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Grant Morrison and RZA are feeling mighty "Happy" with one another, as the comic book scribe and Wu-Tang Clan veteran are joining forces for a brand new movie project.

The Hollywood Reporter has the news that RZA, fresh off his directorial debut "The Man with the Iron Fists" (hitting theaters on November 2), will direct an adaptation of Morrison's "Happy," a brand new Image Comics series co-created by "Transmetropolitan" and "The Boys" illustrator Darick Robertson.


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Rogue Trooper

Earlier last month, tucked into a Daily Record interview with Grant Morrison, news of a "Rogue Trooper" film adaptation snuck out. It was just a little snippet of information, but it was in black-and-white: Morrison was working on a screenplay featuring the blue commando. Of course, nothing more was said about the supposed project, and it's fair to say it sort of fell off the radar in the last few weeks.

A new interview with "Rogue Trooper" parent company, Rebellion, doesn't exactly confirm that the film is green-lit, but there's a good chance the adaptation is one of two properties being optioned.


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Dwayne McDuffieTwo pop culture icons left their mark on Twitter yesterday. Writer Dwayne McDuffie, who will always be my favorite Deathlok scribe, and actor Nick Courtney, who endeared himself to decades of "Doctor Who" fans with his portrayal of The Brigadier, both passed away, and their importance was impossible to miss in the feed.

The fact that Grant Morrison broke Twitter silence to comment on McDuffie's death should be enough to let you know that he's going to be missed within the creative community. His contributions to the animated "All Star Superman" feature and projects like "Static Shock" and "Justice League Unlimited" will be his lasting legacy. The writers who spoke up last night captured his importance better than I can, though. Read on for their thoughts and Courtney's impact on a couple of "Doctor Who" writers.

I'm @brianwarmoth, and this is your Twitter Report for February 23, 2011. Read More...

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Grant MorrisonWhen Grant Morrison teased that his character Korse would continue to haunt My Chemical Romance in new videos for their recently released album "Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys," he certainly wasn't kidding.

Indeed, Korse is already back in action in a brand new music video titled "Sing," and just like the video for "Na Na Na," My Chemical Romance fans are in for a science fiction ride of epic proportions.

In "Na Na Na," Korse managed to get the upper hand on our heroes, the titular Killjoys — a group that consists of Party Poison, Jet Star, Fun Ghoul and Kobra Kid. But when "Sing" begins, the Killjoys have rebounded from their loss at the hands of Korse, leading them on a daring rescue mission to save a young child and flee this highly protected facility with their lives intact. But Korse has other plans... Read More...

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Grant MorrisonWe've seen him in action, now it's time to hear it from the man himself — who exactly is the mischievous villain that Grant Morrison is playing in My Chemical Romance's recent "Na Na Na" music video?

Speaking with The Los Angeles Times, Morrison has significantly pulled the curtain back on his devil-grinning character. The man is named Korse, apparently, and his still unrevealed backstory is "extensive" — and with Morrison's involvement, we'd expect nothing less.

"Korse is an exterminator for the S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W unit of Better Living Industries," the celebrated comic book writer turned actor revealed. "His extensive back story has yet to be revealed but he’s intimately connected with the Killjoys and their secret history. He’s a remorseless human bloodhound, a hunter who dresses like an undead, post-apocalyptic Doc Holliday." Read More...

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Grant MorrisonNot too long ago, I spoke to veteran comic book writer Grant Morrison about his upcoming movie "Sinatoro," a surreal, Hitchcock-influenced, psychedelic adventure that he's hard at work scripting.

After offering up all the details he could reveal about "Sinatoro," Morrison also shared a few updates on some of the other projects he's involved with these days, including the long-awaited adaptation of his "We3" miniseries, the recently announced "Joe The Barbarian" movie, and that mysterious BBC television series he's working on with "Push" director Paul McGuigan and actor Stephen Fry.


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SinatoroAlready one of the most celebrated comic book authors in the industry, Grant Morrison seems to be popping up everywhere we look these days — from music videos and mysterious television projects to the focus of a new documentary about his life and career. He's also currently hard at work on the script for a live-action independent movie, "Sinatoro," with director Adam Egypt Mortimer.

Announced at this year's San Diego Comic-Con, "Sinatoro" tells the story of an amnesiac man who wakes after an auto accident in the middle of the desert and gets caught up in a beautiful girl's quest to rid her town of evil forces. According to the official plot synopsis, the film's hero encounters "the world's most dangerous gangster, a deranged astronaut, a drunken cowboy, and an army of hobos" on his journey through a nightmarish pop-culture landscape that only Morrison could create.

I spoke with Morrison and Mortimer about the project and the origins of "Sinatoro" to get a better idea of what we can expect when the celebrated, surreal vision of one of comics' greatest minds is turned to the live-action movie world. Read More...

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Documentary subject and comic book scribe Grant Morrison can check off another item on his continually impressive list of accomplishments: music video star.

First revealed last month in a brief video teaser, Morrison has made his official debut in the full-length music video for My Chemical Romance's "Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na)," a science fiction epic featuring laser pistols, bazookas, masked gunmen and references to antimatter, all in an effort to promote the band's upcoming "Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys" album. Read More...

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Grant Morrison documentaryBack in July we brought you the news that the upcoming "Grant Morrison: Talking With Gods" documentary had found a distributor and would premiere during this year's New York Comic Con. Now the good folks at Halo-8 Entertainment have provided us with more information about the screening this weekend.

"Grant Morrison: Talking With Gods" will be screened at the downtown NYC theater Cinema Village (on E. 12th Street) this Saturday (October 9) at 11:30 PM EDT. Tickets to the screening will cost $11 for adults or $8 for students (but aren't we all students of Grant Morrison?).

Halo-8 is also putting together a $20 package that will get you a ticket to the screening and your very own DVD (shipping October 26). Check out the official Halo 8 website later today for all the info you need to snag a seat at the show. Read More...

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Grant MorrisonAs if his status as one of the most respected comic book authors of our time and being the subject of his very own documentary weren't rewarding enough, Grant Morrison is carving another notch in his belt as the star of a new music video.

Morrison has apparently teamed up with My Chemical Romance front man Gerard Way for "Art is the Weapon," a short video posted on YouTube and teasing the upcoming launch of MCR's next album, "The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys." Morrison makes his debut in the video at the 0:50 mark, grinning devilishly at the camera and later appearing as a gun-toting villain squaring off against the members of Way's band. Read More...

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