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Uncle Ben

Death isn't always the end, especially where comic books are concerned. Case in point: Uncle Ben Parker, who died in the first "Amazing Spider-Man" movie, but will be back to give more sound, sage advice in the upcoming sequel.

Martin Sheen, who played Uncle Ben in the first "Amazing" movie, confirmed his participation in the sequel during a recent interview with Ireland's "The Late Late Show" (according to The Playlist).


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"With great power comes great responsibility," Uncle Ben taught Peter Parker and "Spider-Man" fans around the world once upon a time. The latest actor to play Peter's ill-fated uncle, Martin Sheen, has a different message to send: "With big movies come big paychecks."

Speaking with Movies.ie (via Comic Book Movie), Sheen confessed that one of the big attractions to working on a blockbuster like "Amazing Spider-Man" wasn't the opportunity to play the iconic Uncle Ben, but the sizeable salary that came along with the gig.


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Have you been thirsting for "The Amazing Spider-Man" plot details? You're in luck: Columbia Pictures has released the official synopsis, in anticipation of the film's July 3 release. As befitting of an origin story, the movie seems like it'll be pretty straightforward.

Check out the synopsis past the jump.


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Martin SheenIt’ll be about a year before “The Amazing Spider-Man” hits theaters, but some of the actors involved are happy to talk about Spidey's return to the big screen. Veteran actor Martin Sheen has been cast to play Ben Parker, Peter's beloved uncle and surrogate father, and he opened up about his role and the new Spider-Man actor.

“I’m not in any of the scenes where he’s Spider-man,” Sheen told UK website HeyUGuys. “He’s still a little boy. He’s a teenager when it starts. I’m a surrogate father really, I’m his uncle.”

“I’m dealing with this adolescent who is having problems with changes, with hormones changing and his getting out of hand," he added. "I have to give him the marching orders and so forth. It’s all very normal. And the guy playing him is wonderful.” Read More...

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We're all ready for Andrew Garfield to kick some super-villain ass as New York City's premiere wall-crawling superhero in "The Amazing Spider-Man." He was outstanding in "The Social Network" and one of few saving graces in "The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus."

Garfield's co-star Martin Sheen, who plays Uncle Ben in the movie, is a fan as well. That's a pretty big vote of confidence, coming from a veteran actor who was once President of the United States.

"He's quite the marvel, a very fine actor. He's a lovely guy, very disciplined, very focused," Sheen said in an interview with TotalFilm.

"He called me up and said, 'This is Andrew Garfield' and I said, 'Who?' and he said, 'Uh, we're in the movie together...' and I said, 'Yeah, what part do you play?' and he said, 'Uh, I play your nephew!' I liked him instantly." Read More...

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Matin Sheen Spider-ManRhys Ifans is extremely excited to be playing a villain for Marc Webb's "Spider-Man" reboot, and it looks like he may be getting some prestigious company with presidential experience. Martin Sheen not only has interest in playing Peter Parker's Uncle Ben; he's reportedly already in negotiations for the part.

Much like he did for his son Charlie Sheen's character in the original "Wall Street," the actor who played President Josiah Bartlet in "The West Wing" would be playing Andrew Garfield's moral compass if his late-stage negotiations work out, according to a story on The Hollywood Reporter's Heat Vision blog.

If he really does take up the role previously played by Cliff Robertson in Sam Raimi's "Spider-Man," Sheen would bring some seriously established Hollywood presence to a film whose focus up until this point has been on young up-and-comers. Garfield showed off enough talent this year in "The Social Network," but playing off of Sheen for the inevitable fatherly moments that will take place in this movie could create some potent drama. Read More...

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