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Emma Frost

by Brett White

January Jones told Collider that the diamond-skinned mutant Emma Frost won't be seen in 2014's "X-Men: Days of Future Past." After landing one of the more prominent roles in the fairly crowded "X-Men: First Class" (at least what was considered crowded before "Days of Future Past" turned into a mutant clown car), Jones has learned that Frost and Magneto have parted ways in the time lapsed between films.

"I haven’t been asked back," she told Collider. "It’s called 'Days of Future Past' or something. No, they’re going into another time period, or they’re going back and forth from different time period and Emma’s not in that. Not in what they’re doing." At least, despite her hesitation, Jones did get the title of the film right.


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January Jones

It’s typically a given that most of a superhero movie’s regulars will return for the sequel, in order to maintain continuity, build on previous characterization, and basically keep the ride going. When a noticeable character is noticeably left out — Alan Cummings as Nightcrawler snubbed for the third "X-Men" movie, for instance — it's rare enough to mull on whatever might have gone wrong.

Which leads us to this little nugget to mull on: January Jones has revealed that she isn’t a lock to return as Emma Frost in "X-Men: Days of Future Past."


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"X-Men: First Class" hits theaters this weekend, introducing a new group of Marvel mutants to the live-action "X-Men" universe. While you're probably familiar with the heavy-hitters of the mutant world like Professor X and Magneto, there are one or two members of this teenage team that might require an introduction.

In order to bring everyone up to speed, MTV News asked the "X-Men: First Class" cast to explain their characters' powers and place in the live-action X-Men movie universe.

"Professor Charles Xavier when we meet him is actually Dr. Charles Xavier but he becomes a professor during the course of the movie," revealed James McAvoy. Read More...

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This summer has no shortage of superhero movies. To better understand how “X-Men: First Class” will stand out amongst the competition, MTV News sat down with stars Kevin Bacon and January Jones to get the scoop.

When asked what set “X-Men: First Class” apart, Bacon cited "the emotional content" of the film, and added that "there’s a lot of emphasis on humanizing these mutants.” Read More...

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DESC“Mad Men” actress January Jones will soon be seen in theaters everywhere with the release of “X-Men: First Class,” and she’s been telling fans more about her character Emma Frost and those scary stunts.

Speaking to Daily Mail about “becoming” Emma, she said, “You hold yourself differently and it creates that incredibly feminine shape, though I’m glad I don’t have to wear it every day."

"Emma Frost, my X-Men character, has an impossible body," she added. "She has huge boobs with nice, womanly curves, but she is also ripped with muscle.” Read More...

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Jennifer LawrenceIf "X-Men: First Class" isn't on your radar, it should be. The '60s-set origin story directed by Matthew Vaughn reveals how Marvel's top mutant super-team first formed. The "X-Men: First Class" trailer seemed to earn the June 3 release a few more fans, and now two cast members have spoken up about the film in separate interviews.

Jennifer Lawrence (Raven Darkholme/Mystique) discussed the challenges of becoming Mystique, with her scaly blue skin and utter lack of clothing.

"I think I psyched myself out about [wearing body paint]," she tol Parade Magazine. "But then on the actual day, the only thing you're worried about is sitting on things and not rubbing your scales off. It mostly becomes a maintenance problem and the last thing you think about is, 'Oh right, I'm virtually naked.'" Read More...

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We're all still buzzing over the "X-Men: First Class" trailer, and the June 3-releasing mutant super-team origin story is really going to be here before you know it. Star January Jones, who plays the telepathic, diamond-skinned mutant Emma Frost in the film, spoke to MTV News during the press junket for "Unknown" (out this Friday) about the challenges of playing a character who spends at least part of her time thinking her words at people as opposed to speaking them aloud.

"Well, I'm telepathic too. So James [McAvoy] and I just had a lot of staring at each other, trying to out-think each other," she said, referring to McAvoy's role as X-Men founder and fellow telepath Charles Xavier. She added, "If someone has footage of that, the outtakes need to be released somewhere because it's retarded. Not in a bad way." Read More...

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At this point, we've seen quite a bit of the "X-Men: First Class" cast in various forms, whether it's in-costume teases or via director Matthew Vaughn himself.

When MTV News caught up with January Jones recently during the press day for her upcoming thriller, "Unknown," we brought up the much-discussed group photo that leaked online in order to ask her about Emma Frost's costumes, and how much time she may or may not spend in that little, white, two-piece number everyone's talking about.

"I’m in that a lot," Jones said of the "sparkly bikini-top thing" seen in the leaked cast photo. "I have a lot of very interesting costumes in that movie. So I’m in that one a lot." Read More...

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Official "X-Men: First Class" images are floating around all over the place today, providing fans with their best looks yet at characters including Sebastian Shaw (Kevin Bacon), Emma Frost (January Jones) and more.

The Los Angeles Times has an extensive report from the set of "First Class," along with first looks at Magneto (Michael Fassbender), Charles Xavier (James McAvoy) and the various mutant students under their supervision. Read More...

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January JonesEven though she's already well-established as Betty Draper on "Mad Men," January Jones isn't worried about going back to the 1960s as Emma Frost in "X-Men: First Class."

“When I heard that this installment of ‘X-Men’ was gonna take place in the ’60s I was like, ‘Oh my God, you must be kidding me!’” Jones told Hero Complex in a new interview. “But I read the script and familiarized myself with the character of Emma Frost. She’s so, so far from Betty and from ‘Mad Men,’ and it takes place in that time but it doesn’t feel like a period movie.”

No, it's not the time period that intimidates Jones — but even she can't help but cower in the face of her scantily-clad and impossibly curvaceous character. Read More...

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