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Kevin Bacon

by Ryan Rigley

Now that Mark Millar has signed on as creative consultant for 20th Century Fox's upcoming Marvel projects, comic book fans all across the country can sleep a little easier at night. With credentials ranging everywhere from "Kick-Ass" to "Wanted" and ample experience on both the "Ultimate X-Men" and "Ultimate Fantastic Four" ongoing series, it's quite clear that Millar has a firm grasp on the source material.

This, of course, comes as even more great news for the highly anticipated "X-Men: First Class" sequel, "X-Men: Days of Future Past." In fact, the only foreseeable downside to the sequel is that Kevin Bacon's Sebastian Shaw won't be making an appearance. Absorbing mutant energy in order to enhance his own, Bacon's Shaw practically stole the show in the first film.

But how did he stack up against his comic book counterpart? Click past the jump to find out in today's Rogue Report!


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by Lauren Zaremba

After a ton of casting news over the past few months and a stop at Fenway Park, it looks like filming for “R.I.P.D” is fully underway in Boston.

New photos were snapped on set yesterday as Ryan Reynolds and Kevin Bacon, two of the film’s stars, stood around an eye-catching Dodge Challenger.


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Kevin BaconKevin Bacon chewed on an extraordinary amount of scenery in "X-Men: First Class" this summer, and thankfully for all of us, it looks as though he's far from finished with the comic book scene.

According to Variety, Bacon's once again setting his sights on the paneled page with the developing adaptation of "R.I.P.D.," the Dark Horse project that stars Ryan Reynolds and Jeff Bridges as a pair of mismatched police officers working for the Rest in Peace Department, a task force that consists of deceased cops.


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"X-Men: First Class" hits theaters this weekend, introducing a new group of Marvel mutants to the live-action "X-Men" universe. While you're probably familiar with the heavy-hitters of the mutant world like Professor X and Magneto, there are one or two members of this teenage team that might require an introduction.

In order to bring everyone up to speed, MTV News asked the "X-Men: First Class" cast to explain their characters' powers and place in the live-action X-Men movie universe.

"Professor Charles Xavier when we meet him is actually Dr. Charles Xavier but he becomes a professor during the course of the movie," revealed James McAvoy. Read More...

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This summer has no shortage of superhero movies. To better understand how “X-Men: First Class” will stand out amongst the competition, MTV News sat down with stars Kevin Bacon and January Jones to get the scoop.

When asked what set “X-Men: First Class” apart, Bacon cited "the emotional content" of the film, and added that "there’s a lot of emphasis on humanizing these mutants.” Read More...

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X-Men: First ClassNow that the actors of “X-Men: First Class” are finally able to see the finished product, they can add their own reviews to that of critics. Both James McAvoy (Professor X) and Michael Fassbender (Magneto) love it, which is a relief, because they admitted to being a little scared of the final product early on.

Speaking to WENN, McAvoy said, "I phoned Michael [Fassbender] within a half hour (of seeing it) saying, 'Dude, you've got to see this movie really quick because you're gonna be relieved. You're gonna be able to go to the toilet again properly.'" Read More...

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X-Men: first ClassWe've seen quite a few "X-Men: First Class" trailers and images hit the 'net lately, with a new international trailer and a shot of Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique the most recent of the bunch. Now, another trailer has found its way online, and while it doesn't offer much in the way of new footage, there is one notable addition: a brief glimpse of Kevin Bacon as Sebastian Shaw, offering what could be the first look at how the character's mutant abilities will manifest themselves in the film.

Posted on Marvel's official YouTube page, the new international trailer recycles most of the existing trailer footage, but adds the aforementioned shot of Sebastian Shaw around the 1:02 mark.

In the scene, a dapper-looking Shaw appears aboard a boat, with a tropical beach in the background, holding a golden, orb-shaped device in his hand. A second later, there's an explosion, and Shaw's hands — which look to have either multiplied or be in such fast motion that he appears to have more than two hands — are seen compressing the fiery mass. Read More...

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Official "X-Men: First Class" images are floating around all over the place today, providing fans with their best looks yet at characters including Sebastian Shaw (Kevin Bacon), Emma Frost (January Jones) and more.

The Los Angeles Times has an extensive report from the set of "First Class," along with first looks at Magneto (Michael Fassbender), Charles Xavier (James McAvoy) and the various mutant students under their supervision. Read More...

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Kevin BaconAmerica’s been watching Kevin Bacon for a long time. It seems especially appropriate then, that having never been a part of any superhero movie ensemble, Mr. Bacon is going back to the very beginning of the X-Men legacy — the swinging '60s setting of “X-Men: First Class” — to play a formative role in the mutant team’s history.

In a lengthy interview with Moviefone, Bacon spoke about becoming Sebastian Shaw, the charming bon vivant, mutant, and leader of the Hellfire Club. In the process, Bacon reveals some significant tidbits on the much-debated plot and style of the Matthew Vaughn-directed prequel.

Read on for some of the highlights...

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Kevin BaconIt's about as official as it gets: Kevin Bacon is Sebastian Shaw.

Rumors have been swirling around about who the "Hollow Man" actor might play in "X-Men: First Class" since he first joined the cast, but it now appears official that Bacon is signed on as Sebastian Shaw. The character was confirmed in a recent interview with the actor, though Bacon added that he doesn't expect he'll get in on too much action for the superhero film.

"I'll let the younger actors do that," he told Philadelphia Style (via Coming Soon). "I'm more one of those sit-in-my-chair-and-destroy-the-world type of guys." Read More...

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