Octopus Pie"Octopus Pie: There Are No Stars In Brooklyn" hit shelves this week, bringing writer/artist Meredith Gran's celebrated webcomic to the print world.

And though the arrival of "Octopus Pie" on shelves is big news on its own, this seems like a good time to bring your attention to a few other print collections of webcomics that you might want to check out, too.

Each of the three books I highlight here manages to offer something new to fans of the series online, while also giving first-time readers a great standalone story. Rather than serve as an excerpt or teaser for the ongoing comics each collection is culled from, the books offer full stories unfolding in their respective comics' universes and great examples of why each series continues to be so popular among fans. Read More...

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Jonah Hex: No Way BackJust when you thought the Western had hung up its guns, "Jonah Hex" arrives in theaters this weekend.

While "Hex" stars Josh Brolin and Megan Fox are hoping the big-screen debut of DC's scarred bounty hunter does well enough to merit another whiskey-swigging adventure, comic book readers know that Jonah Hex has been kicking ass and slinging a six-shooter for nearly four decades now — and he's not alone. The western hero is not only alive and well in the comic world, there's a multitude of characters and stories to choose from, depending on your personal tastes.

Reckon you'd like to try out a few comics set in the Wild West? Read More...

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The A-Team: Shotgun Wedding"The A-Team" hits theaters this weekend, giving the classic 1980s television series a modern update with a high-profile cast and some brand new adventures. But that's not the only place to find the team in its new incarnation.

IDW Publishing recently released collections of its two official "A-Team" miniseries, "Shotgun Wedding" and "War Stories." The first is a tie-in to the film featuring a new adventure with Hannibal, B.A., Face, and Murdock, and the second is the official prequel to the film that provides origin stories for the four main characters.

So, are they worth picking up? Do they fit in well with the film? Read on for a full breakdown. Read More...

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