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Jonah HexEDITOR'S NOTE: With "Jonah Hex" hitting theaters this weekend, I enlisted longtime "Jonah Hex" comics co-writer Jimmy Palmiotti to share his thoughts on why the character has endured in comics and pop culture for so many decades. -RM

Justin Gray and I have been writing the monthly "Jonah Hex" comic book for DC Comics for over five years now, and its still going strong. A lot of people ask us what the appeal of the character is to readers, and I like to think the appeal happens on a number of levels — some not so obvious.

With the series published now, each and every issue is drawn by the greats in the comic industry, and these stories are told in single-issue fashion, so non-readers can pick up any issue and get brought up to date about the who, what, and where of the character. But when a person looks at a drawing, the brain decides in a split second whether the image is of interest to them — like it or don’t like it, cool or not cool. One look at Jonah Hex and most people think, “Ew, what the hell happened to his face?” This is soon followed by “But he does look cool,” and finally, “What's he about?”

And it's that last stage where the story comes in. Read More...

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Mark MillarYou know what the world needs a little more of? Hype for the "Kick-Ass" movie. Hell, I know there's other stuff going on in the world like the economic crisis, government elections here in the UK, and all that... blah blah blah. But I feel what the man in the street is really talking about is Matthew Vaughn and Jane Goldman's adaptation of the comic-book I created with the brilliant John Romita Jr.

Listen in to any American family talking around the dinner table, any bar you walk into right now, any pillow talk between lovers, and you'll only hear an excited back and forth about the sheer awesomeness of Chloe Moretz's performance as Hit-Girl. Eavesdrop at a bus-stop, and I bet you dollars for dimes even people who've never met before are discussing Aaron Johnston's charming and sympathetic portrayal of the titular character.

Why? Because this is more important than jobs, taxes, interest rates and all that stuff I click past to read our reviews. This is what really matters, and with that in mind I am proud to announce that the brilliant MTV Splash Page is doing a "Kick-Ass" movie week and has installed me as their Guest Editor. Read More...

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Doctor WhoIt's a very strange sensation, writing words for a man who's already, for all intents and purposes, dead. To have him do things he'll no longer do, to have him achieve things he'll never be close to achieving any more; all these moments in his now-finished life seem false, all these additional, post-mortem scenes feel as if I'm somehow cheating.

Because he's gone. Kaput. Farewell. He is an ex-Time Lord. He has ceased to be.

I am, of course, talking about the Tenth Doctor, the David Tennant one, the tall, lanky, product- and mop-haired, suit-wearing maniac who, yelling "Allons-y!" and waving his magic wand — ahem, I mean, sonic screwdriver — took us all on a tour of fantastic worlds and vistas for four years (three full seasons and a year of specials). And now that he's gone, regenerated into Matt Smith, and the show now off-air until ol' Eleven returns with a new TARDIS and new companion.

But I still write Tennant. And as I write this, I'm finishing the penultimate Tennant story, leading into the final tale of the Tenth Doctor for IDW Publishing. Read More...

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Steve NilesHalloween Week continues with yet another guest blog from one of the industry's most notable creators of horror comics. This time around, it's "30 Days of Night" co-creator Steve Niles, whose series "Criminal Macabre," "Freaks of the Heartland" and "Wake the Dead" (among others) are also currently in development as feature films. His sequel to "30 Days of Night," "Dark Days" is also currently in production.

I imagine for a lot of folks out there Halloween is a fun time, but not one of the bigger times of year. In my house, Halloween is right up there with all major holidays. I’d even go as far as to say I spend more in October than I do in December.

It’s the truth. I have a problem. My name is Steve Niles and I’m a horror addict. I’m also one lucky monster-kid. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Read More...

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HarkerHalloween Week kicks off here on Splash Page with the first in our series of guest columns from comic book creators known for their work with vampires, werewolves, ghosts and all manner of terrifying subject matter. First up is writer Tony Lee, who's currently hard at work on the comic book adaptation of "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies," as well as the webcomic "Where Evils Dare" and his original graphic novel "From The Pages Of Bram Stoker's 'Dracula': Harker," a sequel to the classic 1897 novel. Keep it locked to Splash Page all week for more Halloween-themed guest columns, features and exclusive previews!

I was never much of a horror fan as a kid. Growing up in the '70s and '80s, I was too young for movies like "The Exorcist," "Rosemary's Baby," "The Shining" and "The Omen," only finding them later in my life. No, I was a child of the '80s, and as such, my first exposure to horror was the movies of Wes Craven and Sam Raimi. But I had a problem with the genre—I just didn't understand why there had to be so much blood. Read More...

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