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Director John Woo has proven his eye for action with films like "Face/Off" and "The Killer," so when he dropped by Splash Page HQ to discuss his upcoming film "Red Cliff," we had to ask why he hasn't stepped behind the camera for an action-packed superhero movie yet. After clearing up his attachment to "Caliber," the Radical Comics series we spoke to creator Sam Sarkar about earlier this year, Woo offered up some thoughts on why superheroes aren't really his thing.

"It didn't work out because it's not good timing for me to take on the movie," said Woo, confirming he's no longer attached to an adaptation of the Arthurian saga set in the Wild West.


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ExcaliburBryan Singer's plate is pretty darn full. Even if he doesn't return to the "Superman" franchise, he's currently attached to some other high-profile properties—potentially including the "X-Men: First Class" directing gig. Recently, he added yet another project to the pile with a re-imagining of John Boorman's classic King Arthur film "Excalibur."

But it isn't the mere fact that Singer is looking to produce and direct a King Arthur-era movie that's worth noting here. For some reason, there seems to be a surprising amount of comics-savvy creators flocking to the Arthurian legend in some way, shape or form.

Just last month, it was revealed that "Transmetropolitan" writer Warren Ellis is scripting a currently untitled King Arthur movie. Ellis noted on his blog that his project is different from Singer's, effectively dispelling any hopes that the one-time "X-Men" director and the "Astonishing X-Men" writer would be in cahoots on the same film. Read More...

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'Caliber'Last month, we spoke with "Caliber" writer Sam Sarkar and got an update on the status of the in-development adaptation of that series he's currently writing the screenplay for -- a film that action director extraordinaire John Woo is likely to helm. Sarkar told MTV News that Johnny Depp's Infinitum Nihil production company (where Sarkar serves as head of development) has officially signed on to produce "Caliber," but the popular actor won't star in the film.

So, with that in mind, we asked Sarkar if there's been any other movement in terms of casting for the film ("A few people have responded already," he told us) and which characters were likely to be the standouts in the big-screen version of his unique, Wild West-era take on the Knights of the Round Table. Read More...

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'Caliber'Last year, Splash Page had a chance to catch up with Radical Comics president and publisher Barry Levine, who spoke at length about Radical's "Caliber" -- a retelling of the legend of King Arthur set in America's Wild West era -- and how he and "Caliber" scribe, Sam Sarkar, had hoped to convince director John Woo to helm the adaptation.

Since it's been all quiet on the "Caliber" front since then, we decided to check in with Sarkar to see if there's been any progress on the flick that, ever since Johnny Depp's Infinitum Nihil production company (where Sarkar serves as head of development) came onboard, looks to be on the fast track.

"I just finished the adaptation of the screenplay," Sarkar told MTV News. "Between now and the Cannes Film Festival we're setting it up." Read More...

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'Caliber'John Woo might have returned to his roots -- shooting “1949” and the “Red Cliff” films in China -- but when he’s done, he wants to go back to America’s roots, in the Wild West. But when the first film project he hoped would take him there fell through, he found another in the re-imagining of King Arthur in frontier times in “Caliber.”

“I knew John wanted to develop a western about the Chinese and the railroads, how they helped build the American West,” Radical president and publisher Barry Levine said, referring to “The Divide.” “But that never happened.”

So Levine, sensing an opportunity, took a presentation to Woo with “Caliber” writer Sam Sarkar, first in Singapore, and then in Beijing, to show him how gunfighters had replaced the Knights of the Round Table, and how a particular, fated pistol only meant for one man with justice on his side could shoot lightning instead of bullets. All the familiar names – Arthur, Lancelot, Guinevere, Morgan Le Fay – were re-imagined (Guinevere becomes Gwen, for instance). “We went on set and watched him work, and we talked about how the characters could be in a film,” Levine said. “And he got it. He had a vision for it and it coincided with our vision.” Read More...

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