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Having launched out of the production partnership of Chris Bender and J.C. Spink in 1998, Benderspink may still be a relatively new company, but it’s never slowed in securing a ton of comic-based entertainment properties, and now the team is staking out even more turf among untapped comic books.

Deadline reports that Benderspink has optioned the rights to "Turf," a five issue miniseries released in April of 2010 and set in 1920s Prohibition Era New York. But before you paint a picture of the period project, know that the Image-published story, written by Jonathan Ross and Tommy Lee Edwards, bears little resemblance to “Boardwalk Empire.”


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January JonesWhen January Jones first joined the "X-Men: First Class" cast as Emma Frost, some fans were disappointed by the departure of originally rumored actress Alice Eve. But pictures of Jones decked out as the White Queen in full 1960s regalia managed to turn many of those frowns upside down — and the lingering naysayers may find themselves on the actress' side fairly soon, based on comments made by noted British talk show personality and "Turf" co-creator Jonathan Ross.

Ross, whose wife Jane Goldman wrote the film's screenplay for "Kick-Ass" collaborator and "First Class" director Matthew Vaughn, reports that he's seen some early footage from the "X-Men" prequel -- and based on what he's seen, the film "will be AWESOME!!!!!"

But beyond such an enthusiastic declaration, Ross offered a further endorsement of "X-Men: First Class" by promising a lingerie-clad Emma Frost. Read More...

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CLiNTIt seems comic book writer Mark Millar has the golden touch these days. We’ve seen his popularity grow outside the comic world with successful feature film adaptations of “Kick-Ass” and “Wanted” and he doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon.

On September 2, with the help of British talents Jonathan Ross and Frankie Boyle, Millar and Titan Magazines will debut “CLiNT,” a new monthly magazine featuring features and interviews on movies, video games and television as well as four serialized comic-strips.

“I want this to be edgy and irreverent, the kind of thing guys will be passing around lunch-halls and common rooms,” said Millar. Exactly what kind of content could get guys and gals to do such a thing? How about the much-anticipated launch to the “Kick-Ass 2" comic? Read More...

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TurfWith the adaptation of Mark Millar and John Romita Jr.'s "Kick-Ass" finally hitting theaters this week, it seems as if director Matthew Vaughn may have several comic book related movies to pick from in the near future. Last month, Millar stated that Vaughn would direct an adaptation of a new comic book series created by Millar and artist Leinil Francis Yu while a later report indicated that Vaughn was considering a script based on the Valiant comic, "Bloodshot." However, another comic book movie has emerged as a potential third option.

During an interview with Jonathan Ross at The Guardian, the article states that "Turf" — Ross' new creator owned comic book with artist Tommy Lee Edwards — may also be made into a movie by Vaughn. The report also points out that Ross' wife is Jane Goldman, a frequent collaborator with Vaughn and the screenwriter of the "Kick-Ass" movie. Read More...

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