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Dark Knight RisesWhether they live in the U.K. or the U.S., comics creators in the feed have been expressing collective shock over the course of the last day in response to the London riots that broke out over the weekend. Simon Pegg and Mark Millar both offered their perspectives, and Tony Lee had his travel plans impacted.

Thankfully, Lea Hernandez offered a beacon of light to the day's tweets with some "Doctor Who"-inspired bunny art. Check out the magic down below, along with a brilliant career suggestion for David Schwimmer.

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ThorTwitter brought the best of news and the absolute worst of news over the last 24 hours, with encouraging words about the "Thor" movie, but also word that Montreal-based artist Clement Sauvé passed away. Joe Quesada reported that he was tearing up in a good way while watching Marvel's new film, while info about Sauvé, who's best known for his work on DC Comics' "Human Defense Corps," triggered shocked posts from around the industry.

"30 Rock" was the hot topic of the night in TV-watching tweets Thursday. David Gallaher, R. Stevens and Brian Michael Bendis all enjoyed the show in various ways, which you'll see laid out below. They're right above Eric Powell's fighting words in support of creator-owned comics, so click on down and sound off in response as you please.

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Sonic the HedgehogThe extraction of the trapped miners in Chile produced plenty of humor to go along with the celebration in the Twitter Report feed. Meanwhile, Mark Millar's just happy they'll be able to read his new book.

Bryan Lee O'Malley was a little less joyful picking apart newly released looks at "Sonic the Hedgehog 4," though Jonathan Hickman found something to be happy about in his "Fantastic Four" sales numbers from Azerbaijan. Check out how well it's doing down below along with a Ron Marz micro-review of "Jennifer's Body."

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Fantastic Four rebootWhether or not "True Blood" actor Stephen Moyer is in the running for Doctor Doom in a Fantastic Four movie reboot, Gail Simone has strong feelings about how Sue Storm should be cast, and she tweeted her hopes regarding the part (and Jessica Alba) yesterday.

Meanwhile, a "Firebreather" peek sneaked out at San Diego this summer, but further news may be on the way, judging from a Phil Hester post Monday. Make your own assessments after the jump, where you'll find out who in the comic book industry is unimpressed by "Doctor Who," what writing a TV pitch feels like for Warren Ellis, and what it looks like when artist Ming Doyle sketches Emma Frost.

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Chicago BlackhawksThe diverse display of reactions to the Chicago Blackhawks' Stanley Cup-winning victory over the Philadelphia Flyers last night was easily summed up by the tweets from Kevin Smith, Chris Eliopoulos and Tom Stillwell today. There was aggressive indifference, celebratory hockey-loving cheer and harsh words for the crowd in Philly.

Sports entered the conversation again following some reports that the Big Ten conference might add Nebraska to its lineup. You can find out who cared about that, as well as who wants to dress up like fat Spider-Man, what Ed Brubaker thought about "Justified" this week and who's worried about Frank Quitely.

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Iron Man 2"Iron Man 2" can't hide from the general public — or Twitter — any longer. The reviews continue to trickle in, and director Jon Favreau seems to be happy with the buzz he's getting around the Twittersphere.

Yesterday's election in the U.K. has been popular as well, and though I don't feel qualified to weigh in personally, I can support the Batman fantasy from Warren Ellis' tweets. I can also support Jon Rosenberg's re-tinkered schedule commitment for his webcomic "Goats." He announced earlier this week that he would be re-strategizing, and it looks we can still look forward to a weekly posting regiment in the near future over on Goats.com. Check out what all of these fine gentlemen said below, along with Justin Gray's take on "The Human Centipede" and words I endorse from Tim Seeley.

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MoCCA 2010One of my favorite conventions every year is the MoCCA Festival here in New York City, which gathers comic creators and publishers from the small-press, indie-oriented and online sides of the industry for a two-day show hosted by the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art.

While last year's show yielded a big scoop on the movie side (Top Shelf told me that Alex Robinson's "Too Cool To Be Forgotten" had been optioned), conversation was firmly focused on comics this time around — though I did get a little info about an upcoming comic tie-in with M. Night Shyamalan's "The Last Airbender" adaptation.


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Kick-AssThe 2010 Eisner Award nominations proved no less controversial than years past in the blogosphere and Twittersphere alike. While Geoff Johns revealed how he plans to celebrate his "Blackest Night" nod, both Tony Moore and Gail Simone named two titles they believe got overlooked.

Brian Michael Bendis, meanwhile, did not overlook "Kick-Ass" and had some rave reviews for Chloe Moretz as Hit Girl. Check out what you can look forward to after the jump where I have also condensed an extended point-counterpoint between Neal Adams and Mike Choi over how much money comic book artists should expect to make.

That last one's worth a trip to the Twitter mother-ship for full context, but the links posted are below in the Twitter Report for April 9th, 2010. Read More...

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Doctor WhoIf you expected Jon Favreau to take a break from Twitter after wrapping "Iron Man 2," think again. He's already moved on to "Cowboys & Aliens" work, and new casting info may be on the way soon.

Duke trended in comics universe tweeting last night, and their win over Butler in the NCAA men's basketball finals earned a lot of begrudging praise. One writer offered his congratulations without a grudge, though. You can find out who after the jump. There, you can also check out an evaluation of the first full Matt Smith "Doctor Who" episode, some incredible Freddie E. Williams II artwork and continuing reactions to Marvel and the iPad.

It's all in the Twitter Report for April 6, 2010. Read More...

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Dick Giordano's AquamanDick Giordano, the former DC Comics VP and executive editor, as well as one of the most recognizable comic book artists of the modern era, passed away over the weekend, and memories abounded on Twitter from his former colleagues and those whose work he inspired.

Elsewhere, "Iron Man 2" passed another landmark as Jon Favreau revealed that this would be his last weekend working on the film. The Twitter Report feed won't be the same without his editing updates. Savor one of the last work posts you'll see from him for a while after the jump. There, you can find out what "Goats" anniversary is coming up this week, as well as what Brian Michael Bendis' found out about Lady Gaga over the weekend and which premiere Edgar Wright got an invitation to attend.

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