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Superman Unchained

by Brett White

Modern day comics legend and DC Comics Co-Publisher Jim Lee appeared on CBS New York's morning show "The Couch" on Friday to promote Free Comic Book Day as well as his upcoming new series, "Superman Unchained." The new series, which matches Jim Lee's art with Scott Snyder's story, promises to include all of the essential Superman ingredients and launches right alongside this summer's "Man of Steel." And as Jim Lee reveals during the interview, he's already seen "Man of Steel," which he calls "amazing" in the video below.


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DC RelaunchThe big news in comics today is the massive reboot going on over at DC. Jim Lee and Geoff Johns' "Justice League" #1 went on sale all over the country to kick it off, and the two of them have been touring New York City on the signing circuit to promote it. Lee even tweeted some photographic evidence.

Opinions on what DC's relaunched titles will accomplish varied. A couple of takes, along with Edgar Wright's "Game of Thrones" discovery and info about a "Powers" pilot cut you can't see unless you're at Brian Michael Bendis' house made the rundown today.

I'm @brianwarmoth, and this is the Twitter Report for August 31, 2011.


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Sgt RockShould hitting 600 home runs qualify you for a role in the new Sgt. Rock movie? It's a good enough reason as far as Phil Hester is concerned. He proposed giving Jim Thome a shot at the part of Bulldozer if everything finally comes together on the project.

Elsewhere, Brian Michael Bendis has obviously been keeping an eye on "The Dark Knight Rises." He compared it to what he saw on the the "Powers" TV show set, which he said also got a little crazy. More on why, Jim Lee's late hours leading up to the DC Comics reboot and a story of Juggalo harassment made the days list of retweets.

I'm @brianwarmoth, and this is the Twitter Report for August 16, 2011.


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Ultimate Spider-ManWhatever the cards looked like that you received for your birthday this year, they probably weren't as cool as Jim Lee's. He prefers the DIY variety and shared a picture of the creations he received this year.

Dan Slott, meanwhile, had the opportunity to discuss Spider-Man with his exterminator. What they talked about, an excerpt from the must-read #whengirlsrundc thread, and a note on the 4-year anniversary of artist Mike Wieringo's passing were the tweets that stuck out today.

I'm @brianwarmoth, and this is the Twitter Report for August 12, 2011. Read More...

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Rise of the Planet of the ApesThe rebooted "Planet of the Apes" franchise proved to be a juggernaut in theaters over the weekend, and the tweet reactions it received show why. Jhonen Vasquez claimed to have accidentally stumbled into a different ape film, but I've got my doubts about that.

Rafael Kayanan seemed to dig it, though. Find out why, see how Brian Michael Bendis feels about recent events in "Entourage," and understand why Cheez-Its creep out Jim Lee down below.

I'm @brianwarmoth, and this is the Twitter Report for August 8, 2011. Read More...

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Anne Hathaway CatwomanAn epic week of character reveals concludes this week with "The Dark Knight Rises" rolling out its first pic Anne Hathaway as Catwoman. Her long hair may have rubbed a few people the wrong way, but Jamie McKelvie is optimistic. Chuck BB? Not so much.

In other tweets, Jim Lee sounded pleased with Henry Cavill's first public Superman still. His perspective, a defense of Marvel's Ultimate Spider-Man switch-up, and a Wonder Woman TV pilot review made today's recap.

I'm @brianwarmoth, and this is the Twitter Report for August 5, 2011. Read More...

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BatmanThe Truffle Shuffling U.S. women's soccer fan in the stands for the World Cup final yesterday must have caught Christos Gage's eye because he tweeted about his own Shuffle frustrations this morning. The international sports event provided a brief distraction from the Comic-Con craziness and Harry Potter sadness that was otherwise flooding our feed.

Speaking of Harry Potter, Chip Zdarsky celebrated the series' end. Alejandro Arbona didn't necessarily revel in schadenfreude, but he did question the film's depiction of bankers. Find out if you agree with him after the jump. There's a link to some awesome Jim Lee Batman artwork and sympathy for Jean Grey's evil clone there as well.

I'm @brianwarmoth, and this is the Twitter Report for July 18, 2011. Read More...

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Harry PotterIf you caught a midnight screening of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2" last night, you were not alone. Stephen Colbert tweeted about his mad rush to make it in time, though Skottie Young did not think he was young enough to stick out.

In the meantime, everyone's had San Diego Comic-Con on their brains for next week. Jim Lee's still rolling out his "Justice League" pencils in anticipation of the show. Scope 'em out after the jump. His art, Paul Cornell's thoughts on the remake of "The Thing" and an IDW dream project await you down below.

I'm @brianwarmoth, and this is the Twitter Report for July 15, 2011. Read More...

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DC ComicsAnyone sick of seeing tweets about "Game of Thrones" can rest easy for a while, because the first season ended last night, paving the way for Jon Favreau, Andy Diggle and Frank Tieri to twiddle their thumbs for a year and wait to see what happens next.

Meanwhile, "Green Lantern" inspired Bill Willingham to share a haiku with his followers, and Jim Lee provide some info about DC's policy on pants. Find out why that was important for Gene Ha, and check out who Michael Cho would like to see play Conan after the jump.

I'm @brianwarmoth, and this is your Twitter Report for June 20, 2011. Read More...

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The WolverineThe big buzz topics of the week in comic filmdom certainly seem to be the arrival of "Green Lantern" and reports that James Mangold could direct "The Wolverine." Jim Lee and Mark Millar, respectively, tweeted their support for the two projects.

Meanwhile, pretty much anyone in Vancouver who wasn't already a hockey fan became much less of a hockey fan overnight. Kevin Smith congratulated the Bruins on their Stanley Cup win, but the riots that broke out in the Canucks' home city ignited a lot of condemnation last night. Click on down to find out who it irked and thoughts how Adam Hughes used the opportunity to defend nerds.

I'm @brianwarmoth, and this is the Twitter Report for June 16, 2011. Read More...

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