"Clash of the Titans" star Sam Worthington has had his name popping up around the comics scene for a while now, despite having yet to appear in a comic book movie. Still, it looks like that's all going to change soon with a pair of upcoming adaptations that he's attached to in one form or another.

When MTV News caught up with Worthington during a "Titans" press junket, the actor confirmed rumors that he's attached to a movie based on British science-fiction hero "Dan Dare," and offered an update on the status of "The Last Days of American Crime," based on the Radical Publishing series by Rick Remender.

"We're putting ['Last Days of American Crime'] together as we speak," Worthington told MTV News. "The writer of the comic is actually doing his take on a draft. I thought that was a smart thing for me and my mates to get him to do, and we're looking for directors — a director who would be able to handle it." Read More...

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Guy Ritchie"Sherlock Holmes" director Guy Ritchie has been dabbling in that weird space between the comics and movie worlds for quite some time now. His original creation for now-defunct publisher Virgin Comics, an action series titled "Gamekeeper," has been stuck somewhere in the adaptation phase since the publisher folded, while the filmmaker's name has long been attached to a potential big-screen feature based on DC Comics war hero "Sgt. Rock."

When we caught up with Ritchie recently, the English writer/director of "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels" got us up to speed on where both of those projects stand—and why his first foray in the comic book movie world could come from an entirely different direction. Read More...

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Hugh JackmanLast year, Hugh Jackman announced that he had created a series called "Nowhere Man" for Virgin Comics. In what sounded like a logical investment in the comet tails of "X-Men Origins: Wolverine," the story about a future world without privacy was being primed to become at least one movie, and possibly a video game.

When Virgin Comics disbanded, however, half of the property's ownership fell into uncertainty, and even the comic's scribe, "Resurrection" writer and "Green Lantern" co-writer Marc Guggenheim, doesn't know if "Nowhere Man" has a clear destination for the time being. Read More...

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'Virulents'Despite the recent closing of Virgin Comics' New York offices, a big-screen adaptation of one of the troubled publisher's series, "Virulents" (featuring American and Indian military forces battling a triple threat of zombies, terrorists and vampires), is proceeding along as planned.

Virgin's Editor-in-Chief Gotham Chopra told the L.A. Times' geek blog Hero Complex that the film is "not affected by anything going on with the comic-book company," adding "that's the one that, considering the quality of the script and the role of John [Moore, the director] that is going forward the fastest."

Last month, we told you that Moore had his sights firmly set on bringing back Mark Wahlberg, the star of his current big-screen adaptation of the "Max Payne" videogame, for a leading role in "Virulents." No casting for the film has been announced at this point, however.

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Virgin ComicsVirgin Comics -- the high-profile joint publishing venture between Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Group, author Deepak Chopra, filmmaker Shekhar Kapur -- has officially shut down its New York-based office (which oversaw its comic book publishing division) and laid-off staff, according to Publishers Weekly. This morning, Virgin Comics CEO and cofounder Sharad Devarajan made an official statement which can be read after the jump.

Launched in early 2006, Virgin Comics' goal was to create a series of superhero and adventure comics inspired by Indian/Hindu mythology, which could also be parlayed into film properties. However, one of the publisher's main draws in the hopes of pulling in readers and Hollywood interest was the combinations of established directors -- such as John Woo, Guy Ritchie and Ed Burns -- and well-known comic book writers like Mike Carey, Jeff Parker and Garth Ennis. The company also worked with celebrities like Nicolas Cage, Jenna Jameson and musician Dave Stewart. Read More...

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'Kick-Ass'We could barely keep up with all the news this week, so here's your hook-up in case you missed anything...

- It was a kick-ass week for "Kick-Ass," as announcements about casting and production ruled the internet.

- The cast of "The Greatest American Hero" talked with us about their upcoming comics and webisodes.

- Tom Cruise and Sam Raimi hopped aboard the "Sleeper" train, and Ed Brubaker shared his thoughts with us about it.

- Warner Bros. dropped some hints about what DC fans can expect from them in the coming years -- "Batman 3," at least two other new franchises, and a darker-toned revamp of Superman...but will Bryan Singer be on board?

- Brad Meltzer spoke with us about "The Book of Lies," and also shared an exclusive song from the book's soundtrack.

- Antony Johnston talked about his graphic novel, "Julius," making the jump from indie comic to Hollywood.

- Harvey Dent is dead.

- John Moore wants everyone to lighten-up about serious subject matter in movies.

- And despite a lawsuit and possible boycotts by fans, there was still plenty of Watchmen news to keep excitement alive.

Thanks for stopping by this week, fellow nerds and nerdbirds! We'll see you on Monday!

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Superman BatmanSuperheroes exist for a reason, if only as a substitute for what used to be our collective mythologies. Deepak Chopra, who's been spending a lot of time thinking about this, says that “the themes of the sinners and saints, good and evil, play out with these symbolic representations of what we call heroes and villains."

Without getting too literary-theory on us, Chopra breaks it down: “Batman represents our redemption, Superman our dormant potential that lies within all of us.”

Batman, he explained, is our collective shadow, and the villains he faces are but another side of himself, of ourselves. “You see what happens to Harvey Dent,” he said. “It goes beyond being dualistic. The Joker is us. Batman is us. And when we embrace them both as aspects of ourselves, we’re ready to be forgiven and ready to forgive.” Read More...

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'Virulents'Director John Moore has one question when it comes to comic movies today -- "Why so serious?"

No, he hasn't succumbed to the rampant "Dark Knight" mania, more so, the now-classic line is Moore's mantra for his upcoming film, "Virulents" -- a horror story published by Virgin Comics about a platoon of U.S. Marines stationed in Afghanistan who come across a group of flesh-eating vampire zombies.

"The world’s pretty serious right now, and there’s an ironic lightness in 'Virulents,'" Moore explained. "There’s a touch of macabre ridiculousness to it. I think we’ve seen a lot of attempts to make serious movies about serious things, and it strikes me that we might be a little more artful about how we make a point [these days]." Read More...

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