The "Doctor Who" television series kicks off its two-part finale this weekend with Friday's "The End of Time: Part One," and as "Who" fans are well aware, the next two episodes mark both the end of the current season and the conclusion of actor David Tennant's celebrated run as the time- and space-traveling adventurer known as The Doctor.

I've made no secret of my obsession with the long-running British science-fiction series, so when I had the chance to chat with Tennant about the series, the conversation covered a wide range of topics — including the state of "Doctor Who" comics. And just for kicks, I brought along a copy of "Doctor Who: The Forgotten," IDW Publishing's 2009 series by writer Tony Lee and artist Pia Guerra (with a great cover by Ben Templesmith).

"In Britain, we have 'Doctor Who Magazine' and we have 'Doctor Who Adventures,' which is for kids and [the magazine] is for a slightly older audience, and they both have comic strips," said Tennant. "One of the things I'm going to miss is being in a comic strip every week. It tickles a curious part of one's vanity, and I'll miss that." Read More...

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The winter holiday season is full of traditions big and small, but around the comics scene, the arrival of fun, holiday-themed cards from creators and publishers is one of my favorites.

I've scanned and posted some of the holiday cards we've received at Splash Page HQ this year, but before we get to them, I couldn't resist posting this special Christmas video from "Octopus Pie" creator Meredith Gran. It's the sort of thing that could make the heart of even the grinchiest grinch grow a few sizes.

Now, on to the holiday cards.

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30 Days of Night"30 Days of Night: Dark Days" will expand the world of the first "30 Days of Night" film into a potential ongoing movie franchise if the comic's creator and writer Steve Niles gets his wish, but it will also expand the backstory of some of Niles' characters, even as it axes a couple more. Scripts always change transitioning from comics to film, and according to Niles the upcoming direct-to-DVD vampire sequel based on his graphic novel of the same name will be no different.

"In terms of the comic there was that whole New Orleans subplot, and there were those two characters Judith and George that just didn't make it into the movie," Niles told Bloody Disgusting. "They play a prominent role in the comic. We had to write our way around that, but it didn't turn into that big of a problem." Read More...

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Night and FogProducers Gil Adler and Shane McCarthy have optioned Matthew Bradford and Alex Leung’s “Night and Fog.”

Originally published by Studio 407 in 2008 as a miniseries by Bradford and Leung along with artists Thomas Aira and Roberto Castro, “Night and Fog” follows a security guard’s attempt to escape a military base that is beset by a seemingly supernatural mist that transforms its victims into unkillable monstrosities.

“When I read this I knew I had to take it off the market,” said Adler in a recent press release. “It’s a great high-concept that blends the gothic horror of the Hammer films with the sci-fi horror of ‘Aliens’ and ‘The Thing.’” Read More...

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DESC"Sherlock Holmes" producer Dan Lin, who recently spoke about the forthcoming adaptation of Jeff Smith's "Bone," has his name attached to plenty of other comic book projects, including DC Comics' "Suicide Squad" and the ill-fated "Justice League Mortal."

In an interview with Collider, Lin provided updates on both projects, saying that the "Justice League" adaptation is currently shelved while Warner Bros. solidifies its strategy for bringing the DC Universe to the big screen.

"[They're] unveiling their DC strategy in January so you'll hear more about that and they'll speak about that in the new year," Lin said of the WB's plans. "[It] seems like they're building to Justice League instead of going with the team movie first and doing individual movies after that." Read More...

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Twitter"Avatar" may be the most hilariously divisive movie of the holiday season, if not 2009. In the last 24 hours, for instance, G. Willow Wilson has been excited about seeing it, Laurenn McCubbin has been thoroughly dissatisfied with it and Mike Choi has come to the movie's defense with some serious words for its critics.

In other tweets, Dennis Calero spoke up for everyone who grew up with "Sesame Street" actress Alaina Reed Amini. The actress who played Olivia on the show passed away last week. Check out those messages after the jump along with Brian Michael Bendis' shock over "Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel," Bill Willingham's birthday announcement (which we congratulate him on!) and Jimmy Palmiotti's thoughts on "Brothers."

They're all in the Twitter Report for December 23, 2009. Read More...

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Dash ShawAcclaimed writer/artist Dash Shaw received quite a bit of attention when his 2008 graphic novel "Bottomless Belly Button" was heralded as one of the bets projects of the year by various print and online media, and only solidified his place among the upper echelon of indie creators with his "BodyWorld" webcomic (soon to be collected in print by Pantheon Books).

His latest project, "The Unclothed Man in the 35th Century," debuted this month as both a series of animated shorts on and a new book published by Fantagaphics. "The Unclothed Man" is set in a futuristic world where robots have replaced humans in nearly all facets of daily life, and chronicles the adventures of a man named Rebel X-6 who poses as a robot model for figure-drawing classes at an art school.

With the animated series already available on and the "Unclothed Man" book hitting comic shops today (it arrives in bookstores January 6), I spoke to Shaw about the origins of the project and the appeal of working in both still comic format and animation, and received a sneak peek inside "The Unclothed Man In The 35th Century" courtesy of Fantagraphics. Read More...

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Atomic RoboTHE STORY: "Atomic Robo: " by Brian Clevenger (W) an'd Scott Wegener (A) – Red 5 Comics

WHAT IT'S ABOUT: Unveiled by Nikola Tesla in 1923, the automatic intelligence known as Atomic Robo receives full United States citizenship after completing a top-secret mission predating America's entry into World War II. After the war, Robo founds Tesladyne, a world-renowned think tank entrusted to stand against the kind of threats that personify speculative science fiction.

With a brilliant mind, near-invulnerable fists and a laser-sharp wit, Robo and his action scientists face down the impossible on behalf of all mankind.


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The ForgottenEarlier this week, we brought you the news that producers Don Murphy ("We3") and John Wells had renewed their option on Jareth Grealish and Evan Young’s “The Forgotten” comic book. Grealish hinted that a "well-established screenwriter" was attached to the project, and it hasn't taken long for the first rumor to surface regarding who that writer could be.

According to SlashFilm, "Transformers" writer John Rogers will pen the screenplay for the film, which adapts the 2002 four-issue miniseries about a man with the ability to make those around him forget that he ever existed as he attempts to unravel a murder mystery.


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Siege'Tis the season for giving, it seems! Earlier today, I posted a photo on Twitter showing off the holiday gift that arrived at Splash Page HQ from the good folks at IDW Publishing, and now another package showed up in the office that merits attention.

This time around, it's an "Advanced Screening Variant" of "Siege" #1, courtesy of Marvel Comics and writer Brian Michael Bendis.

With "Siege" promising to not only be the next big event for the Marvel Universe, but also the culmination of nearly a decade of storylines, it's no surprise that Marvel is pushing the series hard — but there's something very special about this particular issue. Sure, it's signed by Bendis on the front cover, but it's the inside cover that really caught my eye. It's personalized! Read More...

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