York City ambulance driver.

Chance is forced on the run alongside Victoria and with the help of Winston (Chi McBride) and Guerrero (Jackie Earle Haley), he must thwart the secret service agents that have turned against the princess and bring her husband to justice. Read More...


Only one episode remains before the season finale of "Human Target," but there's still no shortage of mysteries surrounding Christopher Chance.

When series star Mark Valley dropped by Splash Page HQ, we had to find out which aspects of his character he's dying to know more about.

"I'm really curious to know a little bit more about his past, but honestly, I'm really excited about every next episode that comes in," Valley told MTV News. "Every episode I pick up, it's like getting a new comic book." Read More...

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When "The Losers" hits theaters later this month, one of the characters I'm most looking forward to seeing on-screen is Aisha, the beautiful, brutal soldier who teams up with the framed Special Ops squad.

Played by "Avatar" actress Zoe Saldana, Aisha plays a role in many of the DC/Vertigo comic book series' most explosive moments and has a nasty habit of leaving bodies in her wake. When we had a chance to chat with Saldana during this weekend's WonderCon, she told us Aisha's tendency toward the extreme required more than a few tweaks to keep the live-action adaptation a PG-13 affair.

"I felt like we were pretty on, but in terms of the tweaking, we just had to sort of soften her," said Saldana, "because she's a very violent and very raw character in the comic." Read More...

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Human TargetEpisode Title: "Tanarak"

Written By: Mike Ostrowski

Story: Christopher Chance (Mark Valley) travels to an Alaskan island to locate missing doctor Jessica Shaw (Moon Bloodgood), who is unwittingly caught between the death of a mining worker and a well-known industrial giant. While Chance and Shaw find themselves on the run, Winston (Chi McBride) and Guerrero (Jackie Earle Haley) attempt to track down the nefarious industrialists to broker a long-term protection deal for Shaw. Read More...


Human TargetEpisode Title: "Corner Man"

Written By: Jonathan E. Steinberg & Robert Levine

Story: Christopher Chance (Mark Valley) enters a mixed martial arts tournament in order to save disgraced prize fighter Edie (Dash Mihok) from businessman Hugh Prentiss (Peter Wingfield), furious over Edie's refusal to take a dive. But Chance is unprepared for his desire to help Eva (Grace Park), Prentiss' disenchanted girlfriend, and his need to keep his close friends safe. Read More...


John CusackLate last year, "Hot Tub Time Machine" actor John Cusack was doing the press for his disaster thriller "2012" and mentioned a comic book movie he was interested in that sounded an awful lot like "Preacher," the celebrated DC/Vertigo series currently in development under director Sam Mendes.

The news had comic (and Cusack) fans buzzing, but alas, the pairing seemed far less likely when MTV News asked the actor about it on the "Hot Tub" red carpet this week.

"What's that?" responded Cusack when asked whether he was indeed interested in an adaptation of the "Preacher" comic book series. Read More...

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Neil Gaiman discussed a "Death" movie with Guillermo Del Toro last week, but Matthew Vaughn still has a "Sandman" adaptation on his mind. After talking to Gaiman, however, he believes the Vertigo series would be better served by an HBO TV treatment as opposed to a big-screen theatrical presentation.

"I think it would make an amazing HBO series, you know, where you can just really create that world," Vaughn told MTV News. "There's too much to get into an hour and a half, two hours." Read More...

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