Kick-AssThe last few weeks have included quite a few holiday gifts for anyone eager to check out "Kick-Ass," Matthew Vaughn's upcoming adaptation of John Romita Jr. and Mark Millar's comic book series. And now, to go along with the awesome posters and trailers that have hit the 'Net this month, there's also a new, red-band (and depending on where you work, likely NSFW) "Kick-Ass" clip.

The new footage debuted as part of an exclusive "Kick-Ass" widget on IGN, and puts the spotlight on Hit-Girl, the pint-size assassin played by Chloe Moretz. As fans of the series are already aware, the character drops f-bombs and other obscenities as easily as she eviscerates, decapitates and ventilates any bad guys who get in her way.


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Swamp Thing"Sherlock Holmes" producer Joel Silver has his hands full with films based on literary heroes these days, and as many comic book fans are aware, quite a few of those projects hail from the DC Comics universe.

Since his name is attached to many of the projects we're most excited about these days, Silver offered MTV News a quick update on some of those projects during the "Sherlock Holmes" red carpet event last week. We pressed the comics-friendly producer for his thoughts on everything from "Swamp Thing" to "Lobo" and many of the other films drawing on DC's massive stable of characters.


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Neil GaimanGail Simone loves working on "Wonder Woman" with Nicola Scott, but she has a secret DC Universe project on her mind as well right now which she's teasing on Twitter. Neil Gaiman, meanwhile, may need glasses before he moves on to his next project, as he was found tweeting about his eyesight in the Twitter Report feed today.

Elsewhere, the holiday season has brought shopping dilemmas and snowstorms, which you can find in Stan Lee and Geoff Johns' posts. Click on past the jump and you'll find all of those tweets along with Mike Oeming's thoughts on "Hancock," Simon Pegg's photo-altering shenanigans and more.

It's all in the Twitter Report for December 22, 2009. Read More...

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Jude Law"Sherlock Holmes" arrives in theaters this week, pairing "Iron Man 2" star Robert Downey Jr. with actor Jude Law — who remains a far less prominent star in the comic book movie world than his co-star, despite his comics cred-inspiring ink. (He has a tattoo of Rorschach from "Watchmen.") However, an October rumor seemed to indicate that Law was on track to change all that with a role in "Thor" alongside Robert DeNiro.

Unfortunately, the rumor turned out to be just that, as Law explained to MTV News during the recent "Sherlock Holmes" red carpet event.

"Was there?" said Law when told there was a widely circulated rumor tagging him for a role in Kenneth Branagh's film about the Marvel god of thunder. Read More...

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DESC"Sherlock Holmes" producer Dan Lin is currently hard at work on a very different but no less enigmatic film project — none other than the adaptation of cartoonist Jeff Smith's "Bone."

Details on the comic book film have been fairly scarce, though Smith has previously said that he's happy with the project's progress so far. But Lin, who is producing "Bone," had more detailed comments to offer when speaking with Collider about the film. Specifically, Lin said that he and the "Bone" crew are striving for a tone that mixes the best elements of "Shrek" and "Lord of the Rings" together.



Jaimie AlexanderWith director Kenneth Branagh’s highly anticipated “Thor” adaptation set to begin shooting next month, actress Jaimie Alexander has been constantly updating fans with info from the upcoming film.

According to Alexander's Twitter feed, several members of the cast assembled in Los Angeles for rehearsals. “[I] met Anthony Hopkins today... Such a lovely man. Such a pleasure,” wrote Alexander. Later, she added “[I] can't stop staring at Thor's arms... Chris [Hemsworth] is HUGE!”

Alexander also took the time to refute a growing rumor that Justin Chatwin (“Dragonball Evolution”) had been cast as Thor’s loyal ally, Balder the Brave. “Justin Chatwin isn't going to be in ‘Thor’,” revealed Alexander. “Just clearing up another rumor. Sleep well out there.” Read More...

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Karl UrbanDirector Robert Schwentke’s adaptation of Warren Ellis and Cully Hamner’sRed” already boasts an impressive lineup of stars including Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, Helen Mirren, John C. Reilly and Mary-Louise Parker. However, a report has surfaced naming Karl Urban as the latest addition to the cast.

According to, Urban will portray a character named “Cooper.” The report also states that Julian McMahon will play the Vice President of the United States and that Ernest Borgnine and Richard Dreyfuss have officially signed on to the film — reiterating an earlier report of their involvement. Read More...

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Bryan SingerLast week’s announcement that Bryan Singer will return to direct “X-Men: First Class” has sparked speculation about which characters will appear in the film — especially since Singer has indicated that the focus will be on Professor Xavier and Magneto during their 20s. However, given the age of Magneto in this film, a “Magneto” solo movie may no longer be in the cards.

“This story would probably utilize some of the 'Magneto' story because it deals with a young Magneto,” explained Singer during an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. “So it might supercede that because this would explore that relationship between a young energetic professor and a disenfranchised victim of the Holocaust.”


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Carol FerrisAnother day, another comic book movie rumor... but instead of yet another "Spider-Man 4" bite, this time around we have an unofficial report regarding "Green Lantern."

Citing anonymous sources connected to the project, Latino Review reports that casting for Carol Ferris (the love interest of Ryan Reynolds' Hal Jordan) is down to five potential actresses. The list of names covers a wide spectrum of age and on-screen experience, and includes Eva Green ("Casino Royale"), Keri Russell (who voiced the title character in the animated "Wonder Woman" movie), Diane Kruger ("Inglourious Basterds"), Blake Lively ("Gossip Girl") and Jennifer Garner ("Alektra").

"Per the script, Carol Ferris (27) is the daughter of aerospace mogul Carl Ferris," reports the site. "She works for her dad’s company FERRIS AIR, got an MBA, and has a lifetime crush on Hal Jordan." Read More...

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The ForgottenBack in April, Jareth Grealish and Evan Young’s “The Forgotten” was picked up by Don Murphy and John Wells as a potential feature film. And while details have since been scarce, Murphy and Wells have extended their option.

"A well established screenwriter is now attached to the project,” Grealish told “While we're not at liberty to disclose his name, I can assure you the guy has some very impressive credentials, The take that he and our producers have on 'The Forgotten' is top-notch. Evan and I are very excited about where they are taking it."


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