Spider Jerusalem of 'Transmetropolitan'Sure, in the Marvel Comics universe, Stephen Colbert is running for President of the United States. Here in the live-action U.S., though, we have Barack Obama, John McCain, Bob Barr, Ralph Nader and a host of other candidates who are bringing people to the polls in big numbers this year. But how would our real-life candidates fare in the comics world?

We posed that question to various comic book writers, asking them how some of the characters they're well-known for scripting would've voted in today's election. Here's how they responded:

"All of the X-Men voted early either in person or by mail for Barack Obama," said "Uncanny X-Men" writer Matt Fraction.

"Astonishing X-Men" writer Warren Ellis didn't exactly disagree with Fraction's assessment, but he did tell MTV, "God, you wouldn't want those people to vote. Have you seen how they dress?" Read More...

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'Chuck'Every so often, a TV show comes along that leaves comic book fans asking, "Why isn't that a comic book series?" Sometimes we luck out (like with DC Comics' recently released "Heroes" collections) and other times, not so much (still waiting on that four-color adaptation of "Lost," publishers...). But apparently, Jim Lee and the rest of the Wildstorm crew have heard the pleas from fans of NBC's hit action/comedy, "Chuck," and have delivered a fun-filled and action-packed six-issue mini-series which kicked off this past June.

Following the cast of characters from the television series, "Chuck" the comic book (written by series co-executive producer Peter Johnson and series writer Zev Borow) is pegged as an adventure that's "too big for television," and judging by the exotic locales Chuck Bartowski and his super-spy counterparts have been so far -- Japan, the Amazon and Eastern Europe just to name a few -- it's an apt description.

With the penultimate issue of the mini-series set to hit the stands on October 29, DC/Wildstorm has offered up Splash Page readers an exclusive look at the upcoming issue -- check it out after the jump! Read More...


'X-Files' #1 CoverX-Files comic books -- in the '90s, four color tales of Agents Scully and Mulder heated up the comics charts and nabbed scores of cash on the back issue market before the comics industry and publisher, Topps, took a turn for the worse...along with the whole "X-Files" franchise (check out Kurt Loder's visit to the "X-Files" set here). Now in November, DC's Wildstorm imprint looks to reignite the series' comic popularity with a miniseries featuring something the '90s comics never had: a direct tie to the show's overarching mythos.

"They are connected with a part of the mythology that we introduced but did very little with at the beginning of season five," said writer Frank Spotnitz, a longtime scribe for the series and co-writer of July's "I Want To Believe" film. "We introduced this corporation Roush and so that was part of the mythology that we could have gone a lot deeper with but never got the chance. So the next two books connect with Roush. And I’m going to take a little break from writing comics after this and get back to my screenwriting career, but at some point I hope to get back to write more and do more with the mythology." Read More...

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'Sleeper'It's been a while since we've heard any news from the "Sleeper" front -- the last update being well-over a month ago when we reported that Tom Cruise was rumored to be starring in the film and Sam Raimi was set to produce -- but besides that, things have been relatively quiet regarding info about the production.

However, Variety has broken that silence today with news that Brad Ingelsby has been tapped to write the screenplay for the upcoming film. According to his IMDb profile, Ingelsby is a relative newcomer to Hollywood with only one screenwriting credit to his name (a 2006 short film called "The Honeyfields"), but Variety reports that he recently sold a script titled "Low Dweller" this past March to Relativity Media in which Ridley Scott is attached as director and Leonardo DiCaprio will star. Clearly, Ingelsby's stock is on the rise. Read More...

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'The Ferryman'For a guy who's spending October sending souls to hell, Marc Andreyko sounds pretty happy go lucky. While talking about his upcoming Wildstorm series "The Ferryman," Andreyko -- the writer behind DC Comics' critical darling yet low-selling comic "Manhunter" -- had nothing but sunshine and rainbows for his collaborators on the project, including film production legend Joel Silver ("The Matrix," "Roadhouse") by way of his Dark Castle production shingle.

"All that I was given by Silver was that he's always wanted to do a contemporary version of Charon and the River Styx – the Ferryman who ferried souls across into Hades. That was pretty much it. He wanted to do something contemporary with it. Go!" explained Andreyko of the book which debuts on Wednesday, October 8, and which you can see the opening pages from below. "I came up with how that would work and how the Ferrymen today – there'd be many of them because of the world's population, and they'd almost be skip tracers. If you sold your soul to the devil, eventually that contract is going to expire. And unfortunately, most people who sell their soul to the devil don't want to go quietly." Read More...

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Clark DukeShia LaBeouf isn’t the only comic-book fan who wants to be in “Y: The Last Man” – count "Kick-Ass" cast member Clark Duke as someone who covets a part in the adaptation of Brian K. Vaughan's celebrated series, too.

“‘Y’ is the only comic book I’ve bought every issue of from the start, no trades,” Duke said. “I went every week to buy it.”

Duke’s already got the experience of shooting a cross-country trip under his belt in the upcoming “Sex Drive." “It’s all about the crazy s**t that happens on the road, right?” Read More...

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MagdalenaAlrighty, true believers -- it's been yet another spectacular, fantastic and uncanny week in comic movie news. Here's a recap of some of the big stories we delivered:

- We kicked-off "Magdalena Week" here at Splash Page with actress and upcoming "Magdalena" film star, Jenna Dewan! Among the topics of conversation were super-heroine fashion, the possibilities of a Witchblade cameo, and the future of a "Magdalena" film franchise.

- Guy Pierce is interested in playing The Riddler...but under one condition.

- Brad Meltzer kicked off his campaign to save the "Superman House," and we showed off some beautiful exclusive art from the charity auction.

- Stan The Man wants to see a Dr. Strange movie, and who are we to deny him?

- Nic Cage had plenty to say in terms of his upcoming comic book flicks, first about the over-the-top violence in "Kick-Ass"...

- ...and then the return of "Ghost Rider" to the big screen.

- We showed off an exclusive preview of DC/WildStorm's "Fringe" tie-in comic, and spoke with the cast and crew about the highly-anticipated TV series.

- We spoke with "Buckaroo Banzai" creator Earl Mac Rauch about his slate of "Buckaroo Banzai" comics.

- Dark Horse Comics gave us an exclusive preview of their "My Name is Bruce" comic book tie-in.

- And we welcomed Splash Page co-editor Rick Marshall to the fold...hope he survives the experience!

Thanks for stopping by, everyone! We'll see you next week!

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'Fringe' #1If “Fringe” is the new “X-Files,” then the Fringe comic is the equivalent of having a book that shows what really happened to Mulder’s sister. Or if the show’s Dr. Walter Bishop is the new Hannibal Lector – handy to consult on cases despite those pesky mental institution surroundings – then the Fringe comic is like having Hannibal pre-cannibal.

Neither comparison is perfect – J.J. Abrams’ television series tend to be in classes unto themselves – but the point is, while the comic isn’t necessary to enjoy the show, it sure does help. “The comics are going to fill in the blanks,” said “Fringe” co-creator/writer/executive producer Roberto Orci. “There will be a payoff.” Read More...

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'The Boys'The Hollywood Reporter has announced that screenwriters Matt Manfredi and Phil Hays have been tapped to adapt Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson's highly-controversial comic series "The Boys" for the previously-announced upcoming feature film.

Best known for their work on "Aeon Flux," "The Tuxedo" and "Crazy/Beautiful," Manfredi and Hay will adapt the project which follows a top-secret branch of the CIA that monitors superheroes. In this world, however, superheroes behave like over-privileged celebrities, often engaging in adult -- and illegal -- activities. The series made headlines around comic websites a year ago when it was unceremoniously dropped from DC Comics' Wildstorm imprint, with rumors pointing to its highly-adult subject matter, and eventually found it way to Dynamite Entertainment.

It was announced earlier that Neal H. Moritz and his Columbia-based Original Films, along with Kickstart's Jason Netter and Ken Levin will be producing the film.

Think Hollywood will be able to pull off a "Boys" adaptation without an X-rating? Let us know in the comments.

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'Kick-Ass'We could barely keep up with all the news this week, so here's your hook-up in case you missed anything...

- It was a kick-ass week for "Kick-Ass," as announcements about casting and production ruled the internet.

- The cast of "The Greatest American Hero" talked with us about their upcoming comics and webisodes.

- Tom Cruise and Sam Raimi hopped aboard the "Sleeper" train, and Ed Brubaker shared his thoughts with us about it.

- Warner Bros. dropped some hints about what DC fans can expect from them in the coming years -- "Batman 3," at least two other new franchises, and a darker-toned revamp of Superman...but will Bryan Singer be on board?

- Brad Meltzer spoke with us about "The Book of Lies," and also shared an exclusive song from the book's soundtrack.

- Antony Johnston talked about his graphic novel, "Julius," making the jump from indie comic to Hollywood.

- Harvey Dent is dead.

- John Moore wants everyone to lighten-up about serious subject matter in movies.

- And despite a lawsuit and possible boycotts by fans, there was still plenty of Watchmen news to keep excitement alive.

Thanks for stopping by this week, fellow nerds and nerdbirds! We'll see you on Monday!

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