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Red Skull

Is it the end of the world if Hugo Weaving doesn't want to play Red Skull anymore? It's a disappointment, but that doesn't mean there isn't a fix — one that's already built into the "Winter Soldier" source material that the "Captain America" sequel gets its name from.

We won't spoil the what or how's here, but let's just say that the "Winter Soldier" comics contain a way to bring Red Skull back into the big-screen fold. And if Weaving doesn't want to play the character anymore, there are ways of recasting the role that don't negate the work Weaving put in; different from Mark Ruffalo succeeding Edward Norton as Bruce Banner, or Don Cheadle succeeding Terrence Howard as War Machine, in other words.

Enough tap-dancing around the issue; here are five actors we would cast as Red Skull in the "Captain America" sequel.


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Red Skull

Will we ever see Hugo Weaving as the Red Skull again? Considering that Hugo Weaving signed a multi-picture deal beyond "Captain America: The First Avenger," it's an entirely likely possibility. But that doesn't mean Weaving wants to play the role again in the future.

Speaking with Collider, Weaving confessed that while he's signed on for further films with Marvel Studios, he sincerely hopes he's not called back into action.

"I don't think Red Skull will be there," he answered when asked if he'd appear in the "Captain America" or "Avengers" sequels. "And it's not something I would want to do again."


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Captain AmericaJust in time to coincide with the second trailer for "Captain America: The First Avenger," MTV News proudly presents our report from the set of the star-spangled superhero's big-screen debut!

MTV Movies Blog Editor Josh Wigler visited the Marvel Comics adaptation's Shepperton Studios set in September 2010, and you'll hear all about it throughout the day right here at Splash Page.

Chris Evans is gone now and the Red Skull is standing in front of me. For a minute, I feel as though I've been whipped up into the clouds by a hurricane and dropped without warning into the Marvel-ous land of my childhood. Close, but not quite: instead, it's September 2010 and I'm in the United Kingdom on the set of "Captain America," and sure enough, standing in front of me is acting legend Hugo Weaving, covered head to toe in full Red Skull regalia, makeup and all.

We have two minutes to speak with him. They are the most surreal two minutes of my life as a professional nerd.


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The first trailer for "Captain America: The First Avenger" premiered this weekend during the Super Bowl, and along with giving us a preview of the much-anticipated Marvel Studios blockbuster, it also gave us the very first look at the film's villain, The Red Skull.

Played by Hugo Weaving, The Red Skull makes his big debut around the :23 mark in the "Captain America" trailer. The character is seen removing a flesh-colored mask to reveal his crimson, skeletal face.

In order to try to avoid any spoilers, I've posted a screenshot of the big reveal below... so consider this your official SPOILER ALERT! Read More...

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Hugo WeavingWhen Captain America throws his mighty shield at the villainous Red Skull in his feature film arriving this summer, his enemy will have a mighty weapon of his own up his sleeve: the Cosmic Cube.

We've long known that Johann Schmidt would be hunting down the Cosmic Cube over the course of "Captain America," and now, thanks to a new photograph featured in SFX Magazine (by way of Superhero Hype), we're seeing the fruits of the HYDRA leader's labor for the very first time.

Check out the first full image of Hugo Weaving holding the Cosmic Cube after the jump! Read More...

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Captain AmericaDid you enjoy those photos of Chris Evans, Hugo Weaving and the rest of the "Captain America" cast that surfaced online last week? Perhaps you would like them even more with some extra commentary from the director himself, Joe Johnston!

Johnston spoke with Comic Book Movie and weighed in on the recent images, including Evans as Steve Rogers on his way back from his very first mission in World War II, the first appearance of the Hydra submarines and much more.

The filmmaker discussed the photo revealing a very muscular (and very shirtless) Steve Rogers, saying that this scene takes place moments after stepping out of the Project Rebirth pod. Read More...

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Captain AmericaCaptain America made his grand debut online yesterday, but if you haven't gotten your fill of Chris Evans as the star-spangled superhero, never fear: there are plenty more photos of the heroic Steve Rogers to whet your appetites.

More photos from Entertainment Weekly's "Captain America: The First Avenger" feature have premiered online thanks to Comic Book Movie, showing Steve Rogers at various points throughout the course of the Marvel Studios superhero film.

Although photos of Cap's main costume are mostly relegated to the cover image that debuted online yesterday, there are some other interesting designs worth pondering in the new batch of images. Read More...

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Red SkullEarlier this year, Hugo Weaving signed on to portray the villainous Red Skull opposite Chris Evans in "The First Avenger: Captain America."

And while the casting of Weaving has generally been met with fan approval — thanks in part to his memorable turn as Agent Smith in "The Matrix" trilogy — there haven't been any full sightings yet of Weaving in costume aside from a tease at the San Diego Comic-Con. However, according to Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige, the reveal will be worth the wait.

"Hugo Weaving has been in the Red Skull effect, in costume for a couple of weeks now and it’s a hell of a lot of fun," Feige told Total Film. "We gave people a little taste in San Diego about what his character will look like but now that we’ve started to work with the actual skull it’s going to be a lot of fun and a rather frightening villain." Read More...

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When Chris Evans was cast as the lead in "The First Avenger: Captain America," one of the first questions fans had was if he could build his body up and more closely resemble the way Steve Rogers appeared in the comic.

Apparently, the issue was on Evans mind as well. During the San Diego Comic-Con, MTV News asked Evans if the role required him to undergo special training to develop his body into the shape of a super soldier.

"Yeah, absolutely. I'd been in the gym for a bit. It was tricky, I was working on another project prior to this. So there was a limit to how big I could get, because obviously I can't morph—" Read More...

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From the grittiness of "The Dark Knight" to the considerably more tongue-in-cheek "Batman and Robin," it's clear that comic book movies have significant range in terms of tone.

When it comes to "Captain America," it's not exactly the easiest sell — after all, it's not every day that one sees a superhero running on the battlefield of World War II in a star-spangled suit. But for Chris Evans — the actor portraying Steve Rogers in the Marvel Studios film — shying away from a comic book film's more fantastical moments is not just a difficult task, but a potentially unnecessary one.

"The nature of comic book movies in general — I mean, with Wolverine, you've got swords coming out of a guy's knuckles — it's all a bit fantastical," Evans told MTV News when asked about the tone of "Captain America" and comic book movies in general. Read More...

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