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Hack/SlashAre you a horror fan? A comics fan? A horror comics fan? Today, you're in luck!

After years of development, the "Hack/Slash" adaptation has found its director: Marcus Nispel, who helmed last summer's "Conan the Barbarian." The project's seen several directors and writers come and go, but Nispel will hopefully be the one who sticks.


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The fate of a live-action "Hack/Slash" movie might be a little uncertain right now (though the project reportedly snagged a new writer late last year), but Cassie Hack will make the jump to the animated world next year with an "illustrated film" based on Tim Seeley's comic book series.

Produced by Halo-8 Entertainment, the "Hack/Slash" illustrated film (it's not a "motion comic," I'm told) will be adapted and directed by award-winning filmmaker Matt Pizzolo, who previously produced Halo-8's popular "GodKiller" illustrated film. Halo-8 has provided Splash Page readers with the first peek at the "Hack/Slash" film, courtesy of a short teaser...

According to Halo-8, the "Hack/Slash" film will be based on the "My First Maniac" story arc published by Image Comics. Read More...

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Hack/Slash"Hack/Slash" has seen its fair share of swaps on the long road to the big screen. The film saw a director switch when Fredrik Bond replaced Todd Lincoln following the sale of Rogue Pictures to Relativity Media from Universal Pictures. Now, "The Grudge" writer Stephen Susco has reportedly stepped in to write the screenplay which was previously entrusted to "Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li" scribe Justin Marks.

Relativity snagged Susco to pen a new draft of the "Hack/Slash" script, according to Bloody-Disgusting.com. Susco comes to the project with several horror credits under his belt, including the first two "Grudge" movies and the still-in-development "Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D." Read More...

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Hack/SlashNot long ago, a little movie called "Eve" was announced with eerie similarities to "Hack/Slash," the Devil's Due Publishing series created by Tim Seeley. While some fans were worried that "Eve" would derail development on a "Hack/Slash" movie, Seeley and the "Eve" helmer reconciled their differences to keep "Hack/Slash" on track.

Now, it sounds like things are really on track for the comic book adaptation, as Collider recently had the opportunity to speak with "Hack/Slash" producers Adrian Askarieh and Daniel Alter at this weekend's 2009 Scream Awards.

While details are currently being kept under wraps, Alter reaffirmed that a director has been chosen for "Hack/Slash" with other announcements soon to follow. Read More...


"Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist" actress Kat Dennings isn't the first name you'd associate with comic book movies, but when we had the chance to sit down with her during the Toronto International Film Festival, she was quick to name-drop an adaptation she'd like to bring to the big screen.

In town to discuss her upcoming, pseudo-superhero movie "Defendor" with Woody Harrelson, Dennings called out action-horror series "Hack/Slash" when asked if there were any books she'd like to play a role in adapting.

"You know who's a cool girl comic book thing?" said Dennings. "Hack/Slash!" Read More...

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Hack/SlashRuthless killers and demonic murderers, you are officially on notice: there's a raven-haired serial killer-killing serial killer about to hack and slash her way onto the big screen... and she has a new director.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, commercial director Fredrik Bond will direct "Hack/Slash," based on the horror comic book from Devil's Due Publishing. The movie is in the works with Rogue Pictures, the Relativity Media subsidiary responsible for geek-friendly films "Shaun of the Dead" and "Doomsday."

"Hack/Slash" stars Cassie Hack, a young woman that has become a killer of killers. Hack travels from town to town across the country hunting serial killers molded after "Halloween's" Michael Myers, "A Nightmare on Elm Street's" Freddy Krueger and other horror icon-inspired murderers. Read More...

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'Hack/Slash'A killer idea for a film can sometimes be just that. That's what director Brian Metcalf found out earlier this week after the announcement of his upcoming film, "Eve," was met with skepticism by fans of Tim Seeley's "Hack/Slash" comic book series.

"Eve," would have told the story of a notorious serial killer's daughter who hunts down supernatural murderers to atone for her family history -- an element central to the plot of Seeley's comic, which is also already in development for a film treatment of its own at Rogue Pictures. Fans recognized the similarities between the two franchises almost immediately and spread the word online.

Those fans included "Hack/Slash" artist Kevin Mellon, who recently wrapped up two issues the series and told MTV News, "I really only know what I saw on the initial site, and my initial thoughts of 'Oh, Hollywood, you really are that sad.'" Read More...

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