Shh! The movie is starting!

We've reached the third and final portion of "'Avengers' Take Hollywood," the epic trilogy of webcomics from the maniacal "Ask Deadpool" duo of writer Emily Whitten and artist Marc Vuletich. Today's concluding installment ends this "Avengers" series exactly how you'd expect it to: mightily.

No spoilers here, folks... keep reading for the thrilling "'Avengers' Take Hollywood" conclusion!


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Hulk Smash

Last week, the folks behind "Ask Deadpool," writer Emily Whitten and artist Marc Vuletich, brought us the first part of "'Avengers' Take Hollywood," and Earth Mightiest Heroes prepared to check out all the Marvel Studios movies in a row with the help of "The Marathon Survival Kit."

In part two, "Superhero Musical Chairs," the Avengers need a little help picking seats, and Deadpool is not making it easy for anyone.

We'll have one more exclusive comic from "'Avengers' Take Hollywood." Come back next week for the stirring conclusion, and check out "Superhero Musical Chairs" after the jump!


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"Avengers" and webcomics fans assemble! "Ask Deadpool" creators Emily Whitten and Marc Vuletich have teamed up with MTV Splash Page for a new series of webcomics, "'Avengers' Take Hollywood." We'll be here every week with a brand new dose of Earth's most hilarious heroes until "Marvel's The Avengers" hits theaters on May 4.

Today, we present part one of the three-part series, "The Marathon Survival Kit." See, you guys aren't the only ones planning to binge on Marvel movies in the leadup to "The Avengers." The heroes themselves are making theatergoing plans of their own, and you can read all about them in this week's comic.

Read it in full after the jump!


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Geek Gift Guide 2010Thanksgiving is almost here, and that means there's only a month of shopping left in the holiday season. However, while this can be a scary realization for many people, you don't have to worry — because we've got ideas for the geeks on your list (or anyone else you want to convert to a life of geekery) covered.

This year, we're giving you the next best thing to actually buying the gifts for you. Your friendly neighborhood Splash Page team has come up with a wide-ranging list of books, games, toys, music and various other things to buy for everyone on your list — from the hardcore fanboys and fangirls to someone who's still learning the difference between Green Lantern and Green Hornet.

In the end, we tried to avoid some of the most obvious comics-related gifts this year and give you a mash-up of our own wishlists and the items we're planning to buy for our own friends and family. Here's hoping you find it helpful when it comes time for you to start dropping your hard-earned money on manufactured holiday joy. Read More...


Earth 2100From classic literature to political campaigns, comics have always been used illustrate a lot more than superhero stories. Tonight, comics will serve a particularly unique role in an ABC News special about the impact of climate change and global warming -- and they've recruited some notable comic creators to help tell their tale.

The centerpiece of the special, titled "Earth 2100," will take the form of a first-person, fictional narrative by a 91-year-old woman born on June 2, 2009. While the special is peppered with scientist interviews, simulations and user-created videos about the potential effects of climate change, the bulk of the two-hour program will involve the narrator's account of life in the year 2100, told using animated "graphic novel elements." Read More...

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'Diesel Sweeties'Anyone following MTV Splash Page on Twitter already knows that I spent the last three days in Western Massachusetts at Webcomics Weekend, the first-ever convention organized by -- and specifically focusing on -- webcomic creators and their work. The event was organized by "Octopus Pie" creator Meredith Gran, and hosted at the Easthampton complex where several of the 'Net's most popular webcomic creators have their studios.

With hundreds of fans and creators attending the event, there was more than enough for recent converts and longtime fans to see, hear and do during the two-day convention, and enough evidence to suggest that this first Webcomics Weekend event could indeed become the first of many down the road.

For those who weren't able to attend (registration was free, but organizers had to cap the list after the first 700 attendees signed up), here's a quick recap of some highlights from the weekend, as well as some webcomics with a presence at the show that you might want to add to your regular reading list. Read More...

Jasika NicoleRosario Dawson does it. Amber Benson does it. And Jasika Nicole from the new J.J. Abrams television show "Fringe" does it -- online. (They're all actresses who write comics.)

"I like to write and I'm an illustrator and I have a blog," Nicole said, "and I thought, 'Maybe this is the link to put it all together.'"

Nicole's autobiographical comic "High Yella Magic" can be found here, for now, until she re-does her website. She almost signed with a publisher once, but decided to stay independent after the publisher wanted to change "a lot of things," she said, "and I wasn't ready for that."

"They were like, 'You shouldn't talk about this,' or, 'This should be your angle,'" she said. "It's not about an angle. It's about my experience." Read More...

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'Angel of Death'A guy walks into the emergency room with a knife in his head – right behind his eye – and “Angel of Death” was born. Writer/creator Ed Brubaker was watching a PBS video of the real-life ER scene on YouTube, saw the doctors cut a piece of the man’s skull out to remove the knife, and immediately called up his wife’s cousin -- a surgeon -- to ask “Would most doctors know what to do in this situation?”

“Almost no one has ever dealt with this,” Brubaker said. “But you don’t leave a knife in somebody. It’s not brain surgery. Well, it is, but basically you put the person down and keep them stable and very slowly and hopefully smoothly pull it out. A handful of cases will be fine, they’ll be completely normal or just have the occasional seizure. But others bleed to death immediately. Pulling the knife out can kill them.” Read More...

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'Jonas Moore'In hopes if revitalizing their television production wing, Variety reports that MGM's television arm has optioned the UK-based online webcomic "The Many Worlds of Jonas Moore" for development as a possible action-drama series.

The story of "Jonas Moore" -- created by Howard Webster in partnership with Triumph Motorcycles -- revolves around a video game junkie who finds himself a fugitive in a futuristic world where the British rules the globe, and America has become a virtual world in a global game network. "Jonas" is currently available as a download for iPod or PC on the website, and is also offered as a "traditional" comic book for you purists out there.

As of now, MGM is currently looking for a writer to adapt the novel for television, and hopes to put production on the fast track to begin filming by next year.

Are traditional comics tapped for material, and are online comics the future of movies and TV shows? Let the debate begin in the comments.

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