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The Amazing Spider-ManComic-Con International begins on Wednesday, so of course everyone is tweeting about upcoming comic book movie projects and conveniently leaked teasers. This means that Hollywood publicity people are doing their jobs!

The "Amazing Spider-Man" teaser that slipped out got a relatively warm reception, though P.J. Holden surely isn't the only Spidey reader suffering from origin story fatigue. The "Walking Dead" Season 2 trailer, meanwhile, didn't give anything away about what AMC's got in store, but it was fun to see. Damon Lindelof's thoughts on the show, as well as "Powers" TV info and Mark Waid's frustrations over DC rebooting Superman made the day's top retweets after the jump.

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Jon Favreau Iron Man 3Jon Favreau has officially relinquished the director's chair for "Iron Man 3," and the news sent ripples through the comics Twitterverse this morning. Dan Slott, however, is still holding out to see the "Cowboys and Aliens" director hang around and contribute at least one more cameo, however.

In other Marvel film universe related happenings, Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds' split has likewise attracted some commentary, and Chris Weston sounded hopeful last night. Find out why down below, where his wish has been retweeted along with some continuing Golden Globes reactions, Phil Hester on a recent breakthrough in HIV cure research and Mark Millar's picks for new directors in the world of Marvel movies.

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Iron Man 2If you've ever wanted to attract envious tweets in the Twitter Report feed, getting into the premiere of "Iron Man 2" and letting everyone know about your access is a good start. Brian Michael Bendis offered his post-screening thoughts on the film last night, which he attended with Ed Brubaker. The rest of comics Twitterverse mostly shook their fists with jealously.

A few creators tweets about non-"Iron Man 2" topics as well in the last 24 hours, too. Among those were Brian Wood, who pointed out his satisfaction with royalties he receives from "DMZ" and "Northlanders" volumes printed in other languages, and Philip Tan, who continues to be on fire with the artwork samples he's been posting. Check out his Colossus and Tony Moore's thoughts on drawing Daken below.

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CouriersAnyone who's every been in New York City knows couriers are probably the last people to cross on the Isle Manhattan, but "Lost" writer and creator of ABC Family's completed "Middleman" series Javier Grillo-Marxuach is even more aware than most, having written the film adaptation of Brian Wood ("Local," "DMZ") and Rob G's ("Teenagers From Mars") comic book series "Couriers."

Grillo-Marxuach told MTV News that he was approached by Intrepid Pictures to write a script for the high-action comic book adaptation back in 2006, which he's since completed. Now the involved parties are waiting to see what develops in Hollywood.

"I've written the script and we've had studio interest and directors attached and all that, and now we're just hoping to make this movie," said Grillo-Marxuach. Read More...

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